Suppose you’ve ever gone to a massage therapist, a yoga teacher, or another kind of physical therapy professional for help with pain or stress relief. In that case, you’re probably familiar with the term “energy healing.” What is that, exactly? The easiest way to describe energy healing is a holistic approach to health care that involves using your energy to heal yourself. This type of healing allows the practitioner to access their deep meditative state, making it easier to receive intuitive information about a client’s health situation. Here’s what else you should know about intuitive energy healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing Has Different Benefits Than Other Types of Energy Healing

Intuitive energy healing treats injuries and chronic pain, and practitioners often feel it’s more effective than other energy healing. This type of healing allows you to break through psychological, emotional, and energetic blocks to heal and integrate your system on every level.

Knowing where to begin can be difficult if you’re new to energy healing. Intuitive energy healing is unique in that it’s about helping you remove the root cause of barriers that prevent you from thriving as a human being.

What To Expect During an Intuitive Energy Healing Session

An intuitive healer’s goal is to put you back in control of your own body, mind, and spirit through an active role in your therapy. An intuitive healer would never say they can cure anything, but what they can do is guide you to better health. Even if they’re not actively touching your body, they can put the pieces together spiritually, emotionally, and physically while advising you during difficult periods.

During your intuitive healing session, your intuitive healer may ask you to relax and focus on your breathing. As the session progresses, you may experience some physical sensations—such as chills or feeling as though you’re floating—or feelings of emotional release, such as extreme relaxation. Since everyone’s body reacts in its way, it’s best not to assume what sensations your body will have during a session.

Intuitive healers do their best to heal your body and help you get in touch with your spirit and feel more at peace with yourself, enhancing your health and vitality and strengthening your resilience to illness. In general, intuitive energy healing will bring your life into greater harmony.

Energy is medicine, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or travel far to find an intuitive healer. Linda Darin is an intuitive healer who has guided many people to live healthier lives. The benefits of regular sessions will make each visit even more worthwhile.