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Holistic Energy Healing for Anxiety and Depression

Holistic Treatment for Depression and Anxiety


Anxiety from Covid19 / Coronavirus?


Linda Darin uses holistic treatments for depression and anxiety that can help you cope with symptoms and greatly improve your quality of life. Traditional treatments for anxiety and depression can involve intuitive council, medication or a combination. Holistic methods can be used with traditional methods to bring together the custom healing that you need.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. Sometimes it is positive and helps people cope. But when anxiety becomes excessive, it can affect everyday activities and may interfere with how you get along with others. Some of the signs and symptoms of anxiety may impact your thoughts, emotional, behavioral and physical body. There are a wide variety of signs and symptoms of anxiety that include trembling, twitching, shaking, shortness of breath, heart racing, feeling dizzy, sweating or cold, clammy hands, feeling extremely tired and having trouble sleeping. Other symptoms might include feeling restless and on edge, being angry, worrying about making decisions, feeling doomed, or difficulty concentrating.

Depression can make everyday activities hard and you may have problems with your relationships. You might focus on what’s not going well in your life and have trouble seeing the positive. Maybe you don’t feel pleasure in the activities, people or things you used to enjoy. Some of the signs and symptoms of depression are sleeping too much or not enough, eating too much or not enough, feeling tired, feeling guilty, low self- esteem, gastrointestinal problems, sexual problems, feeling powerless, unworthy, hopeless, problems making decisions, feeling sad and sometimes thinking about death.

Linda guides with intuitive council, gives you tools for self-empowerment and uses successful healing modalities to bring together a tailored program that addresses your needs for overcoming depression and anxiety.

Intuitive Council involves the whole person where we examine the spiritual, thoughts, emotional and physical body symptoms. Linda Darin has a background in traditional psychotherapy and nursing, where she combines her intuitive gifts to explore the whole person’s well-being.

The Darin Method® helps clients become aware of their patterns and belief systems that are contributing to excess anxiety and or depression. We explore the root cause of fear, guilt and shame to assess symptoms held in the mental, physical and spiritual body. Linda also uses the deliverance ministry to release negative energies that hold one in spiritual bondage, as well as a combination of other healing modalities such as energy healing, chakra balancing, color, light, and sound healing.

The Chakra Healing and Balancing Treatment releases fear from the first chakra, the guilt from the second chakra, and the shame from the third chakra allowing a flow of energy thru the body — clearing, unblocking and aligning all the chakras.

Color, Light and Sound Healing release stress, blocked emotions and physical symptoms — allowing healing to take place.

Energy Healing cleanses emotional stagnation and cellular toxins from the cells of the four body systems — including spiritual, emotional, thoughts, and the physical body.

Clients receive tools such as relaxation techniques, deep breathing, journaling, sacred rituals, dream work, toning, healing practices, music, visualization, affirmations and aromatherapy oils to empower them and help them cope with anxiety and depression on an ongoing basis. Healing with the Darin Method will give you a more positive outlook and help you deal with stress, sleep better, and be more energetic when you follow your tailored process.

If you have questions about Darin Transformations’ holistic treatments for depression and anxiety or would like to schedule an appointment simply call 1-914-500-3712 or fill out the short form and I will be in touch with you ASAP. I am here to help. I welcome your questions, want to learn more about you, and help guide you to a better life. Worldwide Remote Sessions Available Today Virtually.

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