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How to Ease the Stress of Forced Retirement with Intuitive Council Guidance

How to Ease the Stress of Forced Retirement with Intuitive Council Guidance

Retirement is a major milestone in life, but it’s especially challenging when forced retirement takes the control out of your hands. Intuitive guidance can help overcome the obstacles that accompany early and forced retirement.

According to a recent article in Forbes, more and more Americans are going to find themselves in this situation. Many people assume they will be able to keep working late in life if they want to, but the experts cited by Forbes are more doubtful.

Currently, almost 47% of people retire earlier than planned according to a 2013 study by Employee Benefit Research Institute. This number is expected to increase as an increase in health issues, caregiver responsibilities, and forced layoffs continue. A report published earlier this year by AARP found that the number of unemployed people aged 55 or older grew by more than 70% in the period between 2007 and 2013.

Of course, this situation impacts our lives in many ways both economically and otherwise. Intuitive council guidance is a holistic approach that can help with a forced retirement:

1. Money Matters: Skillful counseling may actually save you money. Many are faced with important financial decisions during retirement. Taking care of the emotional well-being enables clients to make sound choices.

2. Professional Paths: The nature of work has changed dramatically. Temporary retirement may open the door to a different career. Many may join the growing ranks of older entrepreneurs. Intuitive council provides support and guidance for new adventures.

3. Relationship Issues: Retirement also affects new and long-standing relationships. Holistic and intuitive council provides tools and methods needed to strengthen a marriage and stay connected to the community.

4. Personal Well-Being: Health issues often become a bigger concern later in life. They can complicate any forced retirement or a voluntary one. At the same time, the whole idea of “the golden years” anticipates that we can focus more on our spiritual well-being. Work with a guide who will help you realize your full potential.

Linda Darin believes that each client’s situation is different than another.  The Darin Method is a confidential and process oriented guidance method that is customized based on the client’s specific needs.  Her work helps clients through virtual online sessions using Skype, Zoom, or Phone to meet her clients wherever they are.

Darin explains, “The Darin Method® guides clients through a five-part process of self-empowerment:

  1. Recognizing negative thoughts, emotions or memories.
  2. Getting in touch with the feelings associated with these thoughts (fear, shame, guilt, etc.).
  3. Exploring their root of origin.
  4. Questioning if these feelings are causing a symptom in a part of the physical body.
  5. Beginning Transformation.”

Contact Linda Darin or call 914-500-3712 to learn how to achieve emotional, mental and physical health and well-being while going through the stressful forced retirement process.