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Exposing My Hidden Alcohol Addiction Allowed God to Heal Me

Exposing My Hidden Alcohol Addiction Allowed God to Heal Me Only With the Power of God Could My Bondage to Alcohol Break I have worked with Linda, my energy medicine practitioner, for over five years in her office and virtual sessions, healing from childhood trauma. Still, as my process unfolded, my hidden alcohol addiction became […]

Born Into Mental Illness to Finding My Inner Light

Born Into Mental Illness Allowed Me To Find My Inner Light! The Darin Method ® Birth to Five Years Old I chose to work with Linda because I had tried traditional therapy, but that didn’t help lessen my anxiety. I was looking for a more holistic approach that would get to the core of the […]

3 Most Important Reasons That Make Spiritual Healing So Important

If you are suffering from anxiety, fear, grief, trauma, emotional or physical disease, addiction or any other problem, the answer lies in spiritual healing. It could be the perfect solution to your problems. Intuitive counselor and spiritual healer, Linda Darin shares reasons that make spiritual healing so important.   RELEASING EVIL SPIRITS Deliverance is a […]