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The Role of Grief Healing and Guidance

How Guidance Can Help Through Grief and Loss


Grief guidance is the process of working with a trained mentor and guide to adjust to the painful losses and circumstances that are experienced in life and, even more importantly, the process of finding the ability to live with a new sense of fulfillment even after the experience of devastating loss.

Grief guidance is done by mentors and guides, like Linda Darin. She provides a safe, caring place to experience and recognize the loss while also finding a way to continue on after a loss and, once again, discover fulfillment in life. Many grief counselors will spend some time explaining a well-known stage of grief model, pioneered by and named after Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. She identifies the five stages of grief as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance and emphasizes that grief is a journey that requires time rather than a moment that requires immediate acceptance.

The stages of grief are a complex series of emotions that take time, patience and attentiveness to identify and experience. It’s important to recognize that grief doesn’t follow a neat, predictable pattern but can vary from day-to-day (and sometimes minute-to-minute) in both intensity and type of emotion. A trained grief counselor allows you the space and time you need to fully experience your loss – they assist you in saying a final goodbye that will, ultimately, allow you to say hello to future relationships, opportunities and expectations.

If you have experienced a loss and you need assistance adapting, consider consulting a grief guide. You can also contact Linda Darin, of Darin Transformations, for more helpful tips as you deal with the reality of loss. Grief guidance can be just what you need to move forward in life in a healthy and fulfilling way. We look forward to providing words of encouragement and comfort as you grieve.


Linda Darin of Darin Transformations is prepared to help with any life situations or concerns. For more information on how you can participate, learn and receive healing, please reach out.