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Online Holistic Energy Healer for You Now

Energy Healers can assist in resolving physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscle soreness, joint pain, low energy, have trouble letting go of the past, forgiveness, acceptance of yourself or others, need or want to be more open and need spiritual guidance then an energy healer can help through online sessions.

Energy healing sessions can assist you in finding happiness as you release suffering on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Although all suffering originates in the mind, the residues of it can seem to get stuck in your emotions and body. These residues:

  • are what cause disease as well as spiritual, physical, and/or emotional breakdown.
  • attract negativity into your life. By the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Whatever vibration we radiate creates more of the same.  This is still true whether we’re aware of the unhealed beliefs we hold within mind or not.  Until we release the causes of suffering, the residues of it attract and recreate sets of circumstances that reflect it over and over again.
  • perpetuate the illusion of being separate from love, joy, abundance, creativity, and our own aliveness. They seem to veil the Life Force that we ARE.

Energy healer Linda Darin specializes in improving people’s energy by dispersing energy blockages using remote distance healing sessions. Linda uses her ability to read energy to help guide and facilitate your journey to well-being. She will positively influence your energy field, changing your entire physical state.

With online healing sessions Linda Darin is your virtual energy healer.

In her work as an Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer and Educator, Linda welcomes the opportunity to fully express her spiritual gifts, supported by the wisdom and experience she gained through her Eastern and Western Training. Light and darkness, love and fear are the ruling spirits of our lives. As Linda’s clients learn to tap into their own innate wisdom, trusting their connection to the light, they are able to acknowledge their shadow feelings. They explore the root causes of their ego patterns, and she guides them to release negativity and energy blocks within the body. Working together, Linda and her clients create a sacred space in which they see and feel the light. This light sets clients free by surrounding them with love and safety as they take responsibility for their own healing.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an online healing appointment simply call (914) 500-3712 or fill out the short form on the contact page and she will be in touch with you as soon as possible. She is here to help, welcomes your questions, wants to learn more about you, and help guide you to a better life.

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