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LindaDarin-Energy Healer NYC & Westchester

Meet Linda

I would be so honored to work with you in any life challenges that you are now experiencing. To schedule an appointment or ask any questions please call 914-500-3712 or complete the form below. I offer sessions Remote, Distance & Virtual.

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    Spiritual & Holistic Healing

    Linda Darin provides spiritual and holistic healing services to help individuals overcome spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ailments. The goal of the Darin Method is to achieve life balance and well-being through specialized healing, medicines, and soul work with remote online sessions available to help people worldwide.

    If you feel as though you are not living up to your full potential, the Darin Method encompasses many different healing practices to help you grow. Some of the services offered include:

    • Soul work: Achieve inner peace by shedding layer after layer of stress and negative energy that is hindering you. Spiritual healing services with the Darin Method aim to help you harness your creative energy and get in touch with your physical senses.
    • Chakra balancing: The seven chakras are essential energy centers in the body. When they fall out of alignment, you can experience physical discomfort and spiritual distress. Let Linda Darin use spiritual and holistic healing to guide you through chakra realignment and give you the tools you need to remain in balance.
    • Trauma healing: Unpleasant and traumatic memories can cause physical, emotional, and spiritual distress in the body. Through intuitive counsel, the Darin Method helps to uncover and release those memories. Prayer and openness to God’s healing are essential components of trauma healing sessions.
    • Sound healing: With the aid of instruments like tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls, Linda Darin creates a soundscape with frequencies that unblock deeply buried emotions. Sound healing invigorates the sympathetic nervous system and helps you break free from harmful, repetitive habits. Those who undergo sound healing sessions report a deep sense of tranquility and inner peace that lasts long after the session ends.
    • Guided imagery: Let Linda Darin assist you in realizing the potential of your right-brain functions. A guided imagery session may use a number of different techniques, from visualization exercises to imaginative storytelling, to help you recognize your own healing processes.

    Combining traditional healthcare methodologies with holistic medicine, Linda provides healing, intuitive council, and physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through virtual holistic therapy. Virtual counseling services are easy to schedule, and with the convenience of online healing, sessions are available worldwide.

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