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3 Most Important Reasons That Make Spiritual Healing So Important

If you are suffering from anxiety, fear, grief, trauma, emotional or physical disease, addiction or any other problem, the answer lies in spiritual healing. It could be the perfect solution to your problems. Intuitive counselor and spiritual healer, Linda Darin shares reasons that make spiritual healing so important.


Deliverance is a ministry of the release of evil spirits. Some examples of the root cause of the bondage to these evil spirits are: emotional, physical disease, mental illness, trauma, addiction, curse of a parent, unwilling to change negative behavior, abandonment, abuse and betrayal. Sometimes the nature of the individual is obvious in the behavior of the person, such as pride, fear, anger, lust and the occult. Deliverance depends on a high degree of discernment and the client determination.


The spiritual healing session is a blend of natural and supernatural elements. Prayer for inner healing, council, repentance and forgiveness are all included. With God’s healing, the strength and the power at these sessions, clients receive complete resolution to their problems.


Spiritual healing helps to heal the genetic coding in the cells of the body. This deals with DNA issues that have been passed down from the family lineage. Gifted spiritual healer, Linda Darin has developed The Darin Method® of healing and transformation. This involves exploring patterns, belief systems, the root of the problem and the mental and physical symptoms. Then the spiritual healing takes place. Some examples of DNA/Family issues are; physical illness, mental illness, religious beliefs, sexuality issues, body image, money issues, martyr syndrome , vows that need to be released.


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