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The Energy of Money as a Holistic Approach to Healing

Elena, a 29-year-old from the Midwest, had a top-paying job as a Designer in New York City but lived paycheck to paycheck. Each promotion and salary bump led to more spending. She saw what friends and colleagues had and wanted that for herself. She worked hard and believed she deserved it! A luxury apartment rental, new clothes & accessories, beauty treatments, dining out, entertainment, and vacations filled her credit cards to the limit. Eighty-five thousand dollars in debt addicted to spending, Elena didn’t know how to stop. She tried to budget before, but it didn’t change her spending habits; it made her feel guilty and ashamed.

Linda Darin had guided Elena through grief when her mother passed away from breast cancer. She recalled Linda’s Virtual Holistic Healing Services included healing emotions, patterns, and beliefs about money and reached out for help.

Linda began The Darin Method® with Elena’s autobiography of her experiences with money, and she shared the story of her family’s poverty when she was a young girl. Even though her parents never talked openly about money, Elena felt the stress and panic of trying to make ends meet. Elena was embarrassed by the economic disparity between herself and her well-to-do classmates in school, which brought feelings of envy and shame. The roots of Elena’s belief that more money would make her feel safe and worthy of belonging by buying the next best thing began in her childhood and directed her behavior patterns toward money today. Elena was in denial of her actual financial circumstances, pretending she had money because of her high salary and spending more than she had, and blaming her parents for not teaching her how to handle her money.

Elena met with Linda online in weekly sessions to go beyond awareness of her out-of-control spending issues and find healing. Through Chakra Balancing and Energy Healings, Linda transmuted all negative energies. She delivered Elena from bondage to the negative emotions of anxiety, fear, greed, jealousy, shame, and guilt she held in her soul about money. As Elena embraced the healing power of her creator in these healings, she began to forgive herself for her past decisions, stop blaming her friends for encouraging her to spend, and forgive her parents for not teaching her about money. In addition, Linda guided Elena to find a financial advisor to set up an accurate budget and create a plan to eliminate her debt.

Linda’s healing, support, and love guided Elena to find the strength and clarity to become more mature, accountable, and responsible with her money. She developed new patterns of budgeting and saving and now has a small emergency fund, minimized her living expenses, and paid off 35,000 dollars! As a result, Elena has hope for a new life free from the crushing debt her bondage to the feelings of fear and inadequacy had created. Elena is content for the first time, living simply, full of gratitude to God for each day’s blessings, volunteering in her community, and having the gift of self-control with money.