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Free From Chronic Anxiety

Christen, 32, called Holistic Healing complaining of chronic anxiety. She had been to several therapists before, but was still having symptoms of sweating, pounding heart, abdominal distress and chills. Christen had tried several medications in the past several years as well, but had no relief. Her desire was to feel calm and relaxed. She loves her work as a musician and does very well traveling to different countries singing and playing the piano. However, as with many, the anxiety presents itself only when she is with her partner and friends.

So we decided to explore The Darin Method to help her deal with chronic anxiety:

Chronic Anxiety
When Christen and I first began to talk, my intuition noticed a pattern almost immediately. She explained to me a constant feeling to fix, rescue, and save her partners and friends from their own troubles. I explained to Christen that she was experiencing the Drama Triangle a pattern of victim-rescuer-persecutor, which left her feeling exhausted. She believed that others simply could not solve their own problems; and she needed to be there to guide them at all times. However, Christen felt she could not rely on anyone. This belief caused Christen’s partner and her friends to feel resentful. They wanted to help her, as she helped them, but Christen could not be helped. Her partner and friends experienced frustration.

As I listened to her story, I learned that she felt helpless and this originated from the fact that her parents were holocaust survivors. The inherited traumas of her parent’s survival programed Christen to need to take care of others emotionally. I began to guide Christen to connect with her feelings of guilt and abandonment and confront her chronic anxiety. As she was expressing these emotions she began to cry and we continued to discuss her childhood years.

Christen learned to isolate herself and hide as a child. Eventually, when she did blossom she felt inclined to take care of other family members. She desperately wanted them to be happy. Christen explored her abandonment issues that were the root of this pattern. She worried that if she did not take care of others they would leave her. Fear and shame of the issues caused her chronic anxiety.

Once Christen acknowledged her patterns, beliefs, and emotions, which caused physical and emotional pain, she was ready to explore healing.

I used color, light, and sound to release her bondage of guilt, abandonment, fear, and shame. I used chakra balancing to open emotional blocks in her body and with energy healing I aligned the body systems.

Christen has returned for several healing sessions to continue to transform herself and to help adjust patterns and behaviors. Most importantly, she is learning to release emotions out of the body system. Christen is more empowered and self- confident to receive help from others. She uses tools such as journaling her feelings daily, breathing techniques and she uses aromatherapy oils such as lavender and rose for calming.

Christen’s story is relatable to many dealing with chronic anxiety. The path will always be different, but the methods stand true. If you or someone you love can relate to Christen’s story feel free to contact me, Linda Darin. No one should have to struggle with chronic anxiety alone.




If you are suffering due to chronic anxiety, you don’t have to go through this alone.  Call Linda Darin to help you just as she helped Christen.  The Darin Method is a wonderful source of self-empowerment and will help you live a happy and balanced life.  Contact Linda Darin today.
– Linda Darin