Linda Darin and Linda Alario


Alario: “But, I think we’re live now, so I just wanted to introduce you… I’m Linda Alario and I’m here with Linda Darin, and Linda Darin is a nurse and an energy healer and I am so thankful that you said yes. I stumbled upon your website. I was just searching stuff on my doctor work and your name popped up, so I was like ‘ooh,’ you know, like, ‘who is this?’ So, I’m so thankful that you said yes to an interview, and why don’t we get started and you share a little about yourself and how you got into the field of nursing and energy healing.”


Darin: “Sure, thank you for inviting me. So, very young on, I would see energy—very young on, I would see energy. I would see light energy and I would see dark energy. Um, as a young child, I would say four, five, or six. So, for me, energy was part of life. I never feared energy, whether it was dark, um, or chaotic. I just—I never feared that. But, from very young on, I always wanted to be a nurse, um, I wasn’t exactly encouraged to be a nurse, but I did volunteer very young on—at about twelve years old.

I was living in the Bronx at that time and I went down the block, I got on the bus, and began to volunteer at Albert Einstein Hospital as a volunteer. And I knew, the very first time that I wanted to be of service in that capacity. So, I began giving flowers, water out and then, before you know it, I was on the pediatric ward, which wasn’t my favorite part of service. So, in the nursing field, I was blessed to have so many different areas to service people.

But the pediatric, I felt was the most painful experience on my heart—to see the sick children. But, from there, although it wasn’t the favorite, I did decide to become a nurse and did choose the school, the high school that promoted nursing, which was also in the Bronx. It was a lovely all-girls school. And I did go to Westchester Square Hospital, about sixteen, seventeen, eighteen; and I was a home-health aid, so at that point I was very blessed to have many nurses around guide me and prep me up, and I was very, very happy at that—being trained.

It was almost like an unfolding—that God just set the people up, set the destiny up, where things just, unfolded. So when I graduated high school, I went to Bellevue School of Nursing in Manhattan, and I loved New York City, I was blessed to be among many cultures and people of all nationalities, and I just learned so much. I was able to go to some of the most prestigious hospitals and have training there, and I just loved it.

So, by the time I graduated [out of] Bellevue, I was able to begin in New York Hospital, on 68th and York, and I started in a kidney transplant unit. Although I was only twenty-one, I was able to be in the four-bed ICU, the fifteen-bed transplant, chemo-dialysis. And, at that time, being so young, I was open to death and dying every day of my life, and so, although people came to get transplants not everybody made it.

And I learned a lot about medical, surgical disease, but, most of all, the spiritual aspects of life even opened up more, and I began to… what I was once keeping down, as a child, this energy, I was, as child my father would say ‘Linda, this is not something to discuss. People would think that something was wrong with you, and it’s best that you keep this to yourself,’ when I was a young one. So, I did, keep all this energy to myself, until I was in the ICU when I began opening up, seeing more energy as people were being healed or as people were dying, I was seeing more and more energy. So there was no hiding anymore.” (laughs) “I knew that I was in a place of divine… how do you say? Divine timing, as everything unfolded. And so once again, death did not fear me.

Actually, I became very comfortable with that everyday, and I realized that there was an energy bigger than myself, working through me, with me, and around me, so my faith and trust in Creator Energy God became even stronger. So, um, after four years, there was another shift in my life and I left the ICU and I did do chemo-dialysis for a little while, but I had an opening to go into business in sales with the New York Region, and I was teaching about diabetes and selling diabetic products, and helping for a while for those seven years, but when I left the ICU, there was something that I knew I did well at, and that was counseling.

So when I left there, I did apply to Iona College to the family pastoral counseling, for three years, and I loved it. I absolutely loved it because it had an energy of mind, body, and spirit involved in that. So, as I was going to school, I was also teaching and selling, where I learned more about business, and, also again, the whole disease of diabetes and helping those. So, once I finished Iona, I was given and opportunity to take a certificate on the addiction world—drug and alcohol—and I did do that certificate and then the next door just opened to go to social work school at Verona University, so I would learn more about mental health.

None of this was my goal, I didn’t plan any of this, it was sort of, unfolding in the bigger plan of life. And so, as I’m being schooled, I leave the sales, after six to seven years, and I went back into nursing. And for the next fifteen years, I did medical, surgical home care, I did psychiatric home care, I did hospice home care, and I loved being in the home, because, once again, this energy that was around helping, working through and around me, which I call a Creator Energy, God Energy, was right there, whether I was in the South Bronx, in a lot of poverty, or whether I was in Westchester County in the richest homes that there were. It didn’t matter because people were there, suffering with disease, and I was able to go right into that setting, and assist in any way possible whether they had medical, surgical, hospice, or psychiatric.

So, I enjoyed that very much, and as I was in, um, the office in the Bronx, getting ready at six a.m. in the morning to go out, I had one of the educators come to me and ask me one morning ‘What is your background? Do you have any degrees other than nursing?’ and I explained that I did and she asked for me to being teaching as an adjunct professor in the college of New Rochelle. And so, I was thrilled to go in and begin teaching the basics of nursing, going into the ICU with the nurses, and also teaching psychiatric. I taught in Rockland Psychiatric, Verona, the emergency, so I was able then to give back to the nurses in the surgical, medical, psychiatric. I did that for four years.

I taught at Pace College and Rockland College, and, again, I didn’t plan on any of this, but I was really able to get the foundation of disease—the disease of the body, the disease of the mind—but, through all of this, I was also traveling quite a bit with healers around the world. I began that soon after the ICU, and trying to learn what holistic was about—mind, body, spirit. And I was traveling all around, to Egypt, to India, and so many different parts of the world, learning about healing and what that meant, besides a religion, because there are many religions I’ve studied as well as I went through this, and I think everything leads back to God.

No matter what, there’s this big Energy Creator, Energy that’s living in all of us, that’s around all of us, and that, it, heals all of us as well. And so, um, one of my favorite trips was Israel, another was India, and another was Egypt, and so, as I went about, I collected a lot of modalities of healing. And so, I began, I was offered to teach holistic healing in the nursing of New Rochelle Hospital as well. And I began in the chakra system, where emotions get locked in the body and cause mental or physical disease, and, from there, the nurses where very open to that, and sound healing was some of the other, and how people use aromatherapy oil to calm themselves, to bring more peace, et cetera, things like this.

So, um, that was about now, we’re onto 2009, and I was offered to join in with other practitioners to start my own private practice, which was very exciting and very, um, scary at the same time, because when you take that next leap to be on your own, and not work in any more traditional way, your sorta have to surrender it all up and just know that there’s the Energy, working with you to bring you to where you need to go next.

So, I was very blessed to work with many different practitioners, different offices. I was offered to work in the New York City area for eleven years and also in the Westchester area, for eleven years. And people would find me on a website, I began to develop that, and as I left the nursing and went in, things just started to unfold. And so, people began coming with all sorts of issues—whether it was death and dying, and helping counseling, addiction, marital, family—all sorts of issues going on, but many, many people came to want to grow spiritually.

They all wanted to expand in their spiritual journey, growing, transforming, changing. And this was all very exciting for me, and blessing to meet so many. Once again, when I was in the ICU, that was, I think, one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had and now, once again, having my own practice in New York was very [rewarding], because, again, there’s so many people all over the city—races, nationality—there’s just all walks of life, and because I had so much travel, I was able to relate to so many people. And it’s exciting to have met so many wanting to grow in their journey, transforming, changing, growing.

And so now, with COVID since last March, I work on Zoom, and I had done that for the eleven years, on Skype all around the country, but now it’s a full-time, and people often wonder, ‘how could this energy work on a computer?’ and so that’s the magnificent part is that energy is everywhere. I don’t have to be laying hands on you, which I never did; it’s just the energy coming out of me, if you would, I would call it a gift from God. And so, it’s mostly releasing energy off of people, mind, body, spirit.

So, we all know that emotion, dark emotion, can cause disease. It can cause anxiety, depression. A lot of us know that cancer can stem from resentment and bitterness. Again, we have genetics, we have environmental, we have many things, but mind, body, and spirit all connects. And so sound healing, I think was something that you wanted to know, what are some of the results that say when they come onboard, and I usually combine it.

Like, I have Energy Healing, people will come on audio every Tuesday night or Thursday morning for ten minutes and I use the energy and the sound healing. And so people would often say they have more peace, they’re calm, there’s more clarity in the mind where they could meditate, possibly see images clearer, the chaotic thoughts stop, there’s an openness, there’s less stuck energy, others have said there’s unblocking going on in the unconscious, sleep is excellent after a sound healing. They’ve also said that sometimes pain in the body gets dislodged.

So, for many people, different things are happening. I can have a sound healing and an energy session on a Tuesday night or a Thursday morning with twenty people and all twenty people experience something different, which is so magnificent because the energy is hitting each person at a different vibration, at a different level.”


Alario: “That’s so amazing. I have so many questions I want to ask you.” (laughs) “Um, but let’s start with the sound healing, you know, are there specific frequencies or tuning forks that you incorporate with each sound healing?”


Darin: “So, I use my tuning forks which look like this—“ (displays tuning forks) “—for those, you know, just tuning forks, and each has a different vibration and a frequency. And so I go through each chakra with a different frequency. I also add in some bells here as well.” (displays bells)


Alario: “I have those too!” (laughs)


Darin: “Yeah. So, it’s a frequency. All of them, I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. I have seven of these. See, even the smaller ones.” (displays small tuning fork) “So each vibrate with a different chakra. And so I’ll focus, let’s say on the first chakra for fear, and then I’ll intentionally, whatever fear someone’s going through, and then we release it. I think it’s great to be mindful of what you’re frightened of, and then release it. Sometimes, you might not even know, and the blocks are being released, right out of the cells of the body.”


Alario: “So, the lowest frequency, are you using 396 there or is that one…?”


Darin: “I will be honest, let me see, um.” (looks at fork) “This is a 963.”


Alario: “Oh, that’s the smallest one, that one’s for the crown.”


Darin: “Yes, yes. The highest one that I’m with here is at a 285.”


Alario: “Ok, that’s what I was curious with because, um, I have a solfeggio tuning fork set, it’s nine of them and it starts at 174, which is like for a general pain. I found, and I always want, to combine, um, my own research and empirical research with these Eastern practices to show that it’s, uh, that there is scientific evidence and proof that it does resonate with the different parts of your body.”


Darin: “Yes.”


Alario: “And it just…”


Darin: “You know, I have to be honest, I just kind of work more intuitively than the numbers, you know, sometimes, I’ll just pick out and it’s more on an intuitive level, but, yeah, they each have a number that goes right through and the higher one that I work with all of them is at a 174. I think that’s the largest.”


Alario: “Yes.”


Darin: “Yeah.”


Alario: “Yea, so I, you know, I’ll look up all different things and I’ll, um, through… I’m getting my doctor through Boston University, so I usually try to go to their library first, but then I’ll compare with things I find with my Google research and stuff too, um, but with 174, right, you know, I’ll look at the charts of what they say it heals and then I was like, ‘ok, well let me experiment throughout my whole body and see what it helps me with,’ and I found like some of them just help with general pain. Like, the 174 one, that, the longest one, I used it on my—I had corporal tunnel for the longest time and, um, it helped. Like, I just, you know, activate the fork, and just go over my hand and within the same day, just later on that evening, I didn’t feel pain anymore.”


Darin: “Many people have said that the same way, but I think what said is most important is each person experimenting their own set on themselves, because something happens in that unknown, you know, in the unknown with this type of work, the spiritual work, there’s a lot of supernatural unknowns, and that’s when we have to surrender that mind, the ego, of that we know this is going to be good for that and we know this. There’s sometimes things I’ll just say and I’m like, ‘ok, I know that didn’t come from me’ or that whole intuition, um, yeah, so there are people that buy the tuning forks privately—a lot of my cancer clients that have recovered have bought these sets and work on themselves privately like you just said.”


Alario: “Wow. Oh, it’s, and no, it’s speaking of, um, cancer, and I love how you said there are different, um, factors how with resentment and or, uh, that…”


Darin: “Bitterness and resentment are really two I find a lot with cancer, especially in the breasts, that when we don’t learn to forgive, uh, this locks in, and it’s very hard to love.”


Alario: “And it’s, just amazing that you said that because I just finished a book by a neurologist who said that only twenty-percent of cancer patients is, uh, passed on from generation to generation. Eighty-percent is from your lifestyle and from those tensions that your holding within your body, so it’s just so amazing.”


Darin: “It’s mind and the heart, when this is not connected in love, which we know everyday life, it’s very hard out here, but if we’re taking time each day—at least fifteen minutes in silence—we will know that we’re hateful. We will know that we’re bitter. We will know that we’re jealous.” (laughs) “And those are the emotions eat us up. They really do. And the only way, if you only had time to get a tuning fork and tune yourself off, it would be better than ignoring everything.”


Alario: “Oh, it’s so true, because then it boils up inside. You don’t realize how much, well, a lot of us don’t realize how much we hold onto and for how long we hold onto it.”


Darin: “Especially we’re busy. Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, and it’s just piling up, piling up, and piling up.”


Alario: “Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. Like, I love everything that, uh, you’re saying. And I wanted also to bring back to the point when you said you see dark and light energy. Is it something that you feel as well, um, or is it something that you’re visually, like when you enter in a room, like, do you feel the person’s energy? Because sometimes that happens [to me].”


Darin: “So this is, uh, an area of life most people don’t want to talk about. It’s a very… It’s more now we can talk about this than we had in the past, but, so there’s belief systems that if we talk about it, we bring it in. That’s not true. To me, the truth sets us free. There’s dark and there’s light. The light is love, right? It’s love. People might see angelic energies, they might see, uh, the environment, nature is all about that. You know, the trees, the flowers—it’s all part of us, right? The dark, uh, is more about hate and anger and jealousy and this sort of thing, and it’s destruction, and, and right after a tornado what you see, and, uh, people fighting and warfare and guns, right? So we have light and dark.

Now, we’re going to take it to an energetic level. How does the dark get into our soul, into our mind, and to our heart? Through dark emotions. That’s the host. And I do have a PDF Energy Healing on my site that talks about this, but the host is the hate. So, the energy coming to you that’s around us, dark energies out here and light energy. So the more hate we have, it comes in and it lives in you. It’s a host, and then your thought forms begin where did these thought forms come in? Where? Because you just collected negative energy, so now the thoughts begin, so now, you feel heavy, you feel anxious, you’re twirling, you’re exhausted, you’re fatigued.

That someone has an energy healing, they’re lighter, they have more clarity, they have more peace, they have more… so how did that happen? The negative was taken off. But how does it stay off? I can pull that off all day long, but how are you going to keep it off? Meditation, journaling your emotions—what are your emotions? Yes, we’re all going to be sad when someone we love die, but how long will you sit in that?

When you have a divorce, it’s normal to go through all these emotions, but how long are you going to sit in it? You must transmute it out. You must filter it out. And you must get rid of it. Because, if it stays in your soul, you’re building patterns and belief systems. You’re building patterns to stay sad and depressed, you’re building a belief system that says ‘I’m hopeless, I’m powerless, I can’t do anything’.

So as all these patterns and beliefs are building up, we build up a mindset that can cause disease of depression, disease of anxiety, we can build a disease that gives high blood pressure, cardiac, cancer, and it’s so simple, but so difficult to deal with our emotion. By numbing it out, it’s still going to attract this, because this negativity is going to find the host in the soul. Numbing out, staying in it, ok, it’s going to really go to town, and so I hope that helps.

The dark and the light. The light, so to keep bringing the light in, is we need a spiritual practice. Whatever that means. I am not here to sell you a religion, but I am here to say, that all the religions I’ve practiced or I’ve been involved in, you must have an intimate relationship with your Creator. That’s the biggest thing. Yes, at this time I will say Catholic, Christianity, I do read my Bible, I do pray in that area, that’s my business, ok? But the whole holistic piece is very profound in that the fact is mind, body, spirit is all connected and when you have a spiritual practice, it says ‘I’m gonna find time to talk to my Creator, to pray, to journal my emotions, to just spend that time, even in sound healing’. Whatever you need to do to get connected to the self.”


Alario: “Oh, it’s so true. I love that you say that because I teach these sound healing workshops and, uh, I talk about once a part of your body’s in balance, what physical and emotional states you could be in and healing and every single healing, you know, part of it is about journaling, affirmations, it’s redirecting those thoughts but those not-statements or, um, and changing it into a positive affirmation, because we don’t realize eighty-percent, seventy-five-percent, no, sorry, ninety-percent of our thoughts are repetitive and seventy-five-percent are negative and we don’t realize it.”


Darin: “That’s just right, and when I go through the chakra packet, when people just want to do the chakras, the tools in there are affirmations, oils. Some people love stones, color therapy, certain healing practices, yoga, all of goes into the chakra sections. When I go into the Darin Method where we listen to your life story and we look at your patterns, your beliefs, your emotions, we use all of the energy, the sound healing, the chakra work to move it all out, to get clarity, to get healing. So what is healing? Healing when the body, the mind, and the spirit are all in alignment, has a balanced life, a healthy life.”


Alario: “It’s amazing. I love everything that you’re saying. I’m just, I’m blown away and it’s amazing, even being in the presence of you, I feel like this peace, just so you know. From the moment that you came on, I said ‘wow, it’s like you feel just relaxed and peaceful.’ But it’s so, it’s so important and even, I just had a talk yesterday, a presentation, on emotions is a temporary state of being, and then if you experience that emotion for too long, it turns into a mood, which eventually turns into your personality and it’s like you’re saying, like, if you get stuck in those negative emotions, it will turn into a bad mood and lower your vibrations and when something’s not optimally function—functioning—that’s where you, uh, invite disease into your life.”


Darin: “That’s right and I think our Creator gave us emotions to enjoy life. When a baby’s born, you want to feel that love. When you’re in partnership, you want to feel that. You travel and you see beauty all around. We need emotions. You write a book, you need emotions. You, you write poetry, you need emotions. You make love, you need emotions.” (laughs) “But if they run your life…”


Alario (laughing): “Right.”


Darin: “You’re lost. If you numb them and do drugs and alcohol and addiction, you’re lost. You cannot numb and you cannot let these emotions take over your life and control you.”


Alario: “Thank you so much, Linda, for joining me today. And I hope, I hope that we could do this again soon.”


Darin: “I would love it. It was an honor to meet you.”


Alario: “Oh, same here, and I want to make that everyone could find you and I will definitely post your information on my end afterwards, but if you could share with us, um, where they could personally find you if they want to find you right now.”


Darin: “So if they want to, uh, find me, they can call me immediately at 914-500-3712, 914-500-3712 or my website is Thank you so much.”


Alario: “Oh, thank you and have a wonderful, beautiful day and I’ll definitely be in touch with you.”


Darin: “Thank you so much. Bye-Bye.”