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Energy Healer Can Help Alleviate Your Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Suffering

An Energy Healer is a practitioner that provides holistic healing for many situations.

All suffering originates in the mind, but can result in many types of pain.  If the negative energy is not released, it gets “stuck”, causing issues that are difficult to alleviate.  The residue that results from these negative energies can cause diseases of the body, mind and spirit.

Energy based approaches to health and healing use light touch or hands off the body to influence the energy fields that surround our bodies.  All levels of a person are affected through this process—emotional and spiritual as well as the physical well-being of an individual.  The whole person is addressed, not just the symptoms.

The following are only a few situations where energy healers can assist in relieving discomfort and pain:

  • Pre-natal discomfort
  • Newborn infants–brings baby back into harmony after birth, relieves colic and digestive issues, clears side-effects from immunizations or medications taken by the baby or the mother, releases stress taken on by baby from family issues (fears like cannot afford another child, unplanned pregnancy, etc.)
  • Postpartum depression
  • Life transitions (marriage, divorce, bereavement, new job, loss of job, moving)
  • Prevention of illness
  • Boosting your immune and endocrine systems
  • Detoxing from chemicals, medications, bacteria, yeast, viruses, fungus
  • Before and after surgery – recovery time is much faster, minimizes scarring
  • After organ transplants so body doesn’t reject organs
  • Long-term illnesses or conditions
  • Nursing home and assisted living residents
  • Comfort care at end of life

Studies have shown that energy based therapies help to decrease anxietydepression and enhance moods.  In addition to increasing joy, vigor, contentment and affection, it also is beneficial in decreasing guilt, hostility, anger and fear.

What to expect from your energy healer

The client and practitioner come together energetically to facilitate the client’s health and healing, which creates a heart-centered and caring relationship in a nurturing environment. The practitioner acts as a facilitator to restore harmony and balance in the client’s energy field, assisting the client in their path of self-healing.

Essential elements to healing include a positive attitude and a connection to life and spirit. Positive thoughts strengthen energy flow, negative thoughts weaken it. Constant thoughts about illness and personal problems inhibit the effect, whereas thoughts about something pleasant are beneficial.  A person needs to be open to the possibility of obtaining health and wellness. If they approach the session with an attitude that it will not work, then it probably will not work.

Your heart may be somewhat closed and you may find it hard to share yourself with others. You may feel safe with only one or two individuals, when it would be healthier for you to share more with others and touch a wider circle. An energy healer swirls the obstacles out of your heart and replaces them with courage and light-heartedness, so that you can feel a lift happen. This change makes it easier to choose to open yourself

Energy healers remove energy blocks, like rocks from a stream, allowing a more powerful flow of life. More flow means more inspiration, ideas, creative solutions, motivation and physical health. If removing the block isn’t enough, you may receive energy to recharge your system. During the session, you may learn about past decisions that caused you to go down a particular pathway and that understanding opens the possibility of taking an alternative direction.  Once your energy is changed, you’ll find taking new directions seems much easier than before.

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