How The Darin Methos(R) Restore My Soul

Since childhood, I have been insecure and afraid to speak the truth. My inauthenticity hindered genuine, meaningful relationships, and  I built walls to protect myself. I grew up in a household surrounded by mental health issues and alcoholism. I learned to compare, compete, and copy others at a young age, thinking less of myself and becoming envious and hateful. This pattern and behavior became a vicious cycle throughout my life.

When I met Linda Darin, my Spiritual and Holistic Healer, at age fifty, I was an alcoholic, surrounded by a circle of negative friends, in an unhappy marriage, and living in chaos. I was anxious and depressed and frequently complained and gossiped, pointing out other’s flaws yet choosing to ignore my own to feel better. The more I compared, wanting more of what other people had, the more I hated myself and cursed others. My jealousy was like a disease, negatively impacting my relationships.

As I embarked on my soul work, I shared with Linda my childhood story during our weekly intuitive counseling sessions. I uncovered old wounds of being teased by family and friends, frequently shamed by my mother, and not bonding or being nurtured by my parents and extended family. Through the Darin Method ®, I discovered many unhealthy beliefs and behavioral patterns that stem from these wounds. Through visualization and guided imagery, I became aware of the roots of shame, jealousy, and hatred.

I was the youngest of two and felt I needed to fit in. My personality was the opposite of my brother and parents. I cried quickly due to my sensitivity and became an easy target for teasing. My family did not validate my feelings, and I learned to bottle them up. This behavioral pattern led to my temper tantrums to release the build-up of not feeling good about myself. Later in life, anger became the feeling for all other emotions.

My mother was authoritative and opinionated, and I didn’t feel her love, compassion, or empathy, as her correction and tone were shameful. She often compared me to others, and I felt controlled and manipulated. Feeling inadequate, I learned to conform, perform, and develop the patterns of lying and perfectionism by doing what she told me and pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I continued to please and appease into adulthood, feeling like a victim, powerless and resentful.

I grew up feeling unnoticed by my father, who spent limited time with me due to coaching after work. My grandmother, aunt, and uncle were alcoholics and acted cold and distant, making it challenging to bond with them. My cousins didn’t include me in their activities and made fun of me for playing with dolls. Thinking I needed to act like a boy to get noticed, I mimicked my brother and cousins and got involved in sports.

It was hard for me to bond with my maternal grandmother due to her mental health and paranoia. I didn’t understand as a child why she didn’t visit often and fought so much. I was confused and ashamed of her behavior and acted indifferent towards her.

My distorted view of myself led me to follow and imitate others, seeking acceptance. I created a false self from shame while copying others, pretending to be or have what I didn’t. My jealousy drove me to compete, trying to outperform others to gain acceptance and validation.                                          

Through the Darin Method ®, I learned my family didn’t know how to cope with mental illness, so they ignored it. By being dismissed or blamed when I brought up concerns, I discovered how I couldn’t trust them, learning to lie and hide what I saw. I focused on how others were acting to understand what normal behavior was. I often felt flawed and defective, yet I had difficulty looking at myself, so I focused on others. I  covered up my shame by performing perfectionism, lying, hiding, blaming, criticizing, and gossiping.

It was easier to connect with broken people, and vulnerability was challenging. When I tried to recall the rebellious time of my middle school years hanging out with a promiscuous crowd, I couldn’t remember much and needed a friend to help fill in the pieces. I felt so ashamed of who I hung out with I blocked out and dissociated. I realized what I hated in others was usually a mirror within me.

Although it’s taken time, I’ve come to trust Linda, as she provided a safe space to share my shameful experiences without judging. With her support, guidance, and mirroring love and acceptance, I risked coming out of hiding and exposing my darkness. Her Spiritual and Intuitive Council helped me recognize my mental health and alcoholism, which allowed me to be accountable and responsible for letting go of many friends, my addiction to alcohol, and an unhealthy marriage. Linda helped heal the broken pieces of myself, and in doing so, I feel more peaceful and grounded.

I became an open vessel, taking in the clusters of spirits of shame, hatred, and jealousy. Being bound to shame altered my mood and thinking, causing me to feel unworthy, inadequate, and constantly guarded. It became an inner torment of not being good enough and haunted by feeling alone and empty.

I discovered how shame could be carried over and passed down from parents to their children. I understand why my parents couldn’t role model intimacy, share or affirm emotions, set boundaries, or communicate effectively because of their shame. I had been stuck at this early stage of my life, searching for nurturance, love, and acceptance.

With Linda’s Holistic Healing Services, she assisted me in Spiritual Healing. I can see, think, and speak more clearly and not gossip as the bondage and voices of the spirits of shame, hatred, and jealousy released during the Deliverance session. Now, I am hiding less and accepting corrections better, as I understand they come from a place of love.

Through Linda’s Spiritual Guidance, I learned that evil spirits didn’t want to be exposed as they inhibited my ability to love and be intimate with others. With this ruling spirit of shame, I had to confront all areas where this spirit worked. In doing so, I could identify my truth.

Through the process of Christian Faith Healing, I learned the importance of an intimate relationship with God and the healing power of my confession and repentance. Through bible study, prayer groups, and the Experiencing God workshop with Linda, I have surrendered and allowed His healing power to break the bondages of my shame, hatred, and jealousy to overcome my wounds.

I’m so grateful for Linda Darin; her knowledge, wisdom, counseling, healing, spiritual mentoring, and guidance have been a blessing. The Darin Method® has allowed me to get to the root of my jealousy and hatred, and the soul healings allowed me to free so many demons. Before knowing Linda, I lived in so much darkness, hiding shame, self-hate, and jealousy, but as she introduced me to God and the truth, I better understand who I am and who lives inside me. Being hopeful is a new gift for me!