What is a holistic healer?

The great Greek philosopher Socrates once said, “It’s impossible to heal the body, without healing the soul.” This age-old adage rings true in holistic healers who believe true healing is attained through holistic therapy. Holistic therapy is a widely known alternative form of healthcare that approaches individual symptoms as a “whole,” examining three main tiers: mental; physical; spiritual.

The battle between “alternative versus traditional” methods of healing has been going on for quite some time. Many holistic healers believe traditional forms of medical practice offer a “Band-Aid” approach; offering limited treatments for one symptom or problem; ignoring other potential elements of the whole individual, which may be the root cause of ailments and symptoms.

The holistic healer community believes that quick and shallow prescriptions practiced by traditional methods can lead to lethal doses and patient-reliance on a mental or emotional state pacified by prescription drugs. We’ve seen the late pop-icon Prince pass away from an accidental overdose of the opioid fentanyl. Holistic therapy hopes to prevent this from ever happening.


The philosophy behind the holistic healer

The holistic healer believes the ancients were right all along. Before x-rays and pharmaceutical drugs, ancient physicians and doctors emphasized a holistic approach to health; prescribing physical, emotional and spiritual treatments.

Holistic practitioners apply the teachings from both the ancient west and the ancient east. The ideas and practices learned from ancient philosophies from those like of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who believed that all disease begins in the gut.

Hippocrates also championed the idea of how the collective should strongly support the human body’s natural ability to self-heal itself; preventing diseases through a balanced and healthy lifestyle. His famous quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” has never been more important.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a 5000-year old practice still used today, also is used by the holistic healer. In the ancient TCM philosophy, they believed and viewed the body as a universe of connected systems bound together by both the physical body and spiritual energy, also known as ‘qi.’

Key influences from India as well are practiced in holistic therapy. Take the philosophies of Ayurveda for example and the written works by Sushruta, the doctor hailed as the father of surgery. The Indian ancient doctor believed that healing consisted of the five key elements of the universe, seven prime elements of the body and three “doshas” of the biological energies.

Holistic healers use these main three influences in their practices along with a mix of traditional practices to help heal patients. You’ll find a wide range of treatments and practices like physical therapy, chakra balancing, Reiki healing, nutritional and behavioral healing and much more.


Holistic healing is a lifestyle

In essence, holistic healers offer a sustainable and healthy lifestyle alternative. In this alternative holistic care culture, the most important healer during the healing process is the unconditional love and support and self-awareness that each person has for their whole body.

Ultimately the holistic healer hopes to empower patients with knowledge in ancient teachings, alternative medicines and natural lifestyle choices in modern times; offering treatments for each special case.

Holistic healers follow these core major principles:

  • All people have natural healing powers;
  • Patients are people, they are not the disease;
  • The road to healing requires teamwork between patient and doctor, both who   agree that all mind, body and spirit are connected with health;
  • All treatments must uncover the root of the cause.


With 32.7-trillion cells in the average human body, each cell helps make the whole, forming multiple organs, bones, muscles and systems, all together forming the one human body. Holistic practitioners believe the mind and body are connected, and poor mental health can also influence overall physical health of an individual and vice versa.

People who live in high-stress lifestyles experience accelerated aging. This is one of the many examples of how the mental and emotional can influence the physical body. Balance is important. If one part of the body, whether it’s mentally or physically tilted, then the entire body must be diagnosed before prescribing treatments.


The difference between holistic healers and traditional doctors

What distinguishes traditional doctors from holistic healers? Many traditional doctors look to identify physical symptoms and quickly diagnose and find cures based on physical signals; by either prescribing pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

Holistic healers, on the other hand, offer an alternative approach that is believed to empower patients by addressing the causes of their symptoms on a multi-dimensional level; facilitating lifestyle changes that look to cure patients through multiple ways: nutrition, environmental causes, attitudinal and behavioral changes, emotional counseling, bioenergy enhancement, botanical (herbal) medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, manual medicine, biomolecular therapies, physical therapy, and even necessary surgery to just to name a few.


The unique benefits of holistic healing

What makes holistic healing unique? What are the advantages and benefits of holistic healing? Holistic therapy has proven to provide health benefits to many those who practice and use alternative medicine. Patients have reported quicker pain relief and noticeable improvement in overall health.

Patients also learn the true meaning of how to properly adopt the concept of maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle and being self-aware on how a healthy safe space and environment helps prevent illness from entering the body.

The application of natural herbs, minerals, diet, detoxification and other natural treatments used in regions of the world with less culturally-caused deaths will also help patients live a longer and vibrant life. Holistic approaches and practices have known to help patients with cancer, specifically ovarian cancer, which has proven to reduce sizes of cysts, while also on record of totally eliminating cancer itself.


The holistic healer promise

It’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind of modern day life. Everything moves so fast and it’s almost commonplace for people to lose balance along our way. Holistic healers look to restore the individual balance in every diagnosis, offering a holistic regimen for healthy living. Prevention is the best way to beat any disease and to do that we must pay attention to our mental and physical well-being and how they are connected daily.


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