As the pandemic came upon us in March 2020, watching the daily toll of lives lost to Covid-19 throughout the year in NY and globally was emotionally devastating. Having to quarantine either by oneself or with family was difficult. Being stuck at home with family caused me further depression, anxiety, and increased fear of the unknown.


However, God blessed me by bringing Linda Darin into my life! The virtual spiritual healings and all the other services Linda provided were essential for me during these unpredictable times. During the pandemic, Linda provided me with support as a spiritual mentor, energy healer, and motivator, and this connection presented countless opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.


Although all healings were virtual, they were mighty to my soul. Throughout the year, she provided spiritual healings, chakra balancing, and sound healing, which helped me remain hopeful. As a result, she helped my mental state not deepen into a dark depression, and I was fortunate not to have needed any anti-depressive medication to cope during these dark times our planet was experiencing. Linda consistently encouraged me to make the best of the situation and to take the time to work on my mind, body, and spirit, which were all out of balance.


The growth in my personal and spiritual development was extensive. I initially resisted the work, mainly because of fear of change. I did not want to visit my painful and dark past. I realized that I could only heal if I was willing to tell my story.


However, through the process, Linda was present, gentle, compassionate, supportive, insightful, and most importantly, nonjudgmental. Through The Darin Method® we explored my patterns and beliefs that I had developed during childhood. These old patterns and ideas kept me stuck to negative emotions and repeating negative behaviors.


As our virtual healing sessions moved along, I understood that emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, guilt, shame, and resentment kept me connected to negative energies. They provided the host for the spirit.


Over time of holding on to these emotions they affected my whole being. With her intuitive council, she helped me identify the deep-rooted feelings I had developed from my childhood and process them so I could let them go and heal. In remembering, and then releasing these dark emotions, my soul began to break free from the evil bondage that had a stronghold on me since childhood. My soul began to feel lighter.


I learned so much about my past and how I developed my beliefs, then how to forgive and make changes and not to live out the same story, but to make a new one. However, I have also learned that change takes time, but now I am willing to continue to go deeper because I see how it makes me feel better.


After every session, Linda provided energy healing, sound healing, chakra balancing, and cord-cutting, which allowed for the further release of negative energies and freedom from attachments. My body felt vibrations, heat, or coolness, and at times, I would experience seeing different colors. During some of the online energy healings I also experienced relief from pain in my body. Afterward, my mind was quiet, my soul felt lighter, and I felt peaceful.


The fantastic thing is that each energy healing session was different. The weekly Tuesday evening ten-minute energy healings helped me release pain, emotions and alleviate stress. During the energy healings, God is the one who heals. He uses Linda as a vessel to heal by bringing in love energy through her. After completing each session, the spiritual healing I experienced caused me to want to continue the work as my spirit felt lifted and renewed. I was able to think more clearly to move forward.


As the months went by and the lockdown continued, Linda supported me by helping me deal with whatever surfaced for me and we evaluated all areas of my life. She remained supportive as the changes began to unfold. Before meeting Linda, my home was a basement studio apartment. My apartment was cluttered and had no organization.


The main house filled with family members, and as the lockdown continued, my home environment was unbearable. I experienced anger and had created conflicts with family members. I was drinking excessively to calm my nerves. Linda helped me realize that I would benefit from moving to a different apartment. I contemplated the idea, and within two months, I moved into a new space.


During the past six months, I have been living alone with a sense of order and peace. I enjoyed decorating and organizing my apartment, which now feels homey. Living alone allows me to continue to grow more spiritually as I can now spend time alone in prayer and silence. My family relationships have also improved since I moved away as I love and appreciate them for being in my life, but I do not connect to the drama.


I did not expect to receive spiritual guidance when I stepped into Linda’s NYC office in 2019. I called for Chakra work, but God had a different plan. However, Linda was intuitive enough to realize I had a profound spiritual void. As such, she had a profound effect on my spiritual life, for I experienced a spiritual awakening.


As a spiritual guide, Linda exposed me to the spiritual energy of God. By evangelizing me, helping me buy a Bible, and teaching me about the importance of daily prayer, a mind, heart, and spirit shift unfolded for me.


But I observed that the more I remained open-minded to Linda’s spiritual teachings, reading scripture, listening to the sermons on TV, the negative energies in my life kept pulling me back. For several weeks I experienced much turmoil, confusion, and deep darkness. I lived a very dark life for so many, many years that the strongholds would not give up!


However, I continue to read my new Bible. One day, I consciously decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior because learning about God enriched me in a way I had not experienced. As my faith and trust in God continued to grow, spiritual healing occurred in my personal life. I let go of a lifestyle of many addictions, including alcohol, lustful behaviors, food, and holding on to negative friends.


But simultaneously, I continued to work with Linda on these issues, and still do. My heart began to soften, and I began to love myself and love others. I am still new on my Christian walk, and I find that the trials and tribulations are still present. At times, I take a few steps backward, but Linda helps me process these setbacks and guides me back. I continue to pray and ask God for help in healing and renewing my mind and heart with His love.


Additionally, during difficult times I am reminded of the importance of repentance, prayer, listening to the Holy Spirit, reading scripture, and having gratitude daily.


As I experienced emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, my body’s health also needed attention and Linda guided me to a holistic doctor. At the beginning of March 2020, I was overweight due to food addictions and had medical issues. My eating habits were poor, I drank too much, and I was not exercising.


As I understood that God was all about love, I started to understand how important it was to love myself. At the beginning of 2021, as a form of self-love, I set some goals of losing weight, eating healthier foods, exercising, setting time for myself, drinking more water, and going to the doctor. To date, I’ve already lost 20lbs, and even though I have more to go, I’m God’s beautiful work in progress. I have gone for check-ups with various doctors and I am taking supplements. I nourish my body with healthy foods and I now include vegetables in my meals. I no longer drink alcohol (which contained empty calories) or sodas. I am currently moving my body through yoga and walking. Since the lockdown is lifting, I expect to rejoin my gym in June, and I will ride my bike and explore my new neighborhood soon.


Linda recommended I create a vision board for 2021, and I found this to be fun and creative. This project made me think about what my goals and aspirations would be for this year. Looking at them throughout the day provides visualization and gets my imagination to envision the goals coming to fruition.


I joined a women’s group with much encouragement, but I was scared at first to participate. However, after joining in only three times, Linda holds a sacred space for sharing stories, thoughts, and emotions. This environment allows me to grow with feedback and encouragement from peers. I am happy and honored to join this particular group, especially after I had such a rebellious spirit.


As I reviewed this past year, I found a silver lining in this pandemic for being isolated from everyone. Working with Linda helped me immensely to begin aligning my mind, body, and spirit in a new way. God connected me to Linda Darin, a spiritual mentor, an energy healer, and motivator, for He knew Linda could help me align my life, even through virtual sessions. Thank you, God!!!


I still face struggles, but with God in my life, I feel empowered as I hold on to hope that change is possible at any age. Thank you, God, for loving me and pulling me from darkness!!!


“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7


I would highly recommend Linda Darin for she heals the whole person as she empowers her clients and imparts her wisdom. Thank you, Linda, for being there!