I was losing a sense of myself as everything changed, and many things slipped away.

I was married for over 25 years, and to many, it appeared I had the American dream; a marriage, a house, a career, and children. It was all an illusion!

I became addicted to alcohol and attempted suicide during the latter part of my marriage. My relationships with my children were negatively affected as I couldn’t connect with them. I often was rageful, taking my anger and shame out on them.

My suicidal thoughts and mental blocks were signs of demonic influence, and my bitterness, shame, and unforgiveness gave demons access to my life. I sought Linda’s Holistic Healing Services a year after my suicide attempt. My daughter joined me in counseling sessions the following year, and we both received Spiritual Healing from Trauma.

My son had developed a drug addiction, and while he was away, my husband and I received joint counseling with Linda as we learned about addiction. He later relapsed, which was the breaking point of my marriage. My husband was in complete denial of his addiction, betraying me by lying, setting me up to look crazy as I sought help for my son, turning my friends and family against me, and encouraging my daughter to leave counseling.

Since 2020, I have gone through a grieving process. Despite being the one who pursued a divorce, I tried to figure out who I was, being single and losing a sense of myself as everything changed and many things slipped away.

After my divorce, I went into shock, the first stage of grief, opening the door to despair as I blocked out most of my feelings. I knew I made the right decision but had to overcome many fears and insecurity. It was my first time living alone, as I lived with my parents before marriage. With Linda’s intuitive counsel, I discovered I was going through a simultaneous grieving process of loss, change, and absence on many levels, which often felt overwhelming.

Grief Through Loss
Following my divorce, I felt like an outcast. As I let go of many friends, I felt lonely and empty, which triggered childhood wounds of rejection and abandonment. For a time, my dark emotions made me depressed as I became attached to the thought of being alone without a tribe. My loneliness amplified my insecurity, self-doubt, and helplessness, suffocating my mental and physical health. I got depleted from not getting enough sleep, losing my desire to eat, and having difficulty concentrating. I went back and forth through the different stages of grief, often feeling angry or depressed. I became deceptive and manipulated others to feel sorry for me, which was demonic. For a time, I was captive to victim mentality and self-pity and found myself bargaining, wanting to return to my old life and being around others suffering to take my mind off my problems to fill an empty void.

Linda helped me to process my emotions during our distance counseling sessions. Through Spiritual healing, I learned that negative entities had stuck to my dark feelings and affected my thinking and mood. During weekly Energy Healing online sessions, I had to permit myself to be set free and wanted to change, as Linda couldn’t do it for me. Over time, the spirits of loneliness and fear of aloneness did not rule my life. My mindset began to change as I chose to be alone and become connected to myself.

I learned to embrace being alone through Linda’s intuitive counsel and discover myself through self-care. I read new books and immersed myself in nature’s beauty as I hiked through trails daily. I ventured independently, trying new things I always wanted to try but was afraid to do alone. Allowing myself to self-explore increased my self-awareness, boosted my creativity, and helped me to relax. Grief counseling and the Darin Method ® allowed me to express and process my emotions and reflect on the childhood patterns I needed to change.

With Linda’s Spiritual Guidance, I connected with others through the weekly Experiencing God Workshop. I learned to embrace silence as I spent days reading the bible, praying, and cultivating a relationship with God. Connecting with God rather than unhealthy people allowed me to move from loneliness to solitude and learn to enjoy spending time alone.

Grieving Through Change
Through my divorce, I let go of many belongings and learned to acclimate to living a single life in a studio apartment. At first, I felt I had lost my identity as I lost my status of being married and having a double income. Through the Darin Method ®, I learned that being alone brought up an old childhood pattern of fretting about not having enough money and having to do without by following a strict budget. As I became attached to fear, I lost self-confidence and doubted my abilities. I began to hate and isolate myself, which affected me mentally and physically. I often fluctuated between the anger and depression stages of grief as I adjusted to the change in my lifestyle. Fear and deep sorrow pulled me into anxiety and depression, affecting my immune system and causing me to have frequent viral infections.

Weekly Energy Healings with Chakra Balance helped me to release the negative spirits of inadequacy and fear. Over time, I moved out of the belief that I needed to be taken care of and could independently take care of myself. I developed self-confidence as I worked full-time, balancing a budget, saving money, and pursuing things I enjoyed doing alone. Through Christian Faith Healing, I gained a different perspective and realized my worth wasn’t defined by what I own or my marital status. Before, I was hopeless about the American dream, but now I have inner peace. I no longer need medication and am grateful for what I have instead of comparing and looking at what I don’t have.

Grieving Through Absence
Recently my ex-husband began dating someone new, and my son graduated college, moving in with him. I had been grieving the absence of my children and not having a close relationship with them for the past few years; however, these new changes stirred up jealousy in me, wanting something I didn’t have, a family unit and a support system. I was at the stage of depression with my grief, and I began to compare myself with my ex and my children. I stayed in my old neighborhood following my divorce, living in a small apartment. As I chose to do Soul Work with Linda, these recent changes made me feel like everyone except me was moving ahead with their life.

My dark emotions of jealousy had attracted negative energy that affected my reality. I developed more clarity as I did daily confession and repentance, weekly counseling, and Energy and Sound Healing. Although I’m not dating now, I realize I am changing and moving through life on a different level than my old friends, family, and ex-husband. I have accepted that many relationships are gone and surrendered inwardly to my change.

I am developing emotional and spiritual maturity as I spend time in prayer and quiet time with God, strengthening my relationship with Him. Through Linda’s Online Spiritual Healing Services, I am growing in my faith, developing more hope when all seems lost, gaining peace and stillness, and experiencing joy even when gripped with heartache. I have learned to rest when the demands of life weigh me down and feel reassured when faced with uncertainty.

As I reflect, I can see that God has been stripping away everything so I can be by myself, which is where I needed to be. Due to my history of alcohol addiction, I needed counseling, healing, and negative energy removal to deal with my grief and prevent me from relapsing.

While I was married, my life was in chaos. I had no connection to myself and drank with friends to cope with life. Today, the theatre is gone, and there is no more show. The confusion disappeared, and I am now in the absence of misery. I am beginning to put the pieces of my life back together, letting go of what once was, processing my emotions daily, and moving forward as I embrace change.

It takes a lot to go through grief. My worries heightened as making decisions independently and connecting with new people were daunting. Still, I moved through my darkness to the light, my soul grew, my hopelessness disappeared, and I learned many lessons. I discovered the light in my loss as I felt relief and joy and embraced God’s love.

The heart of God is to love and heal, and He used Linda Darin.
Thank you!