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Individuals may experience and be affected by grief immediately following a loss or even after a prolonged length of time.

Feelings and emotions associated with a loss may seem very new and overwhelming. Or, if repressed for a period of time, grief may unexpectedly and abruptly surface. In any case, grief counseling aims to help the individual process and release the emotions they are experiencing due to a loss in order to begin the healing process.

Linda Darin includes an all-encompassing approach to grief counseling. Linda’s main objective is to help the individual heal entirely – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically – through processing their emotions. It is common that one experiences the six stages of grief, which are shock, denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and acceptance. It can take 3-5 years to complete the healing cycle, but everyone is unique.

When an individual begins holistic grief counseling, they may be asked about symptoms they are experiencing and how these symptoms are affecting their life. For instance, some of the common physical and mental symptoms of grief include exhaustion, changes in sleep, changes in appetite, digestive upset, loss of interest, inability to concentrate and forgetfulness. Common emotions experienced along with grief include numbness, sadness, guilt, anxiety, fear and anger. All of these symptoms are inter-related and may disrupt a person’s life or cause physical problems and illness, such as weight loss, headaches, and shortness of breath and chest pressure. Linda Darin treats the individual as a whole and all symptoms are taken into account.

In cases of grief and bereavement affecting the family, grief counseling may be performed in group sessions. Because all family members may be experiencing similar symptoms and emotions, the same methods and treatments may be used for all. In addition, the counseling or treatment methods may help bring the family closer together.

Methods of holistic grief counseling at Darin Transformations may include intuitive council, chakra balancing, energy healing, guided imagery healing, reiki healing, color or sound healing and spiritual healing.

The goal of holistic grief counseling is to help the individual to heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically from their grief by utilizing and combining various holistic healing modalities.

Linda Darin honors the individual and family members by listening, guiding and allowing their healing journey to unfold…

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WHITE PLAINS | 721 W. Boston Post Road | Mamaroneck, NY 10543
MANHATTAN | 185 Madison Avenue, 17TH Floor Room 1703 | New York, NY 10016
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