World Travels – Bali

Linda Darin World Travels – Bali – 2007

These are photos from a cross-cultural journey to Bali where Linda experienced the beauty, religion, healing practices, spirituality, and community from a hands-on perspective. She spent time with village elders learning the Banjar system, temple system, and even learning about the subak irrigation system.

She also had the opportunity to spend time with Balinese healers, learn about traditions of sacred mask making, dance, and gamelan, as well as enjoy special dance performances – the Kecak and Peliatan Legong.

Linda also visited a sacred mountain and temples, as well as the homes and studios of Balinese craftsman and learned about the spiritual significance related to their rituals, health, crafts, and everyday lives.

Linda Darin – World Travels – Bali

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As I assisted clients with Energy Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Chakra Healing, and Education, I welcomed the opportunity to fully express my spiritual gifts, supported by the wisdom and experience I gained through my Eastern and Western Training. Light and darkness, love and fear are the ruling spirits of our lives.


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