Intuitive Council by Linda Darin for Energy Healing

Intuitive Council

Intuitive council sessions are tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Linda Darin is the founder and visionary of Darin Transformations. Linda graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in June 1982, graduated with a Master of Science in Family Therapy in June 1990, and graduated with a Master in Social Work in February 1996. Linda has helped thousands of clients balance their bodies and minds. Linda leverages her background in traditional medicine and infuses her work with holistic therapies that empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.

The Darin Method is Linda’s proprietary approach to physical, mental and spiritual healing, bridging modern medicine and ancient therapies to help her clients harness their personal potential and achieve their goals.

Serving each client’s individual needs, Linda crafts a tailored program, drawing from her broad array of expertise, to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance in order to alleviate health and emotional issues.

Although Linda has a traditional background to determine mental and physical illness, her intuitive council directs the session. Linda listens to her intuitive guidance and gives information to her clients with an intention to help improve their lives. There is a combination of listening, talking, guiding, mentoring, teaching and healing in these sessions.

Intuitive council sessions include various areas of focus: addictions, codependency, anxiety and depression, marriage/family issues, divorce, trauma, grief, healing physical illness, emotional awareness, personal development, career/life planning, and stress management/reduction. All areas of life are explored according to the client’s needs.

During intuitive council sessions Linda encourages an individual to find the good in themselves. The good can be used as a model for the things one would like to change. Change is a process in which people are helped.

The ultimate goal is to help people to recognize and accept their own internal worth, i.e., to integrate their learned habits of thinking about themselves (their internal messages and images) and their learned behaviors (feelings, physical responses, and actions) to be congruent with whom they really are in their essence — beautiful, loving people.

Linda guides clients to change and transform. She assists in exploring patterns, belief systems, negative emotions and how the mental, spiritual and physical body is being affected.

What you can expect from your Intuitive Council session: You can expect Linda who is interested in listening to your concerns and in helping you develop a better understanding of them so that you may deal with them more easily and effectively.

Linda Darin will take you seriously and be willing to openly discuss anything you wish to discuss. Linda will maintain strict confidentiality about you, and will openly discuss this with you and your responsibilities in the sessions.

Your main responsibilities in the sessions are to attend your regularly scheduled sessions, talk about what is bothering you as openly and honestly as you can, and complete any tasks or “homework” assignments you may be asked to do. You are expected to let Linda know if you are unable to make it to a session.

Deciding to seek help is the first step in change. Once this decision has been made, the mechanics for change have been set in motion. In the process of changing the way you think, feel, or behave, you must try new ways of doing things.

These changes will often make you anxious or frustrated in the beginning. In the course of these sessions you may come to realize that things you once thought of only in a positive or negative way may suddenly seem different. The challenges of pushing on through your previous limitations may also cause you frustrations, which is why continuing to go forward is necessary through a process to create change.

With ongoing commitment and practice, you will find that you can stretch your limits and find new and exciting aspects of yourself and apply amazing new changes in your life. You will find healing through forgiveness, a new and more positive outlook, and a whole new perspective on life where you can be more successful and prosperous.

Tips on how to benefit from your sessions:

  • Be ready to focus on a specific problem or issue.
  • Be prepared for your sessions.
  • Attend your sessions and take an active part in them.
  • Complete any homework you are given.

Linda Darin honors the individual by listening, guiding and allowing their healing journey to unfold.


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