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Combining Traditional Healthcare Methodologies With Holistic Medicine, Linda Helps Individuals Overcome Emotional, Mental, and Physical Ailments To Achieve Life Balance and Well-Being.

Mental Health Services

Linda Darin’s Mental Health Services and methods acknowledge that there is a spiritual-mental-emotional-physical connection to disease. She embraces the Eastern and Western approaches of energy balance and believes that each of us is responsible for our choices.

The Darin Method® assists the individual in becoming aware of unhealthy patterns, belief systems, and negative emotions that are linked to their suffering. As one becomes aware of the negative energy that is affecting them, they instantly feel more liberated by the knowledge that they can heal by changing the negative into positive, raising their vibrations, and increasing their health.

All individuals that come to Linda are treated uniquely since there are cultural, genetic, environmental, beliefs and varying complex issues that are involved with one’s personal health. All mental and physical diseases should be examined within the totality of the person, which is the core of holistic healing.

Linda lovingly and carefully assesses each person for spiritual bondage connected to their physical and emotional disease to see what the negative influences might be surrounding them as an individual. The Darin Method® is used to release blocked and negative energy and free the individual of all issues that hold them in bondage to the disease. Linda uses the positive power of spiritual healing in the deliverance ministry.

Many healing methods such as energy healing, chakra clearing and balancing, color-light-sound healing, guided imagery, and visualization are used for the client’s custom healing process, depending on their individual needs.

Some examples of disease where negative EMOTIONS can be the root cause of disease:

1- I have explored adrenal problems to be associated to excessive FEAR or too much demanded energy.
2- I have explored anxiety connected to FEAR and not being directed by one’s will which causes SHAME.
3- I have explored bronchitis to be associated to unresolved GRIEF.
4- I have explored cancer to be related to held RESENTMENTS and usually excessive energy that cannot get out of the body.
5- I have explored lupus connected to deep TRAUMA and blocked ANGER turned against the self.

If there is deep trauma involved in a person’s problems, just processing the emotion is not enough. It is important to fully release the negative energies that are interconnected with fear, shame, guilt and sadness.

Clients receive their own tools to enhance their energy healing process such as relaxation techniques, deep breathing, journaling, sacred rituals, dream work, toning, healing practices, music, visualization, affirmations, and aromatherapy oils to empower and raise their vibrations.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment for Darin Transformations’ Mental Health Services, simply call 1-914-500-3712 or contact me below and I will be in touch with you ASAP. I am here to help. I welcome your questions, want to learn more about you, and help guide you to a better life.

Simple Steps to Success

As I assisted clients with Energy Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Chakra Healing, and Education, I welcomed the opportunity to fully express my spiritual gifts, supported by the wisdom and experience I gained through my Eastern and Western Training. Light and darkness, love and fear are the ruling spirits of our lives.


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