Becky and David– Help for Addiction and Codependency

ADDICTION/POWERLESSNESS Becky is a forty-year old pharmacist, married to an entrepreneur. The terror in her voice was clear when she called www.holistichealingny.com to request an immediate appointment. She arrived in my office exhausted, nervous and crying. She explained that after eight years of marriage, her husband had found out that she was having an affair. […]

Stress Management Counseling in NYC

Stress Management Counseling in NYC Stress Management Counseling in NYC is essential. Usually stress is a warning to our body and mind that it needs to fight or run. Stress affects almost every organ of our body. It affects our brain, adrenals, liver and thyroid releasing many chemicals in the body. These chemicals can lower […]

Holistic Healing for Anxiety and Depression

For people dealing with Anxiety and Depression, it may feel like they will never get out of the suffering and mental anguish. This in itself is an unfortunate symptom of anxiety and depression. What we find is that there is still a negative stigma associated with anxiety and depression.  Many get frustrated because traditional medicine will […]