Male Narrator: “Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the Podcast Business News Network.”

Amanda: “Welcome back to the show, I’m your host, Amanda Abs. Joining us from New York, New York, she is a spiritual mentor, healer, and motivator, it’s Linda Darin. How you doing today, Linda?”

Linda: “Fine. And you?”

Amanda: “I’m good.”

Linda: “Good. Glad to be here.”

Amanda: “Could you tell us a little about your business?”

Linda: “My business helps people with their heart and their mind, meaning that there’s a cleansing that goes on for transformation and change due to patterns, old patterns, old belief systems that no longer serve the person where they’re stuck, so they transform old ways of living into new, they’re very aware of what they’re doing; they take the responsibility and accountability, and with the energy healing, it purifies the soul, which connects the heart and mind into new ways of thinking.”

Amanda: “Could you tell us a little bit about your background?”

Linda: “I started as a nurse, um, an ICU nurse, and then went into home care, into hospice, and then began to teach in some of the colleges. That was my nursing career, for thirty years. In the meantime, I had gone to a pastoral family therapy and also social work school, and I specialized in grief and addiction. And, through the years, very young on, I was very connected to the spiritual side of life. I knew energy very young, I knew light and dark, and was not afraid of any of it. Through my life, I began traveling with other healers that would tell me about the gift that I had to help others transmute and release energy. And so, body, mind, and spirit, and I also help people get in touch with their own power within, which is that soulful, light energy that lives in all of us ‘cause we all have gifts, every one of us.”

Amanda: “What inspired you to pursue this profession?”

Linda: “Very young on, at twelve years old, I always wanted to be a nurse and began to volunteer, and then from there things just unfolded. I was very blessed to be in the nursing profession because, through servicing sick people, you begin to know that there’s a light with you, a power with you that’s much greater than what you can see. So, from there, things just unfolded into the counseling profession and now the healing profession, and so it all goes together. It was somewhat, as I look back now, uh, it was a plan that just unfolded. And probably not my plan, you know? It was a plan that sort of unfolded as life went on. I didn’t know very young that I would be doing what I’m doing now, but I did know very young the other side, that there’s more than what we see. And so, um, the last eleven-twelve years, I’ve been practicing worldwide, international, and I’ve had offices in New York and Westchester, and really bringing people to a much higher vibration, into their life, helping them get to their plan, their purpose, and why they’re here. Most people are stuck and they don’t realize that there’s much more than how they’re living.”

Amanda: “Do you have any contact information you’d like to share with our audience so they can reach you?”

Linda: “I have my website is lindadarin.com or 914-500-3712.”

Amanda: “Reach out to her—she is there to help you. Thank you so much, Linda for joining us today.”

Linda: “Oh, thank you. I’m honored to be on. Thank you so much.”

Amanda: “Don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back after a short commercial break.”


Male Narrator: “Broadcasting from the business capital of the world this is the Podcast Business News Network.”