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Life After Divorce: 4 Important Tips

Life After Divorce: 4 Important Tips


Guidance through divorce can be an important part of helping you transition to a new season of life. A trained guide, like Linda Darin, who has helped many in divorce recovery, can be a tremendous asset as you define a new normal. To find closure from the past and to walk forward into a new stage of healing and energy in your life, you will want to read some helpful tips on life after divorce.

If you’re in the midst of a divorce or have recently finalized one, here are four things to be aware of as you transition into life after divorce.

1) Identify your emotions: 
The loss of a significant relationship involves a complex mix of emotions that need to be addressed. It’s crucial to spend time examining your emotions and confiding in trusted family members and friends about the emotions of grief, anger, freedom, or confusion that you’re feeling.

2) Set boundaries: When you’re in the midst of transitioning out of a relationship it’s crucial to set clear boundaries around your free time (to help prevent loneliness and avoid awkward and unnecessary confrontations with difficult people) as well as around your other relationships. When boundaries are correctly instituted they protect what’s valuable they do not deny you good, new things.

3) Edit your language: It’s important to keep your language positive. Remind yourself of the good things in your life, memorize mantras, or encouraging statements that can help sustain you through the days following a separation or divorce. Life after divorce can feel frustrating and unfamiliar, but maintaining positive language will help you to stay focused on healing.

4) Prioritize yourself: Its not only acceptable, it’s necessary to prioritize yourself during the transitional days following a divorce. Re-do a room in your home, take a special trip, get a massage, buy your favorite flowers, or eat a meal at a special restaurant. This is the time in your life where you need to give yourself positive reinforcement and learn to enjoy your own company.


If you are struggling with life after divorce or currently transitioning out of a marriage or relationship, please call Linda Darin. She is a trained professional and she looks forward to helping you find peace and fulfillment in your new stage of life.