Why I Chose Holistic Therapy Over Medication

God Worked Through Tragedy, Guiding Me to Linda Darin.

I was forty-three years old when my mother died from breast cancer in 2017. At her funeral, my youth pastor asked me about my walk with God. I was embarrassed but honest that I had turned away from God and my faith for over twenty years. Our conversation from that day became a continuous mantra in my soul. After her passing, my grief was overwhelming; the more I tried to stuff and push down the pain, the more depressed I became. When I visited my primary care doctor and shared my struggles with him, he prescribed an antidepressant called Wellbutrin. I knew this was just a stopgap and needed more help. I began to search google for spiritual grief counseling and found Linda Darin.

As I read Linda’s bio on her website, I saw that she understood the supernatural world from a very young age and had previously worked as a registered nurse, family therapist, and psychotherapist. In addition, Linda connects to God through Holistic Energy Medicine. I immediately filled out the web form to request an appointment and met with her the following week at her New York City office.

I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never done therapy before, but seeking help to process my grief began a soul-healing journey that changed my life! While I wasn’t fully aware of what I needed then, Linda’s intuition and discernment allowed each area to unfold at the right time through her intuitive counsel, education, spiritual healing, and mentorship. Linda was always willing to share her life experiences to show me how I, too, could choose to overcome my challenges and change. In addition, she often invited me to a meal or a café for a cappuccino outside of our sessions and connected through emails, texts, or phone calls, demonstrating a healthy, loving relationship like none other I had experienced.

At our first session, I found Linda approachable and compassionate. She met me exactly where I was in my grief and allowed me to process and release my feelings through tears and by sharing details of my relationship with my mom. Between our sessions, I still hid my grief behind a mask of happiness, pretending I had everything under control, but it was all a lie. As Linda added The Darin Method ® into my grief healing process, she helped me see that I learned to follow my parents’ behavior of disconnecting from dark emotions as a child. My dad would tell me to “be happy” whenever I was upset, not wanting me to experience pain or unhappiness, but it made me feel confused and crazy. I believed I had to hide my fear, sadness, anger, shame, and feelings of unworthiness to be accepted and loved. And now, I was continuing the pattern of dissociating from my emotions by not processing my grief.

Each session ended with energy healing and chakra balancing to remove negative energy in my body and mind. As I lay on the healing table through sound healing and the transmutation of the violet flame, I saw colors and began to feel lighter as the weight of my grief lifted. It differed from the numbness and flatness I experienced from medication; I felt like I was back in my body, and my mind was clear. I began to feel a little better each week. My abandonment by my mother’s loss had opened me to the infiltration of dark entities directing my thoughts and feelings. Linda released them through healing layer by layer in my soul, which gave me peace and a calm mind. With this clarity, I could be more authentic, stop hiding, and allow myself to feel all my emotions, light and dark, joyful and sad. I started practicing self-care by identifying my feelings throughout the day. I wrote them in a journal and shared them with her each week. As a result, I stopped being afraid of my feelings and began to embrace them, and I was off the antidepressant in 6 months!

Before meeting Linda, I had no social life, focusing all my time and energy on work. I shared fond memories of my time in youth group as a teen and wanted to bring that back into my life. Linda suggested I find a Christian church near my home and build new friendships through bible studies and community groups. Reconnecting with my faith and trust in God, no longer isolating or alone in my grief, helped me infuse some fun into my week and laugh again. In retrospect, I know that my mother’s death was God working through tragedy to guide me to Linda for Christian Faith Healing and to draw me back to Him.

A year later, in our session, I realized I had lived in the illusion of a good marriage for eighteen years. I was blind to the mental illness, alcoholism, and codependency creating a toxic relationship until Linda helped me understand how I was enabling all of this in our marriage. What began as fun nights out drinking with friends or cocktails at dinner evolved into drinking together every night at home as I tried to connect with my husband. After episodes of him throwing up in our bed, being escorted home by the police, and eventually in the ER after mixing prescription medication and alcohol, I was overwhelmed with shame and anxiety but couldn’t get him to change. Having worked in addiction counseling at rehab centers, Linda was able to educate me on addiction. She recommended books and counseled me on codependency to understand how enmeshed I was with my husband in an unhealthy way. In a couple’s session, I confronted my husband about the sorrow of being denied children in our marriage and his alcoholism. I saw how sick he was for the first time! Finally, after much prayer and meditation, I heard God tell me to “get out.” I had to save myself.

Soon afterward, my husband went on a business trip, and I felt different, but I couldn’t explain it. In my session with Linda, she could immediately see that something had control of my mind. Linda walked me through the symptoms of the evil eye, and I was experiencing several of them; confusion, not feeling grounded, not myself, a heaviness in my gut, diarrhea, and insomnia with whirling thoughts in my mind. I wailed about how crazy I felt, saying the opposite of what I wanted! Linda knew I had witchcraft/ black magic over me and guided me to the healing table. She was calling on God’s healing power, playing powerful spiritual music, and as the deliverance began, the curse was gone, and the negative energy was removed! My body, mind, and soul were free!

After breaking the curse, I was much lighter and regained control of myself. My mind and heart were clear. I knew I needed to follow through with my decision to end my marriage and had to get away from my husband. There was no chance I would stay with someone who could curse me. As friends from my church and family came to my apartment to help pack and move, offered me a temporary place to stay, and even gave financial assistance, I knew God was with me. I could confidently make this decision by following Linda’s guidance and clarity from all the soul-healing techniques. And the new community I built was there for me in this transition. I am so grateful that Linda was in my life; she knew the supernatural and assisted in my spiritual freedom so I could have the strength to leave my marriage!

Once I divorced my husband, I began learning about myself. Linda helped me see and admit that I am an addict. Unfortunately, I fell back into a pattern of disconnecting from my emotions when I felt overwhelmed by all the changes in my life; divorce, a new apartment, and job changes. I confronted all three addictions to spending sprees, abusing alcohol, and overeating through education and counseling, never giving up on myself when I had setbacks. Linda didn’t allow me to stay in the victim mindset, always encouraging me to continue to overcome and surrender my will to God.

My out-of-control spending had left me 85,000 dollars in debt, with no retirement fund and no savings. I was forty-five years old and out of touch with the reality of my finances. Linda helped me see through The Darin Method® that I was acting out of feelings of lack and jealousy from my childhood which were directing my patterns and behaviors today. I constantly compared myself to others which filled me with envy, and I believed that having more things would give me security and make me feel successful. But instead, it left me feeling empty and in financial ruin. Through weekly counseling and healing sessions, Linda transmuted all negative energies attached to the dark emotions of anxiety, fear, shame, and jealousy. I kept a daily gratitude journal for the little things that bring joy to my life. As a result, I have peace and accept my successes and failures as I learn to be more mature, accountable, and responsible with money. I’ve paid off 40,000 dollars and have hope that I will be able to eliminate it all!

I abused alcohol as a social lubricant to numb my emotions. I even found a yoga studio serving alcohol after Friday night classes. As I answered the questions about my drinking history, I was shocked at how much I depended on alcohol to hide my feelings of inadequacy and self-hate. I was so afraid of being judged by others, wanting to be seen as perfect, that I didn’t know how to be myself, so I would drink to relax and let loose, even at yoga! Moving to New York City after college, binge drinking became more regular and sometimes put me in dangerous situations. In addition, I drank to fill the emptiness in my marriage. I was isolated, miserable, and out of touch with my family. Linda’s wisdom and intuitive counsel helped me see my bondage to the spirit of alcohol as God’s healing energy came into my soul to release me from the chains of alcohol addiction. As a result, I decided not to drink anymore, and I have not had a drink in over a year!

In January 2022, I worked remotely in my fashion design job due to Covid restrictions and felt the stress of living in isolation. Thankfully, Linda offered zoom sessions, so my holistic therapy services were not interrupted, but I turned to my last addiction, food. I tried to hide it and lie, but Linda confronted me when she saw me gaining weight quickly. I was powerless to stop eating takeout, ice cream, chips, and candy. I discussed Overeaters Anonymous with Linda and decided to join a few sessions. Linda never made me feel ashamed of my addictive behavior; she was empathetic and honest while offering solutions to help me change and grow. In OA, I saw the power of dark entities take away people’s will to change because they were addicted to being victims. It felt more like a dumping ground than healing. I did not want to stay stuck in the patterns of my addictive eating habits and knew I needed to take authority over myself and not let the spirit of addiction keep ruling my life. Once again, discussing my feelings assisted in this process with weekly distance healing sessions, surrendering my desire for food to God and filling myself with his love and grace instead. I began to confess and repent of my shame and guilt over my food addiction, and I slowly lost fifteen pounds as I included walking and eating balanced meals in my days.

I have been a part of Linda’s Women’s Groups since 2019. Initially, I hesitated to participate, but the group helped me realize how the world viewed me through our mirrors of one another. What connects us is stronger than what divides us. Linda’s insight and discernment helped me understand my soul’s light and dark attributes. In my private sessions, Linda’s soul-healing techniques are the gift of putting these fragmented pieces together.

I’ve witnessed Linda love, nurture, and support many diverse women ages twenty to seventy-five. In these groups, Linda’s desire was for everyone to know God and reach their highest potential, even though each had a different treatment plan. One Hispanic woman, sixty years old, worked as a prostitute and stayed in the sex trade for forty years because of childhood trauma. Her double life working in IT and nursing allowed this hidden lifestyle. Linda brought her into her home to share meals, helped her move and decorate a new apartment, confronted her alcohol addiction, and invited her to join her at church. Linda never judged her for her choices; she only saw a lost soul that needed healing and guidance to find God. Linda became an emergency contact for a Russian woman, forty years old, newly divorced, alone, and preparing for heart surgery due to bacteria. Another woman, thirty-three, needed support and education during her infertility journey, surrendering to God to bring a beautiful daughter into her life. Linda counseled an Italian woman, a thirty-three-year-old, helping her through a divorce, grieving her brother’s death, and guiding her through breast cancer treatment. Linda administered voodoo healing for two black women, one fifty and the other sixty-four. One brought her twenty-four-year-old son to Linda for healing, and the other had healing sessions throughout her cancer treatment. Linda has a deep capacity to love others regardless of age, ethnicity, or situation. This gift makes me feel valued and hopeful, and I know God’s love through Linda Darin.

Linda’s Experiencing God Workshops began in the summer of 2021, meeting on zoom each Saturday morning. Although I had grown up in a non-denominational church, knew my bible well, and could say all the right things, I discovered I was missing a personal relationship with God. Hearing about others’ faith in God encouraged me to trust Him. We shared our experiences of seeing God work in our lives during the week and how we each heard God speak to us differently. My relationship with God facilitated my personal growth and healing. Linda invited us to a Christian concert after a lengthy lockdown, and being part of thousands praising God was uplifting!

Working with Linda changed every area of my life; mental, physical, and spiritual. She didn’t just help me with my grief, divorce, and addictions; her holistic approach enabled me to change harmful patterns of behavior and deeply held beliefs through The Darin Method®. Linda became not just a counselor to me but a spiritual guide, a mentor, a teacher, a visionary, and a healer with profound gifts of intuition and innate abilities of deliverance ministry. I feel loved by her like I am a family member! I am so grateful that God guided me to Linda for her unique methods as a holistic practitioner, which have helped me transform from the inside out.