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What You Need To Know About Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Those unfamiliar with the practice may not fully appreciate its many benefits. An energy healing session can help you cope with emotional and physical trauma on your journey to well-being. To start, learn what you need to know about energy healing and consider whether the Darin Method® is right for you.

An Ancient Practice

Reiki healing is a Japanese practice dating back to the early 20th century, but healers have worked with the body’s energy for thousands of years. Chakras are in sacred texts in India around 1500 BC. Humans have known for millennia that energy flow throughout the body is crucial to overall health.

Based in Science

Atoms and molecules are the building blocks of the universe. They surround us, vibrating at different frequencies depending on the environment. A person with “good vibes” has an energetic yet relaxed outlook on life, and their energy field will vibrate at a higher level.

Have you ever walked into a place where somebody just fought? The molecule vibrations may unsettle the air and give you an unpleasant feeling.

Takes Many Forms

Not all energy healing services are the same. Some healers utilize Reiki healing, while others prefer a hands-on approach. If you see a healer in person, they may recommend acupuncture or touch therapy. All healing comes from the divine source.

However, energy healers like Linda Darin work virtually—they can help you align your chakras and release negative energy from home. The Darin Method uses the power of divine love to reroute destructive paths and remove negative vibrations through virtual sessions.

No Negative Side Effects

Energy healing can benefit anyone. It is painless and aims to release blockages that cause you physical or emotional distress. The process may bring negative emotions like anger or sadness to the surface, but your energy healer will help you acknowledge and release them.

After an energy healing session, many people report a feeling of lightness and tranquility in the body. The mind makes extra space for new and positive thoughts once the negativity is released.

Is energy healing right for you? If you feel stagnant or stuck in life, you may have negative emotions preventing your vibrational frequency from reaching its potential. Release those harmful feelings with the assistance of an energy healer. The goal of the Darin Method® is to help people realize their potential through the energy of divine love. So, what do you need to know about energy healing? It is a safe, holistic way of releasing any negativity that gets in your way.