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I would be so honored to work with you in any life challenges that you are now experiencing. To schedule an appointment or ask any questions please call 914-500-3712 or complete the form below. I offer sessions Remote, Distance & Virtual.

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"The heart of God is to love and to heal and He will often use His people in healing,
but it is essential to remember it is always God who heals.”

About me

Spiritual Guidance, Healing, and Mentoring

As a child, I was never afraid of dark energy. From a young age, I could feel light and dark energy emanating from other people in a room, and I accepted this as a natural part of life. I remember challenging those dark feelings with my own spiritual energy, telling them they could not hurt me! Without knowing I would later become a spiritual healing mentor and guide for others, I was already a warrior of the light.

My younger sister used to run to my bed at night for comfort, knowing that the dark spiritual energy that terrified her didn’t faze me. She always fell peacefully asleep, and I was happy to be a channel of light in her life.

I grew up in the Catholic Religion where Jesus was the focus of my spiritual life. I had a strong faith in God even as a very young child. In my late twenties, after experiencing a traumatic life event, a spiritual awakening came to me and I began my own journey of emotional healing through meditation and learned how to listen to the powerful voice within.

Linda Darin Holistic Energy Healer and Chakra Balancing
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The Darin Method ®

Combines Eastern and Western healing methods through intuitive council, invitation, invocation and permission. Linda evaluates emotional and chakra blockages, dysfunctional energy patterns, and how they are affecting the physical body. This clearing work promotes healing of emotional, mental, spiritual and many physical challenges. Every client receives intuitive council, tools, and even homework to help you through the healing process.


Soul Work

We work layer by layer to release emotions and spiritual blocks.

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Energy Healing

Energy healing service provided by Linda Darin is a transforming healing process.

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Faith and Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is an energy that comes from the divine which is pure love
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Chakra Balancing

Energy flows through the chakra system in two ways. It flows up and down along our central channel
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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

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Linda Darin

Linda Darin

Linda Darins’ Holistic Healing Services helps individuals overcome emotional, mental and physical ailments to achieve life balance and well-being. Combining traditional healthcare methodologies with holistic medicine, Linda Darin provides counseling

Energy Healer in NYC and White Plains

As an Energy Healer, Linda Darin can transform your life! According to WebMD, “holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and

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LindaDarin-Energy Healer NYC & Westchester

Meet Linda

I would be so honored to work with you in any life challenges that you are now experiencing. I offer sessions Remote, Distance & Virtual. To schedule an appointment or ask any questions please call 914-500-3712 or complete the form below.

Linda respects your privacy, the information you provide is only used for her to address your question or comment. No information is rented or sold. Please Review our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service policies


Cori Gettings
In April of 2013, I was desperately in need of help because I was in an unhealthy marriage and still grieving from my brother's death. I found Linda in a Google search for a holistic healer. I didn't know how to break free from my marriage and Linda helped me to process alone and with my husband. Divorce was not an easy emotional process, but I would not have been able to do it without Linda. She empowered me to gain independence and still to this day constantly pushes me out of my victim mentality. Linda brought me back to God and now my spirituality continues to grow with a free weekly prayer group that she has every Tuesday. Once a month she holds a women's group for ladies that are working with her privately to go deeper and become conquerors of their obstacles. Linda doesn't allow you to stay stuck and throw a pity party for your pain and shame. She has trademarked The Darin Method to break down your life into 5 year increments starting at birth. You go deep into your life story and see patterns and belief systems that developed from birth and throughout your life. She encourages and empowers you every step of the way! If you are looking for true inner healing and growth, Linda Darin will take you there!
Manoela Madera
Linda has been a catalyst for change in my life. A friend of mine recommended I see Linda and I saw her a handful of times. When my grandmother passed away I slipped into a depression that had remained dormant within me for some time, then I started seeing Linda on a weekly basis. Linda not only helped me cope with my loss, she helped me understand how and why I felt that way. When I got over most of my grieving, Linda helped me uncover other issues I had locked up within me and overcome them. I learned that my grandmothers death wasn't the cause of my depression and that I had a lot of deep rooted fear, shame and guilt within me which was holding me back from being happy and moving forward with my life, personal growth, career and relationships. Her weekly sessions created a safe place for me where I could also establish a routine and make space and time for myself to heal. Make no mistake, you do not sit and talk to linda for an hour and get fixed. She provides an array of resources, techniques and readings for you to take with you on your journey and learn how to apply them in your day to day life. It takes a lot of commitment and honesty towards Linda and mostly towards yourself to see a change; and trust me when you finally commit to it, you will grow. Linda has been a teacher, a mentor, a healer, a confidante, a presence of hope and peace, and a mother to me. I have learned more about myself and the life I had and the life I want to lead during her care than i could have imagined. She is honest, truthful, insightful and very serious when it comes to her clients and makes you feel like you are important and worth her time. If you want to change your life, your thought patterns, your outlook, relationships and yourself I highly recommend Linda. I will never be the same since the moment I connected with her.
Working with Linda Darin has been transformational! I found her on a Google search five years ago because I was suffering from unresolved grief and in a bad relationship. I was desperate and broken! She has made me feel lighter and brighter through many healings and inner work. Linda teaches self empowerment and gives you many tools to break the chains of bondage. I am so grateful to be working with her. She encourages me to constantly shift and change. My life is lived and experienced in a very different way. Linda Darin has been a God send!!!
Elyse Guli
I originally came to Linda after my brother's death in 2015. Linda helped me work through my grief and process feelings about my brother in a way I never thought possible. Since then, she has helped me in so many others ways. Linda is the perfect combination of empathy and understanding; however, she will not sit idly by and watch you remain a victim. She pushes you to be a better version of yourself and conquer your demons. I attend her monthly women's group in which women whom Linda works with individually come together to love, support and empower each other. We have been working on the Darin Method (which breaks down your life in 5 year increments) for a little over a year and it has brought me down a path of healing my old patterns and belief systems to become a more empowered, confident and self reliant woman. I look forward to my continued work with Linda and all the amazing things that will unfold in my life because of my work with her.
Amanda Oquendo
I thank Linda for clearing my chakras. After my healing session, I feel a weight has been lifted off my head, stomach, and heart. I had been feeling stuck in a few areas of my life for an extended period of time. But after my cleansing I am feeling alive, aspiring and looking forward to my future. It was a blessing to meet someone so compassionate about the well-being of others. I am beyond thankful and eager for our next session together.
J. Capizzi
Financier, Greenwich, CT
Linda is a very intuitive, spiritual therapist who integrates practical advice for dealing with life’s issues. I highly recommend her.
Elizabeth Friend-Ennis
Bronxville, NY
At nine years old, my once charming, carefree and adorable son began to manifest serious problems. It started with tantrums. He was diagnosed with Depression and ADHD. It was soon obvious that his issues were much more complicated than that. Over the course of three years he was treated by multiple psychiatrists, therapists, a nutritionist and a hypnotherapist. He was on eight different medications and still his issues worsened. He was aggressive and violent at home and provoking fights at school. He was lying, stealing, hoarding food and binging. He became increasingly irrational and talked about wanting to kill himself. He was hospitalized four times in six months. When we met Linda we were desperate. After working with Linda for three to four months, she assisted us with decreasing the medications that were causing him more harm than good. He currently takes only three medications. My son is far more self-aware and able to identify and manage his feelings. Our home is far more peaceful and I’ve been able to see glimpses of my son’s sweet nature again. At the same time that Linda is very no-nonsense-tell-it-like-it-is, she is also very loving and my son made a significant connection to her. He opened up to her more than with any previous therapist and her love and concern for him is genuine. She has offered tremendous support to me as well and I hope that as we continue to work with her that our entire family will benefit.
Tami Sasson
Linda has an incredible way of approaching healing with both gentleness and honesty. Since starting with Linda, I have noticed significant changes in my life in all areas, for the better! Linda is very action oriented and has a method that works. She is knowledgable and informed and has a deep understanding of how to help others. I am very grateful for her.
cassandra bolivar
Life's about sharing so I wanted to take the time to share what I've experienced coming to see Linda. Several years ago in my life several shifts happened to me that affected my MIND BODY and Spirit and it threw me off alignment and made me sick and confused ????? Now finding alternative medicine of healing she has helped me to release energies that where stuck in me. A safe place with caring and kindness for me to connect to my higher self I feel that a beautiful healing has transported me to a place clarity, peace, empowering my spirit to be lifted and FREE . Thu some tears and honesty with self I can say I am grateful that there's a place that resonates with me that has to do with sound therapy to raise my vibration to ground me . Thank you from a place of gratitude Cassandra
Novelette Johnson
Student Nurse
The workshop was outstanding. The best thing about it was learning to interpret my dreams.
Denise Caggiano
Empowering, uplifting, and an answer to my prayers would be some of the words I would use to describe Linda Darin. I have been working with Linda for about four years now. Although I have been down this path of holistic healing before, I have never met someone like Linda. Her experience in the medical field along with her life experience and the blessing of a true gift has made her the person she is today. An individual who has changed my life as well as my entire family’s life for the better. It doesn’t matter if you see her in person or on Skype, the feelings are the same. She is a caring person who takes her work seriously. If you want to change your life for the better and are willing to work on yourself, then she is it. Written with much love and appreciation – Denise C – Long Island NY
Alexandra Wakefield
Transformational Treatment- Linda Darin has helped me in more ways than I expected or originally intended. I went to her for help healing from the passing of my father, who was my closest ally. Immediately, Linda asked me questions no one has ever asked before. She gets straight to the point, and gets to the root of all issues. After my first visit I instantly felt lighter, after struggling with mediocre grief counselors for months. Beyond grief therapy, Linda has also helped me heal many unresolved issues I have collected throughout my 30 years of life. She analyzes events, dreams and situations with exact precision and has made me much more aware. She links things that are not typically understood by the person experiencing the situations. She understands people and more importantly, goes beyond the surface. She has a unique depth, and skills that are very uncommon in most. She is warm, comforting, perceptive, and does not sugar coat. I have already recommended Linda to many family and friends, and would be happy to give additional recommendation to anyone interested in her services. They are well worth the time, and the value for what you get is beyond fair. Thank you Linda for everything, you have transformed my life and brought much light out of a very dark situation.
Pelham Art Center
Westchester, NY
I like the imagination, music and the scarves. A. Campbell, Age 5
Biz Mc
I went to Linda as I was struggling with grief. She has helped me enormously through this painful experience and has given me the tools to accept and understand. Although tough at times, she has guided me back to where I need to be. I have learned so much through my sessions with her. I would highly recommend her services.
Prudence Kelly
Prudence Kelly, Psychotherapist, New Jersey
Linda Darin is like no other human being I’ve met in this lifetime. I was truly blessed when I began working with her in 2010 and thankful each day that I have been given the opportunity to continue to work with her. When I met Linda, to say that I was lost, damaged and a shell of me would be putting it lightly. As I began my work, I immediately recognized a difference from any other treatments and therapies I had tried in the past. Linda has a unique ability to provide a balance of gentleness, nurturing, encouragement and the added ‘push’ needed to grow and get to the next level. With her assistance, I was able to identify and examine the beliefs and patterns that no longer served me and through releasement, I better understand who I was and closer to accepting and loving myself. Linda’s whole heart is so clearly in the work that she does. She gives all of herself and her passion for helping others get where they want to be, free of judgement, is so evident. With her intuitive, healing abilities, spiritual guidance, wisdom and The Darin Method I began the journey back to myself and I am eternally grateful to her for that.
J Joe
Linda is an incredible healer. She has given me such amazing gifts during the course of the past 6 months. Before I met her, I was probably at the lowest point in my life battling depression, financial issues, and anxiety. I was skeptical of the type of healing and beliefs she had, but became a firm believer about half way in. She has a connection to forces and energy that I can't explain and her questions alone cut directly to the core issues of an individual, provoking the needed thought and self-realization to get better. She attacks issues you are struggling with from all angles, gives hope, and empowers you to change. Words can't express my gratitude for her in helping my transformation.
J. Parra
On Darin Dance: Thank you for your love and energy in teaching us how to appreciate ourselves through movement and to claim our spirits. I am walking away with the message to be joyful and enjoy my life.
Occupational Therapist, Westchester, New York
Before I found Linda Darin I tried so many therapists after problems of miscarriage and a rough divorce. I felt like all I did was say my problems with no advice for change. I was in a chaotic life. Until Thank God, I found Linda, who dramatically assisted me to change and give meaning to life. Through Linda I have learned how to shift to positive energy and make amazing changes almost immediately. Her specialty gave me the knowledge and the energy to reach my goals and take the steps I needed in order to live a happy life again. I have grown as a person, and become aware of myself, being intentional with my thoughts and actions. The Darin Method has made me realize, my past problems, patterns and belief systems and how not to attract that anymore. Linda is very intuitive and with all her services, I have grown spiritually to levels I’ve never dreamed of. I have been a client of Linda’s for 7 months and continue to work with her to help me become a better person daily, obtain my goals, and further my awareness of being in this world. I recommend everyone to Linda! I truly believe that everyone can benefit from her in their life because it is a true awakening to a life that can be chaotic to all.
Carrianne Sheridan
Homemaker, White Plains, NY
I met Linda Darin who was referred to me by another shaman healer. I just had brain surgery in 2009 after having been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2007. After my brain surgery, I felt petrified for myself and my family. I attended weekly sessions with Linda that helped me uncover the reasons for my physical manifestations of my cancer. Linda created an environment where I felt safe and secure to open up and find my true self. I needed to heal my past to move forward. Through compassion I learned to forgive family, friends and my husband for past resentments. The healings I have received from Linda have offered me a mental and physical release from stress, fear of my cancer, fear of failure and fear of dying. Since my diagnosis with cancer I have experienced people projecting a death sentence on to me. Linda Darin has been the light at the end of my tunnel!
Elizabeth Maloney
Student Nurse
This workshop was outstanding. The best thing about it was feeling relieved and relaxed.
Christina Rodriguez
Linda truly has a gift! I began searching for something to do in conjunction with my outpatient Rehab program that I was going for my addiction; but I wanted something that went beyond spiritually and regular therapy. That is exactly what I got and more. In the three short months I have worked with Linda she has helped me how to find my own power, self-confidence and how to love my self. Each session you just don’t talk, you learn how to identify your feelings and through energy healing and tools that you leave with in each sessions you incorporate these coping skills which truly helped me with my fear based anxiousness and insecurities. At first I thought all this must be happening to quickly but when my family noticed the difference and the trust was found again I knew her methods were truly working. I was finally finding myself and not only my family noticed the difference my Rehab center also asked what I was doing different as they saw the change in me and the worthiness I felt in myself in such a short period of time. All I know is this time around I wanted to stay clean and feel truly good about myself and I can’t thank Linda enough for helping me out on this journey. I have been sober since June 2019 and not felt this happy in about 20 years.
Kristin Sullivan
Linda is not like your typical therapist and is very gifted in her approach on how she works with her clients. She is able to pinpoint the root causes of what is troubling you and works with you to change your patterns and belief systems using her Darin method. It’s a lot of hard work but it is a very transformational and rewarding process. The incorporation of spirituality into her practice is the key link to moving her clients forward.
G. Jonas
It was wonderful to connect with movement and the chakras. This class was playful, thought provoking, fun and a unique experience that opened my heart, soul, body and little kid inside. Bravo! G. Jonas
Pelham Art Center
Westchester, NY
I love to go to the forest. A. Foliani , Age 3
M. Horrigan
Mother, NYC, NY
If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I thought I could be a good mother, I would have told you no way. I am a drug addict and have a drinking problem. I was born into a family of alcoholics and the home was always in chaos. I did not have good role models to teach me self-respect, to love others or to have healthy boundaries. I have been seeing Linda for almost two years now and I am changing into a better person. I am not indulging in my drug of choice or drinking anymore. I have just completed my college degree in business. I am learning how to set boundaries for myself and my new family. Yes… I just gave birth to my first son!! I know I am not perfect but I have made a conscious decision that I will always try to move forward and not let my past stand in the way. This is not an easy task because I battle with it every day. I look back 2 years ago {before Linda} and I think to myself…my life is so much better now that I have opened myself up to the help. Linda is the perfect fit for me. Linda guides and teaches me but she always lets me make my own decisions. The work is yours to do, so get working!!!
Prudence Kelly
Linda and her work are unique in that she incorporates the mind, body and spirit into her healing practices. I've sought out other treatments in the past however none have proven as effective. The use of the Darin Method has assisted me in identifying patterns and beliefs that have negatively impacted me in all areas of my life. Linda is passionate, dedicated and puts her whole self into her work. She is a loving and generous professional with many gifts and talents. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with her and will continue to highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing, clarity and guidance.
M. Cadet
Attorney, NY, NY
“Linda’s method of counseling mixes spirituality with successful corporate techniques that motivate you to make changes in your life.”
Nancy Magee
Student Nurse
I enjoyed the discussions and healing practices. It was dynamic, insightful and fun.
Rebecca Papp
Linda helped me lift myself out of grief, move through my past, evaluate my present, and discover the future I want to build to live my best life. I offer the highest recommendation for her work, and the results we have achieved together.
Melanie Rodriguez
When I first came to see Linda Darin 4 years ago, I was a lost in recurring patterns of abuse. I was struggling in my career, with personal/family relationships and with self destructive beliefs and addictions. Through Linda’s individual and caring guidance, I was given the tools and support to recognize and change destructive patterns. Linda’s methods are holistic and provide a balanced approach to healing. With Linda’s help, I have overcome so much, got control over my health, weight, career, finances and personal relationships. I have been attending Linda’s empowering women’s groups for 3 years as well and it’s another amazing, supportive and essential service that she provides. I have recommended her to everyone who can see the undeniable positive changes in my life and to anyone who I can see is struggling. Working on yourself is hard and Linda is excellent at keeping you focused on transforming and healing.
G. Gray
Financial Analyst, NYC, NY
Linda continually amazes me in each of our sessions. Her in-depth knowledge of holistic healing practices has proven incredibly beneficial as she helps me explore, learn from and release my negative feelings. She has truly led me on a path toward the person I want to become. The Darin Method gives me the tools to advance my mind-body-soul connection by leaps and bounds.
Andre & Prudence Tomaz
Social Worker, Jersey City, NJ
My husband and I, desperate, and with little hope that our marriage would be sustainable, sought Linda out for guidance. After a number of extremely difficult circumstances within the marriage, we met for what turned out to be a very powerful session that shifted both of our focuses, provided understanding and clarity, allowed for forgiveness and in turn, a new start. We were both amazed at the transformation in ourselves and the relationship after the first session. We were able to better understand what was not working in the relationship and by incorporating the mind, body and spirit; this enabled us to utilize the strengths that we both had to make this marriage work. The session restored the hope and connectedness that we had lost in the chaos of our lives. There are times that my husband and I talk about how far we’ve come and how Linda’s work, is at times, a mystery to us. She has the ability to enhance all that is positive and assists us in making sense of what seems so confusing. It is my hope that other couples, who might be struggling and skeptical, seek Linda’s guidance, in an attempt to find clarity and peace within themselves and their relationship.
Elizabeth D’ Cruze
I am very grateful for all of her help. She is so amazing. She listen patiently and takes her time. At my first session with her I felt so much better. She gives so much positive advises and tools to work with. Thank you so much.
Fred Oppong-Ntow
Student Nurse, Nursing Department, College of New Rochelle Workshop
“The Darin Transformations course was outstanding. It helped me open my heart and understand certain issues. I have become more passionate and empathetic.”
Jennifer M.
Artist, NYC, NY
Linda Darin is a gifted and intuitive healer. She guides the individual in exploring issues with compassion and integrity. Linda utilizes her extensive knowledge and experience to assist the individual in experiencing personal growth and establishing inner balance.
Kwame Siaw
Student Nurse, College of New Rochelle
This Darin Transformations course was excellent. I am now able to know how to get to the core of my emotions and I learned how to deal with my feelings.
Nurse, Long Island, NY
Linda has helped my husband with his own struggles. I was convinced that I needed guidance. One major issue for me was intrusive negative thoughts. I worked with Linda for 6 sessions concerning my DNA core beliefs and family patterns. I also used her tools and did the homework that was advised. By the 7th session, I experienced a shamanic healing that was powerful and an amazing energy release! I now have no intrusive thoughts. My husband and I will continue learning from Linda since it has made us a very strong family unit. I highly recommend Linda’s Holistic Method.
Julio R.
Psychiatrist, New York City
My life had been a mess for the last couple of years and I knew I needed to get help to get out of a really bad cycle of self-destruction. I was feeling depressed, anxious, angry and full of resentments toward the world. I was certainly not in a good place physically, psychologically or spiritually. I was browsing the internet for therapists in the NYC area and found Linda’s web site. I was interested in her holistic healing approach. Since I had already tried psychotherapy many times in the past, I decided to give the Darin Method a try. I have to admit that in the beginning I had my reservations. As we started with the sessions I began to shift gradually from a place of anger, sadness and self-destruction to a state of relative peace, hope, acceptance and contentment. My anger and sadness decreased significantly. I became better at taking care of myself and that love reached others. I particularly liked learning and healing the chakras. Linda was able to successfully address old issues and symptoms which had been causing me distress most of my life. The biggest transformation that I have experienced was getting rid of issues of shame and moving towards a more self-empowering, self-accepting and self-loving attitude. As someone who has gone through years of psychotherapy, I would highly recommend Linda’s innovative and effective Holistic Healing Method.
Matt Hauer
My energy has shifted dramatically after working with Linda. I now have Overall less negativity, and more positive energy in the physical body. So much easier to go through my days without worries, tension, and anxiety. She’s truly a miracle worker! I learned a lot in life and religion, which calmed my mind and emotions down. Linda has tapped into all 7 chakras, which was key to my transformation. Linda has definitely changed my life with her healing hands, along with her knowledge, and I’m forever thankful 🙂 I highly recommend.
Simone Lazer
Actress, NYC, NY and LA, CA
Linda…thank you so, so much! Your energy work is nothing less than miraculous. My head is still clear from our last session 10 days ago, which to me was unexpected, not to mention a major blessing, as I can function again! As you know, I had horrific dizziness/vertigo from pre- and post-emergency surgery drugs and procedures, (in addition to the aftermath of general anesthesia) and I had been so foggy and miserable for the past 6 weeks that I was pretty much good for nothing. During our session you probably did all of 5 minutes hands-on energy work and I guess I wasn’t expecting those amazing skills of yours to do all that they did for me. I can see straight, walk straight and function…and it’s seriously an amazing feeling to have that dark cloud lifted! I am ever so grateful! You truly have many incredible gifts, and I feel particularly blessed that you went in the direction you chose to with me, as you ‘freed’ me! Needless to say, I am now a huge believer in energy healing; well, energy healing from the right practitioner! Looking forward to working with you again and again.
Kim D
I came to Linda to refocus my life. I had been working too much and neglected myself and as a result, narrowed my opportunities in starting a family. It was a stressful time that left me feeling sad and depleted. Linda helped me refocus my life so that the my issues and goals weren't primary. I discovered who I am at my core, what I believe, what experiences and people have shaped my beliefs both positive and negative. Linda helped change my life and help me learn about me. Letting go of the negativity healed my mind, spirit and body. Today, my energy is balanced. The process of healing has allowed space for me and my husband to have our own family and enjoy every moment being parents. I hope that others find and work with Linda because my personal transformation has by far been the best thing that I have done in my life. I am eternally grateful to Linda for opening my eyes, my mind, and my energy.
Vocalist and Recording Artist, Long Island, NY
Working with Linda has been a truly eye-opening experience helping me to bridge my inside thoughts and emotions to the outside world. Her spiritual teachings have given me the guidance to live each day with a purpose. By using the Darin Method along with tools and daily practices I am more aware and present than ever before. After years of traditional therapy I feel this was a great place to turn. I am now removing all of my negative energy and thought patterns and replacing them with positive, motivating actions with Linda’s help. Linda is really able to read my energy and guide me. Her homework has been so helpful to maintain my progress in each session. It has been almost a year and I can honestly say the change has been drastic. I know Linda has played a very large role in my transformation. I can’t thank her enough!
Finance, NYC, NY
Linda is amazingly intuitive. She has helped me see just how programmed I was and gave me practical ways to approach life differently and with an open heart. She has helped me get much more in touch with my spiritual side and I feel I have developed into a much better and stronger person in less than six months.
Yulia Tanis
Growing up in a culture that viewed counseling as a frivolous expense and gave word "therapy" somewhat of a shameful connotation, it was challenging for me to start seeing Linda. I firmly believed that my situation was so special that no other person but myself could see it clearly, let alone help me. Linda took me back to my childhood and, by exploring my family patterns, helped me understand why I behaved a certain way, why I kept finding myself in certain life circumstances, and what I could do to brake those patterns. Linda opened my eyes up to the importance of emotional intelligence, value of staying calm and not reacting. Linda has introduced me to the spiritual world, guided me through a very difficult time of my mother's death. Linda continues to be a powerful source of strength, motivation and empowerment as I learn to love and accept myself, combat my fears and insecurities, stay true to myself. One thing that sets Linda apart in my opinion is her action-oriented approach. She will not only listen to your problem and analyze it, but will also suggest steps to take, books to read, people to talk to - anything and everything to provide tangible and immediate help in your situation. Linda is a wealth of knowledge - medical, spiritual, and just "life knowledge" in general. I admire and value Linda's gentle honesty, authenticity and passion for her work. I am very thankful for Linda Darin, I have gained and grew so much since meeting her. I highly recommend Linda's services.
Marie P
Business Owner, Mamaroneck, NY
When I found Linda, I hit the jackpot as they say! It has been a blessing each and every time I see her. I am now living in my own truth and I am able to move forward in a powerful way. I see things more clearly and feel confident on how to meet the challenges that come my way. It is priceless to me that Linda has always been accessible when I needed her and that she cares so deeply and genuinely about our work. I think Linda is a rare professional in that she honestly works to empower her clients.
Paul Kelly
Business Owner, New Jersey
I have been seeing Linda for a year now because I had two heroin addicts living in my home. My life had become as unmanageable as the two addicts. With Linda’s help great things are possible!!! Thank you Linda.
N. D.
Financial Trader, Tarrytown, NY
There is no simple way to describe my sessions with Linda Darin. Her approach to healing is spiritual, professional, educational, and euphoric. She examined my physical and emotional state and was able to relate it to issues in my past that continue to affect all aspects of my life. In order to bring balance and healing to my body and soul, Linda probed specific ailments affecting my physical and emotional health and their corresponding Chakra’s to begin the healing process. She discovered that most of my issues were manifested by fear and guilt as they pertained to money, family, lifestyle, and personal and business relationships. Having reached middle age, it was clear to see that there were many issues and events during the course of my life that I had never come to terms with, that built up inside me and negatively affected my ability to think clearly and function. Linda has begun the healing process, and I am finally coming face to face with the demons within me. I left Linda’s last session in a state of euphoria, feeling like I just shed a 100 pound bag of cement that I have been carrying with me for some time. Linda Darin is an amazing teacher and healer, you will feel immediate gratification and more importantly you will understand how and why certain aspects of our lives linger with us for ages, and how to guard against them in the future. Linda has invited me on a spiritual journey to my soul; your life will be changed forever.
John S
Linda is seeing my 21 year old daughter, I have seen more positive changes in my daughter after 6 months of therapy with Linda than her previous 6 years of traditional counselling.
Ariana Byrne
Linda is loving, caring and knowledgeable. She truly helps you become the best version of yourself!
Geri McGowan
Weekly prayer groups keep me centered and closer to my Higher Power. Because of my past issues with trust, I was resistant to attend the monthly women's group. However, once I began attending the monthly women's group, my trust issues seemed to improve. Private sessions with Linda help me integrate the past with the present and to conquer several persistent issues that exist in my life.
G. McGowan
Hospice Nurse Supervisor, Westchester, NY
“Linda is a healer who heals with words. I am able to develop awareness and clarity in a space of truth and non-judgment. Linda helped me resolve issues of trauma, anxiety, low self-esteem and connect with my life’s purpose. I am grateful for the past six years.”
Noreen K
Attorney, Jersey City, NJ
“Linda has a rare ability to foster real personal transformation by combining intuitive counseling with incredibly powerful energy healing techniques. I worked with several classical therapists before I met Linda, but could never make any meaningful progress beyond intellectualizing my issues. Linda’s holistic approach was so much more effective, and for the first time, allowed me to really heal.”
Keneisha Beckford
Student Nurse, College of New Rochelle
The Darin Transformations course was excellent. I was able to share my feelings and listen to others share their feelings. The dance was fun. I felt relaxed and energized.
Osei Kofi
Student Nurse, College of New Rochelle
The Darin Transformations course was excellent. The practice of toning and meditation has helped me with my daily stress.
Nicole Costanzo
Accountant, White Plains, NY
Anyone who works with Linda is truly getting a blessing from God. Before I started working with Linda, I felt so lost emotionally and spiritually. I had seen several therapists many different times throughout my life that I didn’t know if there was anyone out there that could help me. I couldn’t tell you how I was feeling at any point in time, and I didn’t love or appreciate myself. She has given me so many tools and so much knowledge that now I feel like a completely different person from the one who walked through her door a couple of years ago. She made me realize my patterns in relationships, how my family DNA has affected me, and how I can change it all to create the awesome life that I deserve. She has helped me find and love my inner and outer self. I’m not sure where I would be today without her help, but I do know that I have changed for the better. I know myself more than I ever have before and I’m learning to love who I am more and more every day.
David Gettings
Linda has been a blessing in helping us deal with a Cancer diagnosis. I have experienced many professionals in my life and have not found one quite like her. She is caring, receptive and critical in helping us and others to deal with these issues. Her guidance and experience are invaluable to our family. Make her part of your plan to make your lives better. Thank you Linda
Linda has been such a positive support in my life. I came to her five months ago because I was feeling disconnected to people and things. I didn’t realize it, but I was depressed. I was putting all my energy into my job and not finding much joy in other parts of my life. My physical body was not in the best of health, my social connections were stagnant and I didn’t feel any spiritual presence within me. Through the chakra work with Linda, I have developed an awareness of myself in all areas - physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Linda has given me the tools to work through my fears, traumas and shame (things I didn’t know existed). I can now use these tools to help me get through challenging times and help bring balance into my life. With these tools and Linda’s healings, I feel more positive, awake and open to love and life.
Stephanie M
Actress, Author, Educator PA
“Linda Darin is a miracle worker. I called her one evening after viewing her website. I was drawn to her holistic practice and felt she might be a good match for my 20-year old daughter going to school in New York City. I knew my sensitive daughter would only commit to seeing someone who she genuinely connected with. Linda answered the phone that evening. She immediately engaged with me, and set up a session with my daughter. Not only was there a connection, but the trust and care that my daughter feels under Linda’s care is simply magical. I know my daughter is safe.”
Chrisann Delisser, Age 8
Williams School, Mount Vernon, NY
Dear Ms. Linda, Your class was great and fun! It teaches us how to move feelings out of our bodies while we dance. We all love your class and love you too! We bless God for you and pray for you. Thank you for a wonderful time.
Rebecca Papp
I have been working with LInda since 2017, after the death of my mother. As we've moved on to other areas of my life, she invited me to join her Women's Workshop held at her White Plains office. The support of the group meditations has helped me to go further and faster towards healing and change. "We each have to do our own work, but doing it together is what makes it work." -Melody Beattie
elyse norton
I originally began seeing Linda after my brother passed away in 2015. Since then, I have grown so much as an individual and learned about my self in a way I never thought possible. Linda has helped me identify my thought patterns and belief systems that have been holding me back from experiencing life in a positive and productive way. She is supportive, caring and gives you that extra 'push' when you need it. I look forward to continuing my work with Linda and growing as a person. She is truly a gift.
Juliet Gettings
Our daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago, and Linda has helped our family immensely with all the nerve wrecking decisions that need to be made when faced with a life threatening disease. She is always available to listen and use her healing expertise. She is a blessing for all of us and continues to teach and guide our family on this journey.
With gratitude. M.C.
Musician, Brooklyn, New York
“I’ve always felt something was ‘missing’ from my experience with conventional therapists, and that missing link was…results. With Linda, the results are clear and have been from the beginning-healing old wounds and overcoming that which stands in my way from living the fullest life I can. Linda is warm, caring, insightful, and highly intuitive. She knows just the right way to create a safe space to help her clients through the journey. I’m so grateful to have her as a guide these past two years. She has brought a great deal of light into my life and continues to do so with each visit.”
Alexandra La Scala
Linda is truly a wonderful therapist. She has been helping me battle my struggles with anxiety by getting to the root of the cause, while also helping me with issues that come up day to day. She is the perfect balance of western and eastern practices. I feel so light after our healing sessions when she clears all of my chakras. I've noticed such a positive shift in my moods, and have found a strength from within after seeing her.
Danielle D
Linda is an incredibly knowledgeable healer and pulls from a wide-range of methods in her practice. I went to Linda specifically to learn more about chakra alignment and her guidance exceeded my expectations. I have concluded my sessions with Linda, but the tools she has left me with (and they are abundant!) will stick with me for the rest of my life. She is always punctual and I highly recommend her!
Eva C.
Teacher, Riverdale, NY
I had no hesitations working with Linda and was actively looking for a spiritual approach to intuitive counseling. I had worked with a conventional therapist for three years prior to Linda and I now wanted to integrate a more holistic approach to dealing with unresolved trauma. My sessions with Linda have been life-changing. Besides the counseling, which feels like a classroom for my soul I have greatly benefited from the energy healing, books, journaling and purification methods. With Linda’s guidance, I am learning to recognize lifelong negative thoughts and patterns, to confront my co-dependency issues, to listen to and speak my own truth and to live with a greater sense of joy and peace! I would highly recommend Linda and her work to anyone looking for a holistic and spiritual approach to therapy. She is a truly caring, sincere and honest individual whose gifts as a therapist have helped me to heal, grow and approach life from a more loving and self-aware place.
Geri McGowan
I have been a client of Linda’s for some time. She has helped me get healthy and grow. Her sessions are emotional at times but her honesty and truthfulness is outstanding.
Chrisann Delisser, Age 8
Williams School, Mount Vernon, NY
Dear Ms. Linda, Your class was great and fun! It teaches us how to move feelings out of our bodies while we dance. We all love your class and love you too! We bless God for you and pray for you. Thank you for a wonderful time.
Jane McCarthy
Linda is wonderful! She is insightful, smart, caring and has a deep type of wisdom I've never come across before. I have been dealing with deep issues for most of my life, which I have sporadically sought counselling for in the past 15 years but with Linda, I'm learning about myself in ways I never thought possible. This clarity is helping to identify what the issues are, why I do the things I do and now, how to make the necessary changes and work on these issues. It is an enormous relief to know and understand what is ticking away beneath the surface. I feel safe with Linda and highly recommend her for her spiritual guidance and healing.
Leslie Morgan
Linda is the most insightful therapist I've ever worked with. She very quickly identifies the areas that need healing and comes up with a plan that will improve your overall health and outlook on life. She has brought such light, happiness and clarity into my life. She is kind and compassionate with a direct, no-nonsense approach that works. I highly recommend her services.
Melanie Rodriguez
When I first came into Linda‘s office three years ago my life was in disarray and I barely knew it. My relationship, job and social life were all dark and dead-end. Working with Linda has been a journey to self love and self acceptance that I don’t believe would have been possible without her. Linda patiently walked me through and helped me realize that I was able to change and improve these areas of my life. She provided much-needed honesty, support, references, guides, tools and healings that removed the veils I was hiding behind. Through our work I have been able to finally embrace changes that once would’ve paralyzed me in fear. I have a sense of self, self respect and self awareness. I have been able to move forward and excel in my career. I have been able to move on from destructive relationships and reconcile with family. I’ve been able to focus on my personal health and well-being to combat unhealthy addictions and behaviors. Linda’s unique approach and method is intuitive and tailored to my life, my experiences and my needs. She’s been a constant champion for me and been the light when I had to walk through dark times. I am grateful for our continued work and would highly recommend her services.
Kristin Sullivan
I found Linda accidentally 2 years ago while looking for a Reiki healer. Her website intrigued me so I made an appointment with her. At that time, I was under a lot of stress and thought many people in my life needed to change, but in reality, I was the one who needed to change. Linda taught me that we are all shaped by our early childhood beliefs, many of which don't reflect our true self. By working with Linda privately and attending her monthly women's group sessions using her Darin method, I began to discover what was at the root cause of some of my problems I'd been encountering. I'm learning to change my behavior by ridding myself of outdated childhood beliefs and patterns. Linda has been very passionate about helping me work through and overcome my trials and tribulations. Attending her weekly prayer groups has been a big game changer for me. I've learned so much and I'm very grateful for how god is working in my life. Linda has also been working with many of my family members this past year and their has been a big shift in our relationships with each other. My life is moving in a positive direction and I'm so thankful for all her guidance. She truly is a blessing.
Victoria Caggiano
Linda is truly an amazing person. She has helped my whole family get through some of the hardest times in our lives. Linda makes you truly become the best version of yourself. I could never thank her enough for everything she has done. She has given me confidence in myself to follow my heart and live an authentic life.
Frank Kelly
Marine Contractor, Jersey City, NJ
“I met Linda May 2010 and I was addicted to alcohol for over 40 years. I am now sober for 16 months. I just went to my son’s wedding sober and realized for the first time I did not have to hide or question what I did the night before. I felt a strength within myself for the first time. Linda allowed me to break through my denials and see the truth of my disease. I am aware of my anxiety that wants me to fix, save and rescue my children. I like Frank Kelly and feel at ease in my own body. I am grateful for her patience.”
Kelley Swindall
I began seeing Linda a little under 5 months ago, and both my inner (and as a result my outer) life has changed drastically for the positive ever since. She's given me the tools I was lacking and so needed which help me address my depression and anxiety on a daily basis. I like her straightforward no non sense practical approach to spiritual matters . You get what you put in to it, she gives you the guidance and the tools, but its up to you to take your healing further by putting in the time and effort each week, outside of sessions, and its well worth it. I could not have gotten where I am now, without her guidance. I am truly a more balanced and grounded person today. I'm very grateful for Linda and would highly recommend her to anyone.