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Spiritual healing services are part of the wide range of comprehensive energy healing services offered by Linda Darin of Darin Transformations. Linda helps adults from all walks of life heal from trauma, grief, depression, and other emotional and physical conditions to improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing. Spiritual healing and other Darin Transformations services are available remote on Zoom or by phone.

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What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is a holistic healing method that releases unwanted or blocked energy from negative forces or experiences to let divine energy flow. Divine energy is pure love and once set free, you’ll feel:

  • Like a weight has been released
  • Lighter
  • Energized
  • Ready to start anew
  • Self-empowered
  • Refreshed
  • Ready to take on the world

Each spiritual healing session will relax your mind, elevate your senses, and bring you closer to inner peace and joy.

Spiritual healing is a movement of energy rather than a religion-focused practice. A session may include a wide range of healing forms that may be administered depending on what the client presents and needs. For example:

  • Deliverance Ministry: Deliverance is a ministry of the release of the bondage of evil spirits. Some examples of the root cause of the bondage to these evil spirits are emotional suffering, physical disease, mental illness, trauma, addiction, curse of a parent, unwilling to change negative behavior, abandonment, abuse, and betrayal. Sometimes the nature of the individual is revealed in behaviors such as pride, fear, anger, lust, and the occult.

The spiritual healing takes place with discernment of wisdom and knowledge by an experienced healer. Each session is a blend of natural and supernatural elements. Prayer for inner healing, intuitive council, repentance, and forgiveness are all included. God is the healer, the strength, and the power at these sessions. Deliverance from bondage depends on a high degree of healer discernment and the client determination. 

  • Holistic Genetic Coding: Holistic genetic coding occurs in the cells of the body. This healing deals with DNA issues that have been passed down from the family lineage. Sometimes a genogram is explored for the client to be aware of DNA/family core issues that have been passed down.

Some examples include physical illness, mental illness, religious beliefs, sexuality issues, body image, money issues, martyr syndrome, and vows that need to be released.

The Darin Method®:  The Darin Method® was created by Linda Darin to after years in the medical field. It includes exploring patterns of 1) belief systems, 2) negative emotions, and) how the 3) mental, 4) spiritual and 5) physical body transform as healing emerges.

  • Energy Cord Releasement: Spiritual Healing is needed to release negative energy cords of attachment to family members or partners that do not serve either individual for their highest potential. There are positive energy cords and negative cords of attachment. The highest potential is to love another thru the heart center with no cords attached.

Linda Darin is instrumental in opening the heart center of the individual as she releases the bondage of negativity. She helps the individual work through their pain, and she brings deep insight while breaking the negative patterns and liberating one’s lower consciousness. As Linda pierces through insights to healing, there is a deeper understanding and awareness to transform and let go to have a better life.

  • Intuitive Council: Although Linda Darin has a traditional background to determine mental and physical illness, her intuitive council directs the transformational healing sessions. Linda listens to her intuitive guidance and gives information to her clients to improve their lives. Intuitive council sessions help clients who suffer from addiction, codependency, anxiety and depression, marriage/family issues, divorce, trauma, grief, physical illness, emotional un/awareness, personal development challenges, and more.

Meet Linda Darin

With more than 40 years’ experience as a healthcare and spiritual healing provider in the New York City area, Linda Darin has helped thousands of people transform their lives into healthy, balanced, and productive journeys. She integrates her experience with eastern and western medicine, working as a registered nurse, family counselor, and social worker, as well as spiritual and holistic healing practices.

Linda is the founder of The Darin Method® which combines Eastern and Western healing methods through intuitive council, invitation, invocation, and permission. To learn more about Linda read her bio here.

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