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Stress Management with Holistic Energy Healing

Stress Management with Holistic Energy Healing

Stress Management Counseling in NYCStress management guidance is essential. Usually stress is a warning to our body and mind that it needs to fight or run. Stress affects almost every organ of our body. It affects our brain, adrenals, liver and thyroid releasing many chemicals in the body. These chemicals can lower our immune system; promote mood swings, increase digestive problems, heart and breathing problems, cause memory loss, hair loss, sleeping too much or sleeping too little, worry, sweating, fatigue, eating too much and lower sex drive.

Linda Darin provides stress management guidance and healing which helps you slow down the body from fight or flight to calm and peace. We use our proprietary approach called The Darin Method® to identify the patterns, belief systems and emotional chaos that is keeping your body in stress. We help to calm, balance and harmonize you with a combination of different healing modalities such as Reiki, chakra balancing, energy healing, and color-light-sound healing.

Linda Darin provides you with tools that help bring your body and mind to a calm and peaceful state to effectively manage stress.

Some of the tools we explore, educate and practice with you include:


2-Breathing Techniques

3-Journaling and Gratitude Journaling

4- Sacred Rituals

5-Writing our Emotions Daily

6-Teaching tools for Self Mastery – discovering the self

7-Toning and Sound

8-Anchoring positive affirmations into your DNA by tap


10-Aromatherapy Oils



13-Power of Prayer

14-Learning to Balance Your Life

15-Learning to care for the self and the 4 body systems-emotional, physical, thought form, spiritual

16-Learning to Love the Self and Developing Your Intuition

17-Learning what gives you pleasure, comfort and what feels good to you


What To Do Now If You Are Ready For Stress Management Guidance

Are you ready to finally release your chronic and unhealthy stress? Are you ready to live the happy, stress free life you’ve dreamed of? It is not easy to change this lifestyle without guidance! If you are ready to try a new, comprehensive approach that gets to the underlying and root causes combined with highly effective tools that actually work and work for the long term, then call me now at (914) 500-3712 or contact me using this form. I personally take your call, respond to voice mails and answer all forms. Your question or request for appointment is always confidential.


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