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Exposing My Hidden Alcohol Addiction Allowed God to Heal Me

Exposing My Hidden Alcohol Addiction Allowed God to Heal Me Only With the Power of God Could My Bondage to Alcohol Break I have worked with Linda, my energy medicine practitioner, for over five years in her office and virtual sessions, healing from childhood trauma. Still, as my process unfolded, my hidden alcohol addiction became […]

What You Need To Know About Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing? Those unfamiliar with the practice may not fully appreciate its many benefits. An energy healing session can help you cope with emotional and physical trauma on your journey to well-being. To start, learn what you need to know about energy healing and consider whether the Darin Method® is right for you. […]

5 Helpful Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

While we cannot always escape situations that induce anxiety, we can acknowledge and cope with those feelings. Physical and mental health are inextricably linked; our bodies and immune systems react in kind when we feel stressed out. Linda Darin created the Darin Method® with holistic healing principles in mind. When those negative feelings creep in, […]