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Podcast Interview Transcript – How Do You Maintain Positive Energy?

Female Narrator: “Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the Podcast Business News Network.”

Theresa: “Hello, everybody! Welcome back. It’s Theresa and it’s Fri-YAY because the weekend is here and everyone is excited to have some time off and, hopefully, enjoy the nice weather in your neck of the woods. Um, I’m excited because I have back today with me Linda Darin and she is a spiritual guidance, healer, and mentor at Darin Transformation[s] LLC. Um, you can check out her website [lindadarin.com]. Welcome back to the show, Linda!”

Linda: “Thank you. Happy to be here, once again.”

Theresa: “Yeah, yes. Happy to have you. Um, for those who didn’t catch us last week together, can you just please let them know who you are and just a little bit about what you do?”

Linda: “I’m Linda Darin, my background has been in thirty years of nursing and, um, traditional psychotherapy, I’m a social worker with, um, family therapy background, but at this time I’m, um, spiritual healing, mentor, guide, and motivator. I work world wide at this time, um, I had offices in the city and Westchester, but right now I’m more on a world wide basis.”

Theresa: “Right, right. And via Zoom, right?”

Linda: “Yes.”

Theresa: “Yeah, thank God for Zoom, boy! I don’t know what I don’t know what we’d do without it, let me tell you.” (laughs) “Really.”

Linda (laughing): “And most people would say ‘How does energy work on Zoom?’ you know?”

Theresa: “Yes, yes.”

Linda (continuing): “But energy is, uh, you know, it’s everywhere, and it works on Zoom, and chakra balancing works on Zoom. And it’s, I mean, I’ve been working on Skype over eleven years around the country.”

Theresa: “Wow.”

Linda (continuing): “So, but when COVID came—when COVID came, you know, I was, uh, from March to April now, um, I’m on Zoom, so it does work, it’s very real.”

Theresa: “So it really wasn’t anything new to you because you’ve been doing it for a long time, which is great.”

Linda: “Yes.”

Theresa (continuing): “Um, well, I-I just, well, last week was your first show, it was very exciting and we got a lot of information out there, and just to recap for some people, um, you know, we talked about the mind and the heart equals love and you should be in a healing state. We talked, we talked about, um, so many things. We talked about vision and mission and values. We talked about, you know, how you could feel sometimes fear and guilt can also equal to shame and that how we have to really release negative energy and self-reflect is very important for the soul, the body, and the spirit, and, you know, it’s just very, um, important for us to really put ourselves first, because if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others. And then we talked about the seven centers, and we—we covered a lot of stuff, talked about the seven chakras. I mean, it was a great, great show so I’m glad, so glad to have you back today, and I know today you really want to talk about, you know, how do we need daily protection from negative energy? I-I love these questions, seriously. They’re great.”

Linda: “Ok.” (laughs) “So, we all know the host, right? So the host comes to our life through a negative emotion. The more negative emotion one has, the more negative energy piles up, so if people are in trauma, addiction, uh, grief, depending on how deep and the years, um, sometimes it feels like a very heavy load and you know this by your thought forms. So, if the thought forms are going in a very dark direction, you know that you have this energy, right? So it’s the host. You could pick up this also in a place you might visit, uh, somebody’s home or you could pick it up also through people, places, and things, dark energy, negative energy. But if your mind and your heart are in alignment with the energy of love, it doesn’t stick.”

Theresa: “Oh, that—that’s good to know, I like that. I like that a lot.”

Linda: “Yeah, so it—” (laughs)

Theresa: “No, because people make fun of me, Linda, because I’m a thrifter. I love thrifting, I love it, and everyone’s like, ‘You don’t know who that belonged to, you don’t know if that’s got positive energy or negative energy.’ And I’m like, ‘But it should have my energy!’ You know what I mean?”

Linda: “Right, right. And so, and so that is a blessing that you even know that you have that power, that power is inside of you, that you can buy that and make it your energy.”

Theresa: “Yes.”

Linda (continuing): “You don’t have to take that energy in, and you already know, when you wear it or whatever you’re doing with it, that it’s not heavy, that it’s not bothering you. Um, but that’s not the case for everybody, and so, depending, like when I worked in a hospital every day, I was very aware of energy and going home with energy and being mindful of how to release, what practices that I needed to do because I was around death and dying every day.”

Theresa: “Yes.”

Linda (continuing): “And so when that sort of energy you have to—so I will go into just a few tools that might help people, just to recap. So, we know the host, the host comes in through a negative energy emotion—guilt, shame, fear—the, the worst emotions, I believe, are resentment and bitterness, because when you have those emotions, you can’t forgive and when you can’t forgive you’re very locked in. And so the soul, these energies come into the soul and so it’s like wearing an overcoat that’s ten pounds over, uh, so anyways, uh, we also know that dark emotions cause mental and physical disease, so I want to make that really clear that it’s not just collecting the energy. If it stays on too long, we wind up with anxiety, depression. We wind up even with cancer. I mean, cancer, many studies have linked cancer to resentment and bitterness. Not everybody, because it’s genetics, it’s environmental, it’s many things, but emotions can play a part in mental and physical disease. So I’m saying that as we begin to try and figure out what are some of these tools that I can do every day to keep my mind and my heart in an alignment with love energy, ‘cause it’s not easy out here as we go through the day. One of the things, uh, is silence. Daily silence, if it’s ten minutes, fifteen minutes. It could be in the shower, it could be in your car, it could be in your room alone, wherever that is, in silence, you get to hear your dark emotions, you get to hear those dark thought forms, you get to hear the light, the Creator Energy. So you’ll know if you’re in silence at least ten or fifteen minutes a day what type of energy that’s around you.”

Theresa: “Right.”

Linda: “Because when you’re in silence it starts to go off. You know you’re either peaceful or quiet or crazy thoughts come out.”

Theresa (laughs)

Linda: “I think—yeah.“ (laughs) “I think the next thing is prayer. I think prayer, surrendering, really that’s surrendering, to, sometimes not only our will, but the will of the Creator, right? So when we pray, we join in another energy.”

Theresa: “Absolutely.”

Linda (continuing): “Uh, which helps us with the love, helps us with the mind, and the whatever that prayer means to you.”

Theresa: “Right.”

Linda: “I think, right?”

Theresa: “Yeah, absolutely, there’s—there’s times when I’m throwing my hands up in the air and I’m going ‘Giving it to you! ‘cause I-I don’t know what to do with it.’” (laughs)

Linda: “Right, it’s a conversation. To me, prayer is a conversation, an intimacy with Whoever that Energy is that one believes is they’re connected to.”

Theresa: “Correct.”

Linda: “Whether it’s Creator Energy, God Energy, Intuition—whatever people believe that connection is—the prayer, the conversation to that Energy that lives within is very powerful. Because, I’m not here to spread a religion today, I’m here to spread that connection that you need with your self to clear off this [negative] energy.”

Theresa: “Right.”

Linda: “I think the next, the next one would be, like, changing the direction. You want, like, a revival of your soul, like, getting out of that darkness, getting out of that resentment or bitterness. How do we make it to the next direction? How do we get out of that stuckness? Uh, when we’re in that silence, when we’re in that prayer, what do we do to want to change that or do we continue it? And, and I’m just gonna mention later, if we continue. I think the next greatest tool is gratitude and worship, like, just to be grateful for the little things. It could be the soap, the shampoo, the bed, the mattress, the coffee, I mean we could—“

Theresa (laughing): “It’s the little things in life, right? Linda, it’s the little things in life that make my day.” (continues laughing)

Linda: “There you go, that’s it. And, so, when that practice goes, it just, your mind doesn’t wander into more of what we don’t have or what someone else has that we don’t. If we keep that gratitude moving, I think that’s another way the dark energy can’t keep eating at the brain, keep eating at the thought forms. Um, some people enjoy scripture, they open Bible and they read that and feel there’s a cleansing coming through that. Another one is acts of service. When you’re helping people it’s a whole other, uh, energy. You don’t have time to be listening to your voice going crazy, right? Service, which brings love, right?”

Theresa: “Yeah.”

Linda: “And so, if we reflect and we look at the people in our lives, the places, the things, we see if we’re attracting negativity—energy.”

Theresa: “Mmhm. Yeah.”

Linda: “And so, color, light, and sound is another big, um, piece of clearing energy. Um, it sort of breaks the vibration, and some people use music, some people come to me for color, light, and sound. Now, if one is in this darkness, uh, energy, but by the thoughts and then the mind begins the anxieties and the depression or the body is physically, then it’s time sometimes to go to a counselor, mentor, uh, somebody to help with the mind, body, and spirit, to help align that and get more energy healing or releaseness until you get a clarity. Once you’re in your own mindset, then you don’t need that as much, but if there’s too much, uh, going through, uh, the emotional, the thought forms, then it’s hard to move through in an everyday.”

Theresa: “But, you know my—“

Linda (continuing): “Uh, practice.”

Theresa (continuing): “My—my dad went through something like that when he retired. You know, he was—he was a business rep at a union, he had a very important job, and, then, all of a sudden, one day, he was nobody and he had no purpose, and I—he went through a depression, he really did, because he felt like, you know, ‘What do I do now with myself?’ and, and, you know, they say—and I don’t mind—‘It’s the devil’s playground’ and he [dad] had no hobbies, he had no desires, he had nothing, and he would sit there—just sit there and either watch TV for hours or he would just sit there and, and he called me one day and he’s like… I said, ‘Dad, you need to talk to somebody or do something, you need to get out; get out, do something, because you’re sitting there, thinking about things that are in the past that you can’t change and you’re getting yourself, like, sick over this, mentally.’ So, he started walking. He started walking every morning when he got up, and I think it made such a difference in his life.”

Linda: “Excellent.”

Theresa (continuing): “Just to take that time out for himself. I mean, the man used to be on a—a, you know, a bowling team, league, he would play golf occasionally with my brother-in-law, but, I mean, to do nothing is not a healthy thing, so I was happy that he got up and he got out, at least he got moving, and he could spend twenty or thirty minutes with himself and not, you know.”

Linda: “Yes, and that’s—that’s very—that’s a powerful, um, subject, because many people find themselves that way in retirement or even if a trauma has happened, and everything stops, uh, even during this past year, everything has stopped for so many, uh, in the COVID, right? And so, who are we? Uh, where, who are we, where are we going? and that emptiness of, um, not having the connection to the self and so you bring something up that’s very wise. It’s about the connection to our self, who are we, and if we’re in silence every day, whether we’re walking or whatever, even in the bath, the shower—it could even be on the golf course, I mean, if you have that silence. There has to be the connection to the self, because if you don’t have that connection, you’re lost and empty.”

Theresa: “It’s true.”

Linda: “And, like you said, sometimes people are just working so much that that’s all they can identify themselves with.”

Theresa: “Yes, absolutely.”

Linda (continuing): “It’s what they do for a living.”

Theresa: “Yep, yeah. Totally, totally. True. I’m speaking with Linda Darin, she’s a spiritual guidance, healing, and mentor. She, uh, is owner of Darin Transformation[s] LLC. Go check out her website [lindadarin.com]. We have to take a commercial break. Don’t go away! More when we come back.”



Female Narrator: “Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the Podcast Business News Network.”

Theresa: “Hello everybody and welcome back! It’s Theresa and I’m with Linda Darin, she’s a spiritual guidance, healing, and mentor. She is the owner of Darin Transformations LLC. You can check out her website [lindadarin.com]. Welcome back to the show, Linda.”

Linda: “Thank you.”

Theresa: “Yeah, so we talked, we were talking about the last, you know, uh, left with as far as, you know, people retiring and kind of, like, losing themselves, which is—it happens to a lot of people, like you said, you have purpose, and then all of the sudden, you don’t. And, um, you know, I know my father, like I said, he went through a depression for a while. But, I—I know that, um, you know, what you do is, is a wonderful thing, and it’s great that you do it through Zoom and online and that way you can reach so many people, but how, how do we maintain the energy after healing? Because I think that’s important to know.”

Linda: “Right, and that’s what we had gone through with some of the,” (clears throat) “tools that I just had given, maintaining. I think that, uh, that there’s also a belief system that belongs with. So not everybody has ever been aware of energy, you know, as you bring this up, I mean, back—many years back, it wasn’t as talked about as it is now, right? And so it would be, there’d be a split where there was just mental health and they would diagnosis there whether it’s anxiety, depression, et cetera, or there was physical disease, uh, cancer, heart disease, diabetes. But here we are now bringing in the spiritual aspect, and, for many, it’s, um, something they’ve always felt as a child but never talked about—energy around, energy in the house, energy around them, um, people will say, you know, ‘I feel, I don’t want anyone to think I’m crazy, um, but I know that you understand.’ Uh, so more and more people are coming forth and knowing that we are mind, body, spirit.”

Theresa: “Right.”

Linda: “Some people connect spirit to religion, uh, most people connect it to a source within, and knowing that it’s around, and so I say again that it’s most important to connect to this energy within, to keep that maintenance, to try to understand if it’s still around, why is it around, what are you doing? So, I could even bring in here The Darin Method, which is looking at patterns. So if we have somebody coming and then they get a cleanse and they ‘cut loose for the weekend’ and go on a run of drinking and so forth, and by Monday, they feel very heavy again.” (laughs)

Theresa: “Right, right, right.”

Linda: “Right? And so that’s a pattern, uh, that is sabotaging. The belief somewhere, somehow is ‘ok, Linda Darin pulled this off so it’ll never come back again, I have no responsibility, I have no accountability, and no maturity in the matter, I don’t have to do anything.’ That’s not how it works.” (chuckles) “So, I guess that also is the patterns and the beliefs that we’re living out as well. Um, so those were some of the, uh, the maintenance that I had mentioned, um, but I guess that another thing is, uh, why would somebody want to add the spiritual vs. just deal with the mental health and the physical health? So, why would someone bring in that spiritual piece? I think that someone who’s enlightened to know that we’re connected mind, body, spirit, right? It’d be somebody who knows you can’t just have a mind alone or a body alone, separate than this spiritual piece.”

Theresa: “But, Linda—“

Linda: “And, so that’s, yeah.”

Theresa: “I have a question: so, what do you tell a person—a positive person, positive energy—what do you tell someone with positive energy who’s living in a negative environment what to do?”

Linda: “Ok, is there an example involved in that or, um…?”

Theresa: “Uum, is there an example? nah…”

Linda: “Or, um, let’s see if I’ve had anybody… so, yes, you could have a—“

Theresa: “I mean… it’s just that—“

Linda: “Ok, ok, you could have a—a husband—“

Theresa : “It’s just that—it’s just that— Yeah, you have this person who’s very upbeat and happy all the time, and want, just, you know, wants to be positive, no negative, you know, negative causes stress, stress shortens your life, I mean, this is what you don’t want. And then, when they go home, they’re going home to, yeah, a husband who is very negative, very toxic and, you know, don’t know what to do about it.”

Linda: “Right. So, um, I don’t—right—I don’t, when people come to me, I don’t make those choices and decisions on what they should do, but I let it unfold to see what their soul knows what they should do, how bad is it, how good is it? But, there’s times to leave that and then there’s times to give it all you have.”

Theresa: “Right.”

Linda (continuing): “So, when you’re in there, uh, you get a chance to see how you can hold that vibration on your own and, when you speak, when you talk, when you answer, the action, the behaviors, uh, have to match a higher vibration, because if you go into fear and you’re frightened, there’s usually big fights, right? Um, same as if someone, uh, has a lot of shame, let’s say from childhood, and both parties do, they never shared any of that childhood stuff, but stuff is starting to come up. Maybe they have, uh, a child that’s not well and all the shame is coming up out of them and two, uh mother and the—the husband, cannot handle what’s been, you know, what’s happened in their life and so that energy is bringing them more down. Instead of talking about it—I think communication—why do we say communication? Again, it’s emotion.”

Theresa: “Right, right.”

Linda (continuing): “So if one is telling the other one, ‘I’m frightened about this’ and the other one admits it, they can transmute that into love energy.”

Theresa: “Right.”

Linda (continuing): “And reconnect together.”

Theresa: “Ok, well, because, a lot of… yeah.”

Linda (continuing): “Instead of keeping it hidden.”

Theresa: “Yeah, no. ‘Cause a lot of people, especially during the pandemic, they were already in toxic situations at home and COVID kind of, like, magnified it for them, you know what I mean?”

Linda: “Yeah, well they didn’t, uh, so if you can’t run out, right? So you’re really stuck in it. Um, and I think that, um, what it does is it tests people to see what they originally got together for, do they want to stay in that, or they have to look at really what they were running away from? Um, so, in an isolation, uh, you get to confront yourself and whoever else is in that home with you. Whatever was going on there, um, is right in the face now. So, again, we’re back to a situation that most people hide from each other. I think it’s in the hiding from the self and hiding from each other that that dark emotion, uh, breed dark energy. And I’ve had many people in the past that go to homes and clean them out, bless it, um, and things were better, because it was just too heavy, with the buildup of heaviness, uh, through the years. And sometimes you just need a breakthrough, or a breaking point, and so maybe what you’re saying is, in COVID, uh, there was a breaking point where people had to look at themselves, had to look at their relationships, or look at whatever was going on in that home.”

Theresa: “That’s what I—yeah.“

Linda (continuing): “Uh, they either had the breakthrough—they either had a breakthrough and rose above it or they broke it and went separate.”

Theresa: “Right, well, that’s what I said, at the beginning of COVID, I said there’s going to be either a lot, a lot of divorces or a lot of babies.” (laughs with Linda) “There’s gonna be one or the other.”

Linda: “So, new beginnings, right?”

Theresa: “Exactly.”

Linda: “New beginnings, yeah. So, and that’s it. Whoever you’re living around, even children, uh, whoever—grandparents—it’s all energy, everybody. So then we get into the, uh, people call and say, ‘What about these energy lengths? Uh, these cords, these connections, uh, can you release that from me?’ And those are things people call and ask for ‘cause they’re very aware that they can, um, have this, it’s sort of like a telephone wire to someone else and you could almost carry their energy. And so they ask for this releasement, or for this cords to be released, or it’s emotional and spiritual—energy that could connect with someone, especially if you’re always thinking about them or you’re in this constant mindset of constant thoughts of the person, then there’s attachments, negative attach. I mean it could be positive, of course, if there’s all this love being sent back and forth. But, it’s when the cords are heavy [that the attachment is negative]. So, imagine being in the house, and there’s a lot of heaviness in there, between people, and then there’s these cords attached spiritually and emotionally, it makes it like a whirlwind, chaos.”

Theresa: “It’s amazing. Well, Linda, we’re—we’re out of time. This goes—“

Linda: “But this can all be released… Ok.”

Theresa: “This goes so fast! The show goes so fast. I swear.”

Linda (laughs)

Theresa: “We’re out of time, but, before we go, I just want people to know, um, Linda Darin, you can go to her website—[lindadarin.com]. Uh, there’s so much information there, including—and I wanna get this out there before we go—including, um, a call to action; this, uh energy healing Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings [moved to Tuesday & Thursday evening] on the website, ok? Um, and you also do, uh, you—the—The Darin Method’s there?”

Linda: “One-hour sessions as well, yes.”

Theresa: “Right, the one-hour session you have for the soul work on—on a service page there. There’s so much information—patterns and beliefs, emotions, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, physical and mental health, and addiction. Keep—keep up doing what you’re doing because I know you’re helping so many people, and I appreciate you coming on my show.”

Linda: “Thank you.”

Theresa: “All right, Linda, you have—”

Linda: “Thank you so much, and thank you.”

Theresa: “Yes, yes, have a great weekend. Everyone, stay where you are, we’ll be back after these messages, don’t go away.”


Female Narrator: “Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the Podcast Business News Network.”