Breaking the Hold of Dark Spiritual Santeria Energy

Lori’s Story: Letting Go of a False Love “Breaking the Hold of a Dark Spiritual Santeria Energy” When I first met Lori, I was struck by the contrast between the 39-year-old woman’s outward beauty and her distraught state. She had called www.lindadarin.com for an Energy Healing session. Fidgeting with her long blond hair, she complained […]

Marie Searches for Clarity in a Broken Marriage

Marie’s Story:  Clarity in a Broken Marriage due to Infidelity “Marie Searches for Clarity in a Broken Marriage using The Darin Method® and Chakra Balancing” Marie was a 35-year-old psychology student living in Spain who first visited www.holistichealingny.com for a Chakra Balancing and Healing Session. She had been unhappily married for ten years, but her […]