I Had No Idea Soul Healing Would Change My Life

God Guided Me to Linda Darin to Heal My Family and Me.

I met Linda Darin six years ago when I was searching for an Energy Medicine Healer and discovered her website on a google search. I was attracted to her holistic healing approach to the mind, body, and spirit and her background and vast experience in nursing and social work. She was well-rounded, with many years of experience, and I liked that she combined traditional therapy with her Holistic Therapy Services, which led me to make an appointment with her. I had tried traditional counseling with medication for my anxiety and depression, which left me numb and empty. I had no idea how working on my soul would change my life! Linda has helped many of my family members and me with her education, spiritual guidance, mentorship, and the gift of deliverance and healing.

Linda isn’t your typical therapist; she works out of the box, sharing her own experiences and going above and beyond her call of duty, often spending time with her clients outside her practice. She is authentic, transparent, and compassionate about her work and love of God. She empowers and assists her clients to grow and change. Throughout the years, Linda has accompanied me to church, Christian concerts, and group outings with other clients and has checked in with me through emails or met me for coffee or dinner if I had something weighing on my mind. She is truly in service, and her presence heals. I watch God working through her as she shares her trials and tribulations and moves above and beyond with great faith and trust. Her boldness to get the truth out and her dependence on God has grown, inspiring me.

As I began to work with Linda in her Westchester office, she opened the door for me to learn about God differently. She invited me to prayer groups, church, and bible study and introduced me to Christian Faith Healing. For so many years, I searched for someone. Although I grew up Catholic and believed in God, my spiritual upbringing was more ritualistic, and I didn’t have a personal relationship with God. I never really felt His presence and began experimenting with New Age practices.

I discovered I had a picture of Linda’s information on my phone that I had taken several years earlier from a Holistic magazine. Reflecting, I can see this was a spiritual marker in my life. God guided me to Linda to help me in many areas of my life.

Growing up, I never dealt with how I felt and blamed others for my demise, which kept me stuck in a victim mindset. This pattern explained why blocking out my feelings with medication as a magic cure didn’t help my anxiety and depression. Not getting to the root of my problems and putting a band-aid on them left me feeling numb and hopeless. Until I began doing soul work, I had no idea that the trauma wounds from my childhood opened doors to negative spirits that affected my thoughts, mood, and behavior.

When I first met Linda, I struggled to balance my life, regulating and expressing my emotions and communicating effectively. I often overstepped my boundaries, focused on other people’s problems, and compulsively did for others, feeling angry and resentful. I couldn’t recognize how others perceived me or how my behavior affected others and why they reacted to me the way they did. My relationships were often rocky, especially with my teenage daughter, who had mental and physical health issues.

With Linda’s background in nursing and psychotherapy, she referred me to doctors to get accurate diagnoses and treatment for my daughter and agreed to work with her in individual and group counseling sessions with me. Through joint counseling, Linda pointed out my codependent relationship with my daughter and how I triggered her. The drama and power struggles that played out were often due to my codependent patterns of behavior of control I had learned from my childhood. Through discussion and role modeling, I learned to change my tone of voice, set and respect boundaries, and not do for my daughter what she could do for herself. I could move out and beyond codependency with a combination of Linda’s spiritual and holistic healing services. My daughter trusted Linda, responding well to her loving nurturance and guidance and growing in confidence. Linda’s love continued to shine as she accompanied my daughter to church and made herself available outside therapy sessions if needed.

In the fall of 2017, my stepmother contacted me asking for help because my dad’s mental and physical health had declined, and he was having difficulty managing the household. I hadn’t seen my father in years as my relationship with him was estranged following his remarriage to his wife, who had mental health issues. While processing The Darin Method® and Linda’s intuitive counseling, I discovered I had a childhood wound of rejection and abandonment when my dad remarried and moved away to another state.

My soul gradually was cleansed of the negative energy of hatred, unforgiveness, abandonment, and rejection as I received weekly chakra balancing and energy healings. I also took authority and started to confess and repent for my hatred, jealousy, and resentment. As I studied and learned about mental health, I saw mirrors of my dad and his wife in me, unable to regulate emotions and not cope with reality. God was molding my character and humbling me.

I cleaned out and sold my dad’s house, assisting them with managing their finances and bills, accompanying them to doctor appointments, and moving them back to New York into assisted living and nursing homes. Sometimes I complained and acted vindictive, not wanting to help, but over time, I learned to honor and serve my father without expecting anything in return. Gradually I forgave my father and had more compassion for him and his wife. I knew how powerful the weapon of forgiveness was, changing my mindset and freeing my soul of the agreements of hatred and resentment.

In 2018, my son developed a drug addiction and spiraled down quickly. I sought Linda’s guidance to assist me in getting him help for his drug addiction as she had previous traditional experience working with drug/alcohol addiction for over ten years. I met with Linda in her office and watched God move through her that day as she called addiction rehabilitation centers. The Holy Spirit guided her to a Christian teen program in Georgia. She was familiar with more traditional programs, but God had opened a door, and faith and trust in Him led me to send my son to Georgia, and that program saved my son’s life.

Linda provided my husband and me with couples counseling and educated us on addiction. My life had become robotic, and my husband and I couldn’t connect. We didn’t make headway in our counseling sessions due to the persistent hiding of the truth, and he had no interest in God.

I was at a crossroads when my son relapsed after rehab. My husband went into denial about his addiction, betraying me by lying, turning my friends and family against me, and encouraging my daughter to leave counseling. I chose to leave my husband of twenty-six years after I discovered pornography by accident on the computer. I lived in hell for many years, yet God had worked hard to pull me out.

During Covid, I switched from in-office sessions to Distance Healing Sessions via Zoom. Thankfully my therapy wasn’t interrupted. In my soul work healing sessions utilizing visualization and guided imagery, Linda helped me go deeper into my traumas that needed healing and understand the root causes. As I continued to review my childhood, The Darin Method® helped me recognize that my anxiety was rooted in lying and hiding from the trauma of being frequently shamed and criticized by my mother, who was controlling and overbearing. I hid my feelings and had difficulty speaking up and communicating effectively due to repressed fear, shame, and low self-worth. Growing up, I lost my sense of self, hiding, pretending, and trying to fit in and live up to my mother’s expectations of me.

My older brother became addicted to marijuana and was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was in high school. My family kept his addiction and illness hidden for fear of being stigmatized. I continued with the pattern of lying and hiding throughout my life, becoming more anxious.

Through Linda’s intuitive council, I learned through my trauma wound of shame that I became captive to the spirits of lying, hatred, and victimhood, which controlled my thoughts and behavior and led me to act vindictive whenever I felt shamed, criticized, or victimized. I was shocked to learn I had so much hate inside of me! I began to daily confess and repent for all the hatred in my soul and pray for my mother. Through Linda’s deliverance ministry, she exposed the dark spirits of lying, hatred, and bitterness to the light, helping me break my agreements and bondages, empowering me to speak the truth, writing my mother a letter, and meeting with her to discuss it. By talking honestly without blaming and learning from our mistakes, we both apologized to each other and asked for forgiveness.

Linda encouraged me to keep a self-care journal and had me read several books on shame. I began to self-care utilizing chakra tools such as using essential oils and scented candles, color therapy, reciting positive affirmations, taking walks in nature, and doing specific breathing and stretching exercises. Journaling my emotions helped me identify and process them, and confession and repentance helped me release them. Keeping a gratitude journal and listening to Christian music helped uplift my mood and not feel sorry for myself when dark thoughts entered my mind. I’m learning to love myself a little more each day with self-care and forgive my mother one day at a time. I know it is a process!

Through The Darin Method®, I discovered how my depression was rooted in loneliness and isolation. Through Linda’s intuitive counsel, I often surrounded myself with unhealthy people, not getting my needs met but looking for attention and focusing on other people’s problems to cope and feel loved and needed. My emotions often were in turmoil whenever I was overly attached to others and their problems.

Following my divorce, I let go of many friends that no longer served me, but during Covid, I backslid a few times when I felt lonely and isolated, reaching out to old friends to try and fill me up. Linda encouraged me to develop a more intimate relationship with God rather than placing my focus on the wrong people. I took advantage of the quiet time by reading the bible, listening to pastors on Christian television, and spending time in prayer and reading devotionals Linda sent so I could learn and get to know Him better.

In the summer of 2021, I had an opportunity for Christian Faith Healing. I began participating in a free workshop over zoom called Experiencing God, which met every Saturday morning with Linda Darin. This workshop allowed me to interact with others, discussing and learning how we each experienced God working in our lives and how we heard Him. I realized I often hear God through others. Through this workshop, I had the opportunity to observe how others walk by faith and trust and make necessary adjustments relying on God to guide them each day, even during difficult situations. I continued to show up weekly because I had hope and saw how His presence changed everyone. Participating in this workshop while doing soul work simultaneously helped me put many of the pieces together.

In 2022, my hidden alcohol addiction became exposed as I worked with Linda during sessions for trauma healing. Through Linda’s intuitive gifts, I learned the roots of my addiction were due to hidden grief from not dealing with the loss of my brother through his mental illness and tragic death over thirty years ago. I was angry, defensive, minimized, and in denial when Linda confronted me about my drinking because I didn’t want to believe I had a problem and thought I had it under control.

I was programmed from childhood to hide addiction and mental illness, and my inauthenticity made it difficult for me to trust, but Linda’s correction wasn’t shaming, and she helped me face my problem so I could choose to deal with it. Reflecting on my past, I realized how powerless I became and sometimes lost control under the influence of alcohol and hurt others. In my twenties, I binge drank and hid my grief in alcohol after my brother died. In midlife, I became more reliant on alcohol to cope after my husband and friends began making wine. Although I typically didn’t get drunk, the few glasses of alcohol I drank daily fueled my anger and affected my mood and personality.

My pattern of lying and hiding formed negative energy within my soul. Linda’s gift of deliverance removed negative energy from my body and mind. She could loosen up the entangled spirits allowing the clusters to break up and become released. I shut the door to future temptation and didn’t permit the spirit of addiction to operate in my life anymore. With the power of God, I am free!

I’m so grateful God led me to Linda Darin. With all her soul-healing techniques, it has been so transformational! The spiritual healings have allowed God to help change the direction of my life and reverse my negative patterns of behavior. At the same time, fragments of my soul are being put back together into alignment. She has helped transmute levels of negativity with discernment while nurturing, supporting, and loving me. With all her compassion, guidance, and spiritual gifts, Linda has constantly empowered me to learn and evolve. My relationships with my family have improved, and I have more clarity, self-acceptance, and confidence and can enjoy life without feeling anxious and depressed.

Linda has played many roles in my life: mentor, educator, spiritual guide, energy healer, and a positive role model. Her charisma heals while being in her presence. I am blessed to work with her, and I can’t express my gratitude for all she has done for my family and me, assisting, supporting, and loving us.