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How Spiritual Healing Helped Guide Me Through the Covid Pandemic

2020 will be a year to remember! It was a year God brought me clarity, strength, and closer to him as I navigated through the many trials and tribulations of my life and the unexpected changes that took place with the pandemic. I learned how to adapt, step out of my comfort zone, let go of fear, and trust him to meet my needs on His time and in His way.


I was in the beginning stages of a divorce when Covid 19 hit, learning how to become completely independent after being married for over 25 years. I was in the process of leaping in a new direction, not knowing where I was going but having the courage to move forward towards a fresh new start in life. Planning for my divorce kept me busy, although each day brought a flood of emotions that I needed to process and work through.


Journaling my feelings and weekly energy healings sessions online with Linda Darin helped me pinpoint and release many negative emotions such as fear, anger, and sadness so they wouldn’t build up and stay stuck in my body to develop anxiety and depression. When Covid hit, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that God would get me through.


I focused on working through my divorce and keeping my eyes on God. I had developed a vision board that included many prayers, words of encouragement, pictures of a new home, and ways to budget and stay fiscally responsible. I would look at my vision board daily to remind myself that I didn’t need to stay stuck and had the tools to move forward. I would write out goals weekly on what I needed to do and cross off what I had accomplished.


We all were learning to adapt to a new way of life as businesses began shutting down and essential household goods like toilet paper and food were in short supply. So many people I knew were going into a panic, but I was able to stay grounded. I kept a gratitude journal. I began doing the weekly virtual sessions with Linda via Skype since her office closed. She also started offering healing sessions via Zoom instead of in her office.


Although I had to learn new computer skills and change my way of doing things, my faith in God got me through. I had a choice to complain about something I had no control over or to take care of what was in the realm of my control. There was no time to feel sorry for me or to be a victim. I chose to keep a positive attitude to guard my mind. I put my efforts in the process and not the outcome, which helped me to let go of anxious uncertainty that was all about not being sure of what I should be doing.


Through our virtual online healing sessions Linda Darin encouraged God to be the focus and my relationship to Him the focal point. What kept me grounded was staying in the Word of God and praying every day. I would memorize bible passages and recite them throughout the day to keep my mind focused on God and not my circumstances. I was learning to trust Him that He would meet my needs in His time and His way.


Although I wasn’t able to attend church physically anymore, my church offered weekly group phone prayers and sermons online so we could still be connected. In addition to my church, Linda began reaching out to our women’s group daily and sending us emails that included spiritual readings and bible chapters to read.


The more I read the bible and saw what was going on in the world, and I could hear God speaking to me and feeling His presence. He showed me how I would be going through difficult situations but that He would always be with me, and I would come out stronger because I could always draw on His strength.


Connecting the spiritual aspect with Linda’s work has been so powerful for me in keeping me focused and balanced and not getting sucked into fear, anxiety, and depression. It has helped me realize that God is in complete control of everything and that I can come to Him with my requests when I need help.

“Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24.


The lockdown brought both challenges and blessings. I was grateful that I had extra time to clean out my house and pack. As I sorted through all the belongings, many memories would flash back. There were days I would cry, and days I would laugh. Each day I worked out my emotions, especially the sadness I felt, for leaving the only house I lived in since I got married. Some days were filled with more tension than others because I was still living under the same roof with my husband at the time, but we were able to manage.


I could see how God was working in my life as all unfolded according to His plan. Within five months of the Covid outbreak, I had sold my house, moved into a new apartment, and began embarking on a new journey—what a miracle! I was gaining courage and persevering because I was able to seek God when I needed Him, ask Him questions, talk to Him and let Him know how I was feeling. “We can cry out to God, confident that he hears our prayers and will respond in love”. Psalm 17:6-7. My faith was growing as I began to trust him more.


Another challenge I had during the pandemic was not seeing my dad for many months because he and his wife lived in assisted living. Some restrictions prevented me from going into the facility. Both he and his wife were declining mentally and physically due to the isolation, which was weighing heavily on my mind. I wasn’t sure what to do. I also processed all of this with Linda Darin during our online healing sessions.


I felt the Holy Spirit guide me to move them into another facility closer to me with fewer restrictions. My stepmother was also very ill due to worsening kidney failure, and I had to assist her throughout the year to many of her doctor appointments. My dad’s wife never believed in God and, for many years, would not even let you speak His name. This year, things changed. I would play Christian music in my car when we would travel back and forth to her doctor appointments, and I would tell her how God was working in my life. I kept praying to God that one day she would be saved.


This February, during one of my visits to her, she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior while she was in the hospital. Despite all that had been going on, God was hearing my prayers and still working. Now my dad and his wife are thriving in their new facility, and my stepmother is receiving dialysis several times a week, which is helping her feel more substantial.


Although the pandemic had brought things to a halt at times throughout the year, I can see how I benefitted from the lockdown. I had weekly online spiritual healing sessions with Linda and energy healings, chakra balancing, and sound healings. These weekly virtual healings brought such clarity to my mind and body, and spirit. First, it allowed me extra time to process my emotions as I recalled many memories while packing up my house to sell it and during my move.


Once on my own, I took advantage of the lockdown and began to work on my personal development, mental health, and closer relationship with God. The extra time on my hands allowed me to dig deeper into my emotional healing using The Darin Method® to help heal the wounds from my past.


I began to understand better what patterns and beliefs I needed to let go of that no longer served me and forgive those who have hurt me. This process of looking within hasn’t been easy, but with Linda’s guidance, mentorship, and online spiritual healing sessions, I am learning to love my whole self, both the good and the bad. Linda has been a vessel that God uses, and she keeps me focused on Him and that relationship.


I am so grateful that Linda has been my mentor and guide this past year. She has helped me tremendously become more accountable and responsible and not staying stuck in old patterns of victimhood and codependency. Throughout this journey, I have learned to become more patient, gentle with myself, not beat myself up for all my past mistakes, persevere, never give up hope, and lean on God during difficult times to get me through.


I have overcome the mindset that I need to be taken care of, and I managed to sell my house, move my dad into a new facility and get my divorce finalized all in less than a year during the pandemic. I am in a much better place emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually and I couldn’t have done it without Linda’s support and guidance and the help of the Lord.


Jesus said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and trust in me”. John 14:1