Hope In Healing My Mental Health

I came to Linda Darin, an Energy Medicine Practitioner, for holistic assistance to help me cope with anxiety and depression after unsuccessful attempts at traditional counseling with medication. I had poor intimacy with my husband as our marriage became empty. My stormy relationship with my daughter created chaos and negatively impacted my family. We fought and had many power struggles. Her changeable moods quickly affected me, and I felt frustrated and powerless when I couldn’t control situations, leading me to overreact and rage.
Linda began counseling my daughter in individual sessions and group counseling sessions with me after she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Through joint counseling, I learned that trauma often plays a role, and the symptoms tend to be lifelong, impacting how you think about yourself and others. Sometimes, the use of food and substances is a coping mechanism. It is typically viewed as untreatable, although some Christian healers have hope for the illness. I realized I had some of these tendencies as I saw mirrors of my daughter in me.

  • Unstable and Intense interpersonal relationships
  • Extreme emotional reactions from fear of abandonment
  • Mood instability
  • Intense anger
  • Feeling detached from reality
  • Chronic emptiness

During counseling, Linda provided feedback and role modeling, helping us release dark emotions. Each session included Energy, Chakra, and Sound Healing, which was decisive. I let go of emotional blocks and hidden feelings stored in my body and soul. My headaches disappeared, and my relationship with my daughter improved as I had more patience, clearer thinking, and was less reactionary.
Although I was on better terms with my daughter, my relationship with my husband hadn’t changed. We participated in couples therapy with Linda for several sessions, but he refused to share and was not interested in counseling, so we terminated.
After divorcing, I chose to explore soul work with Linda’s Holistic Healing Services to get to the root core of my behavior and mental health. We visited my childhood with guided imagery and visualization during weekly intuitive counseling sessions. Through the Darin Method ®, we looked at behavior patterns, root core beliefs, and dark emotions attached to my traumas and unmet childhood needs. I was shocked that at fifty-six, they are still playing out. The awareness is a gift for me to make new choices.
I learned about the supernatural world and how dark emotions are hosts for dark forces to control my mind and behaviors. I opened an opportunity to learn through Linda’s prayer groups, bible study, and Experiencing God workshops.
As Linda assisted me with Spiritual Healing from Trauma, I discovered my dark emotions of fear and hate attached to old wounds of abandonment from my father’s absence. My shame, anger, resentment, and bitterness of my family’s mental illness brought in clusters of dark forces that hardened my heart and controlled my mind, contributing to my mental health and physical ailments.

I released dark forces through Energy Healing, which allowed my mind to be quiet. Still, I needed to be willing to break the agreement and take action to change my mindset and not respond to daily temptations to act in old ways. Otherwise, these dark forces would return. Intuitive counseling helped me change my feelings about situations and see things from a different perspective, enabling me to make the necessary adjustments to change my habits. I stopped allowing my emotions to run my life!
I learned the importance of a personal relationship with God through Linda. I was open to Christian Faith Healing, which included reading my Bible, prayer, daily repentance, worship, and forgiveness as weapons against dark forces. I understand spiritual warfare now. My faith and trust developed over time, repenting daily in my intimacy with God, taking action to change, and allowing God’s healing power through Linda’s Deliverance gifts to open my heart, clear my mind, and set me free. In this process, I chose to be accountable, responsible, authentic, and transparent, which was very difficult.

Below is an outline of where I was several years ago and how I began transforming my body, soul, and spirit.

Problem-unstable emotions

Patterns: manipulate others to feel sorry, attempt to control, panic, rage, blame everyone, complain. Beliefs: I’m a victim; life is a struggle; I have no tribe. Emotional bondage: fear, abandonment, hopelessness.

Physical manifestations: biting nails, headaches, back pain. Holistic tools: journal emotions, walks in nature, breathing, affirmations, Energy/Chakra/Sound Healing.

Christian tools: prayer, confession and repentance, praise, and worship Action: take ownership of wrongdoings, listen, counseling, accept correction

What has changed: listen more, mind my own business, no panic attacks, not biting nails, no headaches, less back pain, less anxiety, less drama, less blaming and complaining.

Problem-chronic emptiness

Patterns: doom and gloom thinking, looking for acceptance, comparing, pretending, gossiping, perfectionism, jealousy, hating, hanging out with unhealthy people.

Beliefs: unworthiness, not good enough, who am I?

Emotional bondage: loneliness, grief, rejection, insecurity, depression.

Physical manifestations: chronic fatigue. Holistic tools: reading books, color therapy, gratitude journal, Energy/Chakra/Sound Healing.

Christian tools: read the Bible, prayer, confession, and repentance. Action: Let go of an unhealthy marriage and many friendships, self-care, and counseling.

What has changed: not being lonely, trying new hobbies, more energy, more confidence, fewer friends, less gossip, less pessimism.

Problem-disconnecting from reality and intense anger.

Patterns: lying, hiding, denying, bottling emotions, not speaking up, venting anger at others, anger as default for all other emotions, drinking to cope, holding onto grudges. Beliefs: I can’t deal with life, have no voice, and can’t measure up.

Emotional bondage: shame, rejection, anger, unforgiveness.

Physical manifestations: alcohol addiction, insomnia. Holistic tools: journal emotions, letter writing, singing, affirmations, Energy, and Sound/Healing.

Christian tools: confess for lying, anger, repentance, bible verses, forgiveness of parents and self. Action: stop drinking alcohol; speak the truth and counseling.

What has changed: awareness and processing emotions, not raging, alcohol-free, telling the truth, and less hiding.
Lying, pretending, perfectionism, and jealousy kept me from moving forward. Shame was the biggest roadblock, hating the exposure and wanting to hide!

I was blessed to have Linda as my Christian Healer who believed I could heal. I could feel God’s love through her compassion, honesty, and ability to confront and listen without judgment. She helped me admit and face my darkness, clear out dark forces, heal from old wounds, shift my mindset, and inspired me to go through this process and do the work. Releasing the darkness was a powerful asset. I had the opportunity to release these forces with the energy healing and be ready for the deliverance. Thank you, God!

Working with Linda changed every area of my life: soul, physical, and spiritual. I am so grateful God guided me to her; my life is much different now!
I believe there is hope and healing for everyone with mental illness. Nothing is impossible with God’s healing touch; however, I had to stop hiding to overcome it.