Self Care, Inner Growth, Change and Transformation During Covid – 19


I started my work with Linda a month and a half before quarantine began last March 2020 in her New York City office. Once quarantine started, my increased free time allowed us to dive much deeper into our healing sessions together virtually.


Being twenty-two years old and going to law school has been challenging during Covid. She gave me many holistic healing tools to work on the current problems and past problems that I didn’t realize were still causing me so much depression and anxiety.


At the root of many of my concerns was the lack of love, self-care, and respect for myself. A lot of our work together focuses on being gentle with myself as I grow and heal and how to love myself in ways I never had before, as well as overcome depression, fear, and anxiety.


In doing so, the months of isolation and downtime were not as depressing had I gone into it with no guidance from Linda. My time in quarantine blessed me with the opportunity to heal, grow, and change more than I had ever done in my life through online healing.


I also benefit from energy healing, chakra balancing, and color-light-sound healing in every session. By focusing our work together on self-care, I felt comfortable being alone with my thoughts and filled myself up with love instead of requiring that attention from someone else.


Quarantine was challenging for many of my friends and family, which is why I am so blessed I found Linda. Instead of getting pulled down by the sadness and confusion in the world, I looked inward to heal and find happiness within.


Our spiritual and energy healing sessions together have not been easy, but it has been gratifying and helped me with caring for myself in a new way. I now have so many healing tools, skills, and inner strength to take with me throughout my life.


As things start to go back to normal, I maintain my new positive thinking and living way to create healthier relationships with others and myself. I have less fear, anxiety and depression going into this next chapter of my life, and I am excited to grow more and more with Linda Darin through her online healing sessions.