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Heal Childhood and Relationship Trauma with Linda Darin

Spiritual Trauma Healing

There are many forms of spiritual, emotional and physical trauma.

Some examples:

– Memories of being abandoned by parents.

– Memories of being locked in a cellar or closet.

– Memories of violent crime.

– Memories of sexually perverted acts.

– Memories of deeply humiliating issues.

– Memories of traumatic betrayals by parents, friends, teachers, or business associates.

A — Linda Darin will guide the session and use intuitive council for emotional, spiritual and physical healing. In all cases, the memory causes deeply disturbing negative issues in one’s life. Telling the story helps piece together the past, where you will find how it changed your self-concept, gain awareness of unhealthy patterns of coping and work through emotions such as fear and guilt and shame. The more you tell your story the less painful it becomes and you will have more control over your life rather than the traumatic memory controlling you, your life and your emotions.

Sometimes when trauma is hidden and not dealt with a person might experience behaviors such as: abandonment issues, intense unstable relationships, feelings of emptiness, loneliness and unworthiness, impulsive behavior, addictions, anger and rage, black and white thinking, suicidal thinking and wanting to cut themselves.

Spiritual Trauma Healing is Needed

B — Linda Darin will use discernment in the deliverance after one gains awareness through telling their story. For example when one has been physically violated, there are evil spirits of hate and fear. Once these spirits are released, the prayer and God’s healing fills up those horrifying memories. Once God is present in this memory there is no more hate and fear and emotional healing can take place.

The deep healing takes place when the memory has been open to an experience of God’s love for the person. Then the negative nature of the memory is transformed and changed, giving you release and new energy to gain control over yourself and enjoy life in a new way.


If you have questions or would like to schedule a spiritual trauma healing appointment simply call 1-914-500-3712 or fill out the short form and I will be in touch with you ASAP. I am here to help. I welcome your questions, want to learn more about you, and help guide you to a better life. Worldwide Remote Sessions Available Virtually and NYC.

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