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Holistic Anxiety Healing Can Help Your Healing Process

If you need holistic healing for anxiety Linda Darin can help. Have you ever felt the butterflies in your stomach before a big performance or speech or test? That’s anxiety. Put simply, anxiety is fear. Anxiety is normal.  It is normal to feel scared before a big event.  Anxiety can show up as a variety […]


Free From Chronic Anxiety Christen, 32, called Holistic Healing complaining of chronic anxiety. She had been to several therapists before, but was still having symptoms of sweating, pounding heart, abdominal distress and chills. Christen had tried several medications in the past several years as well, but had no relief. Her desire was to feel calm […]

Energy Healing: What Is It and How Can I Benefit from It?

Energy Healing: What Is It and How Can I Benefit from It? Have you ever touched one part of your body and felt a sensation in another? The body is incredibly resourceful. Its nerves, blood vessels, and many other aspects interconnect and work together to function properly. There are life forces, energy, within our body […]