What is a Holistic Healer?

What is a holistic healer? The great Greek philosopher Socrates once said, “It’s impossible to heal the body, without healing the soul.” This age-old adage rings true in holistic healers who believe true healing is attained through holistic therapy. Holistic therapy is a widely known alternative form of healthcare that approaches individual symptoms as a […]

Dar­in Transformations Provides Shaman Healing

Linda Darin is a Shamanic Practitioner in Manhattan Darin Transformations provides numerous therapeutic and counseling services to heal your mind and body, including, but not limited to: Chakra Balancing Energy Healing Reiki Healing Dance Therapy Hypnotherapy Aromatherapy, etc. Linda Darin offers Shamanic Healing, which opens the doorway to healing on a new level – the […]

David: New Confidence in His Abilities with Attention Deficit Disorder

College Student and Attention Deficit Disorder While many students find themselves distracted with a busy college schedule, there are others who don’t realize they may be suffering from attention deficit disorder. In this message, we’ll explore David’s story and learn how seeking assistance helped him.   David, a 25 year old college student, had one […]