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Podcast Interview Transcript – What is Energy?

Female Narrator: “Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the Podcast Business News Network.”

Theresa: “Hello everybody and welcome back! It’s Theresa and it’s Fri-Yay because everyone’s excited. The weekend is here and, um, I’m so glad you’re joining me right now because I have Linda Darin with me, and she is spiritual guidance, healing, and mentoring at Darin Transformations LLC and you can check out her website lindadarin.com. Welcome to the show, Linda!”

Linda: “Thank you. Happy to be here.”

Theresa: “Hi. Well, I’m happy to have you. For those people who are listening, can you do me a favor and just tell them a little bit about who you are and what you do and then we’ll get into it.”

Linda: “So, at this time of my life, I’m mentoring and guiding, doing healing work, soul work for people, on Zoom at this time, and my background has been in nursing for thirty years and traditional psychotherapy, but I’ve mixed the healing in both so it’s, so it’s really healing mind, body, soul.”

Theresa: “Oh, yes, and thank you for your service, for being a nurse because it’s veery special person to be a nurse and I myself have been in the hospital more than I want to count and have had wonderful nurses attending to me and making me feel like I’m human, you know what I mean? It’s—it really is a great occupation, but it really takes a special person to be a nurse. That’s for sure. So, so like, you kinda decided to transition into this, did you have your own experience yourself that made you look into this further?”

Linda: “Well, um, very young, I saw energy, and I knew there was energy around, both positive and negative. But, my calling was to nurse and that unfolded, along with counseling, and [I] started to travel around to different countries, learning about healing and trying to understand what all that is, and, um, went through my own healing, went through my own studying of who I am and how I’m connected to my own energy of light and dark. And so we all are. We all are about light and dark, and it’s a choice of how we want to live our lives. And when I say dark and light, I mean the dark is, of course, trials and tribulations that we go through whether it’s a divorce, you know, body injuries or disease, you know, it’s a dark season, a dark time for life, right? And so when we go through that, we get to the light, hopefully, becoming more aligned with the heart and the mind. And so when our hearts and our minds are coming for love, we’re more in a healing state than the other. But, yes, I’ve had many dark seasons myself, um, with death of loved ones and my own bodily issues that have happened at different times. Different trials. Yeah, so when you do go through your trials, you can have compassion and humility for other people in their past.”

Theresa: “Right. Lot of people have been through hell and back, especially during this pandemic, losing loved ones, getting sick themselves, um, it’s been very stressful. Very stressful, and stress is not a good thing, because it shortens your life and it—it’s important, I guess, to be aware of your mind, body, and spirit’s, uh, position in life, right? To be aware of, I guess, it comes down to mindfulness and really try to be aware of what your body’s telling you and and listen to your body, because you have to be, and I found out a few years ago, you really have to be your own advocate.”

Linda: “Yeah, and so when you know how to spend time alone every day in silence, I think that’s the biggest tool, and to know that every one of us are connected more than we know, and what connects us is stronger than what divides us. And what that connection is that all of us has the light inside of us—all of us. And when you can tap into that, it helps your mind. Some people move into darkness and take on addiction and other forms of ways to block out, because, I think, the biggest key is dealing with our dark emotions, dealing with our fears, dealing with our guilts, our shame. Whatever these dark emotions, dealing with that and moving them out, helps free ourself, to stay silent, to listen to that voice and get the guidance from within.”

Theresa: “Intuition. There’s so many people that ignore that intuition, and it’s—and how many times have you kicked yourself in the behind, going ‘I wish I’d listened to myself! Why didn’t I listen to myself?’ You know, I’m sure a lot people have done that than once. But I want to talk to you about energy healing, if we could get into energy healing and releasing negative energies, I’d like to, like, dive into that a bit further. Yeah.”

Linda: “Yeah, so, um, many people don’t talk about this, but I don’t know why it’s not taught from very young on. But, there are dark energies and light energies. And I think at this time on our planet, at 2021, most people are very aware of dark and light. It’s not something that, when I grew up, we didn’t really talk about—dark and light as much as it is happening right now.

So, what is all this darkness? Darkness is energy. Some people see it, some people come to me and say, ‘You might think I’m crazy, but I see dark. You might think I’m crazy, but I feel darkness. You might think I’m crazy, my house is haunted. You might think I’m crazy.’ And I say, ‘You’re not crazy’. It’s very real, and it’s very here.

And so, what I do, is I help release these energies from people, that are attached to them. And so, it attaches through the soul, and the soul—all of us have a soul, right? We have a soul, we have a body, and we have the spirit. So, working through the soul is working through your emotions, your wills, your patterns, your beliefs. So, when you carry fear in your soul, because you’re locked in somehow, which through the past year most are in fear—I mean, how could you not be when the whole world is turning upside-down?—these energies come in, and they attach to the soul, and your thought forms start to go crazy.

You know, a lot of people say ‘Control your thoughts, control your thoughts’. Well, when you have attachment to these dark emotions, there, that’s the host. So the host is fear, guilt, shame, all these dark emotions, right? And the energies come in and your thought forms start going crazy, chatter, chatter, chatter. And so, I assist in releasing this and helping people have clarity, have their own voice, because when the voices of darkness take over, I hate myself. I hate myself, I’m no good, I can’t do this, I can’t do that, and this keeps going on and on. No matter how much they sit alone in silence. You really can’t sit alone in silence. You tell someone, ‘be quiet fifteen minutes’ and those voices are going on and on, and no, they’re not different from any other, and, no, they’re not mentally ill. These are the voices of darkness.

So, I come in when they come to me, the clients, I help release that. I guess you could say release bondage, release negative energy, forces, I mean everybody has different names for this. Back in the Bible, they call them demons and, and Satan, and it sounds dark, but it’s basically dark energy. So, when someone gets free of this, they begin to have pulls to stay silent, they can be more mindful.

It’s hard to be mindful when the chatter’s going crazy, and people then feel inadequate, because ‘Why can’t I stay silent? Why can’t I meditate? Why can’t I be that mindful like someone else?’ Because of that chatter. So we’re releasing this and it allows someone to self-reflect and start taking their own power to change their lives, because they’ll begin then to look at life different, they’ll have more time to be silent, they’ll get the message from within. To me, I call this God, ok, other people might call it Creator Energy, other people might call it Intuition, but I always go to God. It’s not about a religion, it’s about a relationship. I’m not here to promote any religion on anybody, but it’s a relationship with you and Whoever created you, this Creator Force and when you can tap into that, you’re moving forward because that Creator, in my belief system anyway, made us all to, you know to go places in life, wherever we want to go, in other words, what’s our destiny? What are we here for? What is this destiny? So when we’re being guided by that Force, that Energy, we’re moving, we’re going, we’re doing, and you might say ‘Is that how you got where you are, Linda?’ and I would say yes. It hasn’t been any other way. Things start to unfold accordingly.”

Theresa: “Well, what do you do with a person who really in the dark? I mean really in the dark from soo much trauma in their life as a child?”

Linda: “Right. So, when people call and say, ‘How many sessions do I need?’ I say, ‘That I do not answer.’ I say, ‘That’s up to you, it’s your journey, this is not traditional therapy where this is the diagnosis and you need to come.’ So, the darkest of the dark, I mean—and, you know, I hate to judge because if I’m doing that then, you know, then I’m judging what’s dark and what’s light—but, the darkest of, um, let’s say addiction—I even help people in prison, ok? People who kill people, like been in and out of mental health hospitals, addictions, all rehabs, and this has been my past I’ve been in poverty and, you know, really dark, dark situations—but, everybody has this choice to hang in there.

So, you say, ‘Well what do we do?’ Well, let’s suppose there’s a lot of addictions ahead and today, the addictions that are coming to me are a lot of sexualization, a lot of, hm, how would I say? um, prostitution, um, selling oneself for money, um, drugs, cocaine. These are heavy, heavy addictions, right? And so, some need rehabs, bottom line, some need rehabilitated. Some could work it through and release a lot of these dark energies, and get to their Source. That’s what we’re doing, right? We’re getting to their Source so they can create themselves.

Some people come with a lot of trauma, for example, abuse—verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental, emotional—that’s another ballgame, because there’s a lot of love that’s needed to infiltrate, right? So we go through each, we go through each trauma, almost as though the person is like Humpty Dumpty, you know, you sit on a shelf, you fall, and there’s all these pieces, right?”

Theresa (laughing): “It’s—it’s a great analogy.”

Linda: “So, like, take each piece, right? I do The Darin Method, it’s a method that I have, that we take each piece, that we go through the each piece story and we look at the patterns and the beliefs and that dark emotion that’s locked in the bondage there, and we release that bondage and try to form a new pattern and a new belief. Because when you change your pattern and your belief system, those emotions of hate, there’s a lot of self-hate begins to shift.”

Theresa: “Yes.”

Linda: “And getting them back into the self-love and the love that sits inside of them, and that’s really what it is, is again I’m going to say, what connects us is stronger than what divides us.”

Theresa: “Wow, well I’m so, I-I, um, yeah, no, it’s, um, so, whatever, everything you’re saying is so resonating with me. I’m speaking to Linda Darin, she’s a spiritual guidance, healing, mentoring at Darin Transformations LLC. And you could get in touch with her and check out her website www.[lindadarin.com]. We’re going to take a quick commercial break. Don’t go away—we’ll be right back after these messages!”


Female Narrator: “Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the Podcast Business News Network.”

Theresa: “Hey, everybody, welcome back. It’s Theresa and I’m speaking with Linda Darin today. She’s a spiritual guidance, healing, mentoring at Darin Transformations LLC. You should check out her website www. Linda Darin, that’s d-a-r-i-n, .com [lindadarin.com]. Welcome back to the show, Linda.”

Linda: “Thank you.”

Theresa: “Yeah, so before the break we were talking about energy healing and releasing negative energies and we were talking about fear and guilt, shame, how, um, you know, everything’s connected—the soul, the body, and the spirit—and there’s dark energies and light energies, and obviously, you want to be in a light energy situation, you want to be positive and you want to be uplifting, and it’s very easy for people to, to be in that dark energy, to be or to fall into a dark hole or a state of depression and, and, yes, we are at times self-loathing and we talk negative to ourselves and it’s something that should not be done, no matter how hard it is not to do it, um, and you also mentioned how it’s not, for you personally, you know, a religion, it’s a relationship, and I agree with that.

Um, and again, I myself have had—we’ve all had—experiences in the past with someone speaking negatively towards us, and it hurts when it’s coming from a loved one, obviously, uh, ‘cause words are so, they’re so powerful and it’s important that everyone knows that you really have to be kind and try to be gentle and try to think before you speak so you don’t spew something out in anger and wish that you could take it back, because once it’s out there, it’s out there. And, sometimes, words—words are—I, I think I’d rather get smacked across the face than someone say something to me that just, stays with you. It’s just stays in you, in your head, like a, you know, a face, a wound can heal, but those words just, they resonate with you, they stay with you forever, and it’s, uh, so important. It really is, and, uh, I want to talk about, you know, we talked about what it is, um, and I want to talk about, because I know you include chakra balancing and I want to know more about that.”

Linda: “Ok, so the chakra balancing, you know, this is a methodology that was originated in India and Egypt, uh, these are centers within the body. The main centers, the seven centers are like wheels of light, they’re consciousness that line up on the spine center. They have colors attached to it, and they spin, these wheels of light.

So each wheel of light on the spine has a consciousness to it, and so what that means is there’s basically seven of them, they’re like a bead lining up, uh, the chakras spinning with color. When they get blocked, and again, we’re back to the emotions.

So, the first chakra that’s spinning at the base of the spine is fear. When the fear gets locked in there, it can affect your physical body, your emotional body, um, your spiritual body. So, for example, that fear could release in the body as sciatica. Many people with sciatica have a lot of fear running through the body. I’m not saying all sciatica, but it’s an example of how disease could form within a body due to fear.

Mentally, uh, some people need—they get anxiety due to fear—and they might need to, they go for medication in that respect, but when you can go in, uh, well, I assist with the spinning of that first chakra, the wheel of light, and, uh, release that fear, uh, because as one chakra is blocked, all the others get blocked as well, like, it’s a line up.”

Theresa: “Oh, ok, so it’s like a domino. It’s like a domino effect.”

Linda: “That’s right. And so the second chakra is near the belly button. When that’s spinning beautifully, uh, you know, there’s—there’s pleasure, uh, in life. It-it’s the opposite of addiction. When we’re locked in with addiction in the second chakra, we have guilt, and, uh, so that’s what locks the second chakra up. And some of the issues in that area could be, uh, female issues, menstrual issues, [infertility], et cetera.

The third chakra, lining right up, above the belly button and below the heart, is the third chakra, and when that’s blocked, usually there’s a lot of shaming, uh, authoritative issues going on, power struggles, uh, judgement, perfectionism, and sometimes, in that area, if that gets blocked, people have digestive problems, metabolism problems, uh, sometimes they’re even keeled over, you know, their-their body, it affects even a position where they’re sort of, like, hunch back, you know, because it affects the body and mind. The heart center, you know, when that spins.

So, if I left out the colors, the first, the base was red. The second was orange, near the belly button. The third is yellow, uh, below the heart, you know, above the belly button. And the heart is green, uh, and when that get blocked, usually there’s a lot of resentment and bitterness, which causes a lot of cancers.

There are many studies, where emotions are locked in and you get a lot of the breast cancer that way. I’m not saying everybody, this is just there is connections through dark emotion and disease. I get a lot of the rejection there, betrayals, abandoness, uh, so that’s, so that closes the heart. It closes that love, that we have that we can give, love of the self, love of others.

Then the throat area is the color blue. It’s all on communication and when that area usually is blocked there’s lying or secrecy, uh, or anger or rage, you know, we can’t speak our truth, we don’t have a, a voice—for whatever reason, you also sometimes have your thyroid issue and your problems there at times.

Then the third eye, above the eyebrow, and when that spins beautifully it sometimes could be, you know, sometimes these colors can change, but it goes somewhat into a violet color there and that’s where we have illusions. We can’t see clearly, so we’re sort of lost in our direction and some things in life, like you just feel like blinded in an area, blocked; you can’t see.

Uh, and then the top, uh, on the seventh one, again can be that golden ray, that white-golden, uh, and that, when that gets blocked, the crown, it’s usually we’re attached; too many emotions or really bad thought forms or people, places, and things that no longer serve the highest good of our souls.

So, usually, that’s when I come in with many people and they ask for cord-cutting. And, uh, cord-cutting is an emotional and spiritual cord that we have towards other people where we’re sharing an energy and sometimes it weighs us down. It’s almost like this telepathy that your picking up someone else’s radar, and that’s, that weighs us down.

Well. So, the reason I use the chakra is it helps, um, many people in a foundation of understanding their emotions because many people cannot say, ‘I’m sad, I’m frightened, I’m in shame.’ They don’t know because they didn’t grow up feeling. They didn’t grow up expressing.

So, that’s really the chakra system allows the foundation, um, we give attachment there’s questions I give, um, there’s, um, lots of tools, if someone wants to use affirmations or aromatherapy oils or color therapy, healing practices, yoga positions. We give a whole long [list] of holistic practices to really get in the chakras and move them out and start spinning them. Um, for those that want that.”

Theresa: “Yeah, for those that want that, you want your chakras spun, I think, it’s time to spin your chakras.”

Linda (laughs)

Theresa (continuing): “I know I to want definitely try it… Listen, our time is up, see how fast this went, Linda? Um, I want to thank everyone for listening in. This is Linda Darin and she is amazing, um, you know, a nurse for a very long time and went into this spiritual guidance and healing and mentoring at Darin Transformations LLC. Please, check out her website. www.[lindadarin.com]. Linda, this was a blast! I learned so much, I hope we can do it again.”

Linda: “Thank you. Yes. Thank you so much.”

Theresa: “Right, everyone stay where you are, we’ll be right back after these messages. Don’t go away!”


Female Narrator: “Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the Podcast Business News Network.”