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Space Clearing is often thought of in terms of feng shui where we declutter our homes and lives, bringing in new energy. But there are times when the area itself is infected with past tragedies or death that we are unaware of from the past. This energy can be settled within the earth, or within the very floorboards and walls of a home or business, and simple decluttering won’t actually remove this bad energy.

These negative energies affect our lives in every way, all around us, from dying trees, plants, sudden problems in relationships, change of behavior within children, animals, and all aspects of the living nearby.

Have you ever moved to a new place and noticed sudden negative changes around you or your family and pets? Or have you noticed an area on your property where everyone tends to avoid? Your new home, property or business may have negative spiritual energy attached to an area.

Space clearing has to be done at the core of the problem to remove bad spiritual energies, and release them in order to allow new, good energy to fill the area. Linda Darin has been gifted and educated to attune to these negative energies and then clear them away through sound, smoke, and spiritual release, allowing new energy to develop and restore the affected area.


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