11 Incredible Benefits of Chakra Balancing

Have you been facing physical and emotional instability? Are you feeling disconnected and out of touch with self and others? The reason could be blocked or unbalanced Chakras. Chakras (meaning “wheel” or “disk”) are vital energy centers located along our spine. These Chakras connect our mind-body-spirit. They are the core inner programs that direct our […]

Energy Healing, Helping People, Helping the World

Energy Healing, Helping People, Helping the World Many people wish there was a way to ease their physical and emotional pain without medication, and others desire to make a difference in the world but feel helpless. Energy Healing can be the answer to both of these desires.  Life Force energy is present in every living and […]

Marie’s Story: Grief from Divorce and Zoloft Free

Marie’s Story: Grief from Divorce and Zoloft Free Thirty nine year old Marie, a psychotherapist was married for 15 years and decided to seek help during her separation. She was hospitalized for a week with depression (her first hospitalization) and was discharged on 200mg of Zoloft. Since the hospital visit, she called Linda Darin to […]

Lisa Finds Hope for Relationships with Men with Energy Healing

Message from Linda Darin  Relationship Advice: Lisa’s Story “Lisa Finds Hope for Relationships With Men with Energy Healing”                 Lisa, a very attractive 40 year old actress, was clearly distraught from the first moment she entered my office. Crying, she explained that despite her deep desire for connection, she had not been able to date […]

David: New Confidence in His Abilities with Attention Deficit Disorder

A Message from Linda Darin While many students find themselves distracted with a busy college schedule, there are others who don’t realize they may be suffering from attention deficit disorder. In this message, we’ll explore David’s story and learn how seeking assistance helped him. David, a 25 year old college student, had one more class […]