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Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Darin Transformations offers Shamanic Healing

Linda Darin, is a practicing shaman, providing shamanic services to clients, in addition to her other services at Darin Transformations. Her shamanic techniques offer a holistic approach, but deal with issues mainly on a spiritual level. Practicing Shamanism may include any or all of the following techniques:

  • Putting the individual into a deep meditation to work with the spiritual self, in a guided and sage way
  • Working with the energies surrounding a person, or their environment
  • Spirit-based counseling, divination
  • Hands on healing, and soul retrieval
  • Teachings which involve assisting the client in making their own shamanic connection to spirit, the earth, and their inner wisdom

What exactly is a shaman and what do they do?

The word shaman comes from Siberia and means “one who sees in the dark: (the hidden realities), and widely refers to those who are medicine women/men, healers and seers. Shamans believe that all problems, physical, emotional or mental, have their root cause in spiritual imbalance. A shaman works to restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of the problem. Shamans never work alone, but in conjunction with spiritual guide one to provide what is needed for the people.

A shaman is someone who crosses into other dimensions where (s)he obtains information, guidance and healing from the benevolent guidance that he meets in those dimensions. The guidance have been given many names throughout history – devas, spirits and assembled masters to name but a few. The shaman then brings this information, guidance and healing that (s)he receives to his tribe or community.

Shamans work with the spirit or the soul. They heal illness at the soul level. They gain knowledge and insight from working with the spirits of natures such as rocks and trees, the land and they gain knowledge from working with spirits of animals and humans such as their ancestors. For the shaman, everything is alive and carries information. You can call this spirit, energy or consciousness.

The shaman’s practice is also characterized by the soul fight. The shaman has a shift of consciousness, which allows the free part of his or her soul to leave the body. The shaman can then go retrieve information for your healing and growth. They can retrieve healing energy, or this that you have lost along the way in living your life. During the soul flight the shaman is both in the room, and going on this “journey” so that he or she has an awareness of both the same time.

Contact Linda Darin to learn more about her work as a Shamanic Therapist.

Linda has the ability to access the experiences, open consciousness, and extend beyond normally-perceived reality, to connect with other realms of consciousness. Linda will direct her intent (the basis of any transformation) to manifest change, empowerment and healing: physical, psychological, or emotional.

For more information on how Darin Transformations can help you in your shamanic healing journey call (914) 500-3712 to make an appointment.