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Released Codependency Through Spiritual & Holistic Healing

Celia was in a toxic relationship and felt trapped. Married to an addict with a mental illness, she reached out to Linda Darin for online spiritual healing services through her website. At 45 years old, living in North Carolina, Celia discussed what was happening behind closed doors for the first time. After work, they would come home and sit down to eat in front of the TV, but her husband would spend more time outside smoking and drinking than with her. He would eventually stumble to bed and do it all over again the next day. His drinking took over their lives and drove their friends away. He refused all treatment. She couldn’t remember the last time they had sex. Celia was miserable and alone. She began gaining weight and waking up with terrible headaches from clenching her teeth while she slept.

Through The Darin Method® and Linda’s Intuitive Healing, Celia became aware of a pattern of choosing sick men that needed her to fix, rescue, and save them, which is often called codependency. He played the victim, and she often played the rescuer, and both found themselves angry. Celia’s belief system originated in her family, that marriage is a commitment for life and divorce is unacceptable. As a result, Cecelia felt hopeless and helpless. In her younger years, Celia had patterns and belief systems of feeling inadequate and stupid that held her in bondage to shame and self-hate. Her childhood bondage was locked in her soul.

Celia met virtually with Linda each week for Energy and Chakra Healing, which assisted in delivering her from this childhood and present-day emotional bondage. Unfortunately, Celia’s dark emotions of anger, rage, fear, and shame became hosts for negative energies, affecting her thoughts and keeping her stuck in destructive patterns and behaviors. Linda channeled the divine healing energy to clear Celia’s body, mind, and soul of these negative energies. As Celia accepted the healing power of God, she experienced freedom from her emotional bondage. It was as if a huge weight had lifted off her chest, and she could think clearly for the first time in years.

Because of the energy and chakra healing, Celia began to connect with her creator in prayer. She also began journaling each day, with a new awareness of when she was following an old pattern and belief and could choose to change. Celia listened to God’s voice during her morning quiet time in this practice. She heard God say, “Get out of the marriage.” Celia found a Christian fellowship community, which freed her from isolation. Celia felt empowered to choose her well-being over her partner’s and pursue a divorce.

Celia is forever grateful to Linda for her wisdom and knowledge in providing intuitive holistic healing and guidance that changed her life. Each session with Linda helps her recognize and confront the challenges in her life, and she has had breakthroughs from unhealthy and ineffective patterns. With Linda’s nurturing, support, and healing gifts, Celia has transformed her mindset, opened her heart, and lives with hope connected to her creator.