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Energy Release Online Sessions

Remote Energy Healing | Online Spiritual Healing


Join live energy healing sessions online with Linda Darin as she guides you in visualization, emotional energy release, and breathing to reconnect you to divine energy. As you experience a healing connection with the divine, your mind and body are filled with pure love and light.

Your Energy Healing Online Session Includes Everything for Clearing, Balancing and Renewing Your Soul:

  • Prayer
  • Balancing each chakra
  • Violet Flame of Transformation and Transmutation
  • Sound Healing
  • Breathing
  • Release Negative Emotions that are holding you in Bondage
  • Decrease Anxiety and Depression
  • Reconnect to your Divine Healer


Violet Flame of Transformation and Transmutation expands the heart, opens consciousness by removing dark emotions and thoughts forms, and allows higher intellect, intuition, inspiration, and illumination. Working with a virtual energy healer brings hope and miracles!


$9.95 For 10 Minutes

Every Tuesday at 9PM EST and
Thursday at 7AM EST


Please join at least 5 minutes early so that you and everyone can be relaxed and ready for the session – it is much appreciated – thank you!


How to Schedule your Energy Healing Online with Linda Darin

1. Scroll down below “Register Now!” and select either Tuesday’s or Thursday’s Emotional Energy Release.


2. Once the day is selected, scroll to view the calendar, and click on a date highlighted in blue for your Emotional Energy Release.


3. Once the date is selected, scroll to view the time option highlighted in blue, and click on the button.


4. Next click on the blue Confirm button.


5. Enter your personal details as indicated, scroll down to the bottom of this window, and select the yellow PayPal button (this is found above the testimonials).


6. A pop-up window will appear to log into your PayPal account and confirm payment. Once confirmed, the pop-up window will disappear.


7. Scroll down and click on the blue Schedule Event button to confirm your session.


8. An email will immediately appear in your inbox with the log in links to your energy healing service.

-Linda, Thank you for last night’s Release, it felt good letting go of deep negative energy like shame, guilt and unworthiness. Also my friend who is in the hospital enjoyed it very much. Thank you and may God keep blessing you. XO

-Greetings Ms. Linda Darin- I’d like to say Thank you again for allowing me to take part in your spiritual/healing session on tonight. I appreciate it much. As always, Blessings, Love and Prayers to you! Best regards, Cecelia

-Linda!!! I finally made it to my first energy release session, and I feel so blessed and optimistic!!! My faith in Christ Jesus is so much more stronger than it was even seconds before the call. Wow! As you know, I’ve struggled for several weeks with trying to make the call, on at least 3-4 different occasions, and missed each appointment. By the Grace of God, I kept the faith that I would one day make it to the call in time.. That day was today, I prayed up unto the very second before the call that God would allow me to get sign on.  And He did. Amen! I know that the cross is heavy when you work for God’s kingdom, but Linda, you tote it with love, empathy, style and I grace.  For that, may God bless you more and more abundantly as he continues to use you for His will and glory! Amen and Amen!!

-Hello Linda, I just finished your ten minute session and it was amazing. I would like to schedule a consultation with you next week if possible.

-What a beautiful release this morning, Linda! Thank you for guiding this connection to God with words that speak directly to my heart ❤ Love, Becky

-Healing was very helpful in stopping the nervous chatter in my head. And I felt my body tingling like a vibration running throughout. Afterwards I fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. Thank you! Vivian

-I was not sure what to expect when I signed up, but I was pleasantly surprised. The 10 minutes of your healing made a huge difference for me. For one, I didn’t want to have drinks before bed. Secondly, I experienced a calmness in my mind and spirit that allowed me to sleep the whole night. Consequently, I would join you again next week!

-Thank you!!! What a great experience and I felt all warm and tingling in my body. Looking forward to another session! Grace

-Thank you for helping me get through this very stressful time. After your session, I was left with peacefulness and gratitude for your healing and comforting words, blessings and protection. I appreciate your energy. R

-Thank you for hosting such a serene session. This time I was ready and put lavender oil on my heart center and remained open for the healing. I did not want to get out of the bed afterwards, I was so relaxed. V.R.

-I wanted to acknowledge the healing from the other night that was calming and peaceful. Your healing provides a release and comfort. V.R.

-Tuesday evening’s healing was powerful!!! It felt like our time expanded to 30 minutes even though it was only 10 minutes. You are able to focus on the specific emotions and experiences that need to be moved through us in a magical way. Thank you!!! B

-After our healing session last evening, I woke up with an answer to my question that I asked God last evening! Thank you for holding space. K

-Thank You Linda for your Passion and Dedication. Warmly – Ellynne Skove

-Linda, Your 1st energy healing of 2021 was a great experience. I felt a big release of emotions while you spoke and during the sound healing I felt a vibration throughout my body. By the end of the session my soul was very peaceful. Thank you for offering this wonderful experience. With appreciation and gratitude. Rivera

-Tuesday evenings’ energy healing was very restorative for me. My intention was asking for rest and rejuvenation, and I came out of our 10 minutes feeling like I awoke from several hours of sleep. My cat joined us as soon as you opened the session, and warmed my lap for the duration and beyond in his own cat nap! Thank you, Linda, for providing this online connection that is so powerful to change our state of being! — Papp

-It was a very personal and powerful healing for me. I was light as a feather and slept so soundly. Thank you so much, Linda!!

-Your prayer was very beautiful and the healing was very special for me. I came to the healing with an ear ache and by the end of the healing my ear stopped throbbing. I remained in bed and drifted off and slept the whole night. Thank you for the healing.