I was a perfectionist and workaholic who didn’t realize how fake she was. At the beginning of the COVID pandemic in March 2020, I over committed myself to work, became stressed, weak, tired, and got COVID. I’m grateful God led me to Linda Darin before the pandemic. She helped me through a very dark season of my life.


I work in human resources at a hospital in NYC. When the COVID pandemic hit we were under tremendous pressure to hire, train, and reassign staff to help with the crisis. I didn’t know how to handle everything going on.


However, there was an overwhelming need inside of me to work – it became a compulsion. I worked nights and weekends, and didn’t take care of myself. I ignored my pain, cough, and extreme exhaustion. I thought to myself, “I’m just stressed, and I need to get my work done because no one can do it better than me!


Working through my virtual sessions with Linda during spiritual healing, I realized I lied to myself about helping others. It was all about me, and I wanted the praise for doing a good job, no matter the cost. I was pretending to be the ultimate professional who could keep it together under a crisis. I leaned into my ability instead of trusting God.


When I tested positive for COVID, I was only 39 years old, but felt like an old, sick woman. I also lost my sense of smell and taste. I was frail and weak with exhaustion that I can barely explain. I recall lying in bed and being too tired to go to the bathroom—to the point that I contemplated urinating in the bed.


I felt winded and sore all over like I ran for three days straight. I felt each bone and muscle in my chest as I coughed. I had to sleep upright with pillows to ease the cough. I barely ate and took no breaks at work. I was taskmaster extraordinaire on the outside, yet a walking zombie who couldn’t admit to herself or anyone that she was sick and suffering.


My emotions were full of grief and sorrow. My physical and mental health were heading downward as I kept a cover of composure to everyone—including myself. My physician had no prescription for me but to rest and drink Gatorade. I felt hopeless, helpless, and powerless.


In my virtual healing sessions Linda and I were working on Chakra Balancing, specifically on the Throat Chakra. I remember I canceled a session because there was so much going on. My compulsion to identify with work consumed me. I did not want to process my emotions.


Linda reached out to me with her compassionate heart, and I may not have recognized it then, but it was a lifeline for me!!! We then continued our virtual healing work together each week. The online Sound Healing work helped rebalance me and provided a safe and soothing place for me to be.


When more morgue trucks arrived at the hospital, my emotions became intense and I felt anxious and depressed. Knowing that there were so many dead bodies in the trucks was beyond my capacity to feel. The reality of, “if I don’t get better, COVID could be on my death certificate,” hit me.


What added to my anxiety were my colleagues that had COVID were back to their everyday health, and I was not. One night in bed, I became filled with dark emotions and began to cry and felt myself becoming more depressed. I wrote my feelings in the Notes app on my phone. In the end, I wrote to God asking if this was my time and that I was not ready to leave. My connection to God became stronger and stronger.


I was in a dark place, and it was not me that typed, “I’m not prepared to go,” but God showed me his compassion through my fingers as I typed in my phone. He was with me all along, and I felt such love, encouragement, and relief. I realized I was suddenly experiencing all the emotions I pushed away and that I needed an outlet. And my outlet was Linda!


During our virtual healing sessions, she sat with me as I processed my feelings. She opened a space for me to be me. Linda’s approach to be flexible with my needs made her so special to my healing journey. Our online sessions were unscripted, full of love, care, and body-mind healing.


As the year went on, my virtual healing work with Linda continued, and I cared for myself more. I took breaks at work, walked during lunch, and left work on time. I began regular doctor visits to keep my health on track, and with her nursing background, Linda guided me.


As we went deeper into the Charka Healings, I started to understand the connection between the attachments and illusions of my work and personal identity. And each session, coupled with healing sound frequencies, allowed me to recognize and release these negative energies. I became more open to being non-perfect and accepting my imperfections. In addition, I stopped being a workaholic.


In Fall 2020, I became sick again, but this time I took care of myself and took sick days, rested, and visited the doctor right away. I got better after a few days, yet I know something was still off with my body. Linda guided me to a holistic doctor. I also saw additional doctors, which lead me to a Celiac Disease diagnosis.


I remember the week before my endoscopy, and I was full of fear of the unknown. In my virtual healing session with Linda, she was able to help me release the negative emotion of fear through Charka Balancing. Today I find living with Celiac as a part of my life instead of fearing it. Thank you, Linda!


As the new year of 2021 began, I was looking for a new beginning. And my spiritual healing work with Linda progressively led to The Darin Method®. As I walked through my birth to five-story, I became resistant to the process because I did not want to dig deep. Linda encouraged me to keep going and identify patterns and beliefs during this time.


The Darin Method® has allowed me to understand myself more, how I have pretended in my life and why. I realize it’s not one process on my healing journey, but it’s the heart-felt God-centered guide in Linda helping me along the way. I learned that there are still patterns and beliefs in my present life from my first five years of life. I found that to be remarkable!


Looking back on this time frame, Linda and I worked on the Throat Chakra through online healing sessions for three months, which was impactful. The Chakra Balancing helped me through all my low vibrational frequencies. Linda provided me with tools that I used in the mornings before work. Things like taking a few minutes to help myself were new for me.


I’ve since realized I was trying to self-direct my destiny instead of trusting in God. It was all God’s work that unraveled this year. I got sick with COVID until the present. I needed that time to heal myself physically, spiritually, and mentally. I needed to find my voice. I needed Sound Healing each week to release all the negative energy holding me back from my soul.


I’ve gained a gentleness for myself and found a work-life balance. I focus on connecting with people instead of work tasks. I enjoy my job even more since I’ve shifted my thought patterns, began a journey of self-love, and make time to spend with God daily.


Although the year has been challenging, I wouldn’t change the dark season I’ve been through. I’ve learned so much about myself, and Linda has been the spiritual guide and mentor in my healing journey. I have learned that in the deepest pain God is with me and the most incredible healings take place. God receives the glory! Thank you, Linda Darin, for being part of this tremendous Spiritual healing 2020-2021.