I was programmed from childhood to view mental illness as a stigma.

When I first met Linda Darin, my thoughts and emotions were chaotic; I was rageful, bit my nails, and drank wine to cope with life. I had debilitating headaches that left me bedridden, and I suffered from insomnia. Traditional therapy and medication in the past weren’t helpful because I just dumped my problems to a therapist, wasn’t accountable for my actions, and didn’t know how I felt.

When I began working with Linda in 2016, she introduced me to Christian Faith Healing. I learned about God in a new way. I attended several churches, bible studies, prayer groups, and the Experiencing God workshop every Saturday. In the Experiencing God workshop, Linda taught that the most important thing was having an intimate relationship with God and that it was not about religion. I opened myself to the Darin Method ®, Energy Healings, and Chakra Work and learned about Deliverance.

Opening the Door to Negative Energy through Trauma and Unmet Childhood Needs

Through the Darin Method ®, I discovered I grew up in a family with untreated mental illness where there was much drama, shaming and emotional unrest which felt like a trauma. I often received mixed messages and internalized my family’s emotions, leaving me feeling lost, insecure, and unable to trust others. I learned to dissociate from my feelings and family to protect myself and hold onto hidden shame, anger, and rejection. I developed the patterns and beliefs of constantly comparing, feeling sorry for myself, and not feeling good enough as I tried to figure out expectations. These patterns continued into adulthood.

Stuffing my dark emotions attracted negative spirits, leading to dark thought forms. Over the years, my negative thoughts took over, and I developed a wicked way of thinking, bringing misery to my life. The stronghold of hiding my feelings led me to isolate myself and become more detached, which opened the door to lying due to fear, victimhood, and loneliness. Due to ignorance, I agreed with these lying spirits and permitted them to operate in my life.

With Linda’s spiritual and intuitive counseling, I learned that my childhood wound of shame and rejection led to captivity and bondage to mental health issues as I experienced emptiness, emotional dysregulation, jealousy, insecurity, anxiety, depression, and alcohol addiction. My poor coping skills, inauthenticity, and trust issues contributed to power struggles and rocky relationships with my family and prevented me from having deep connections with others. I was impatient, got frustrated easily, and often cursed and yelled, losing control. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my behavior, but I couldn’t stop as it was compulsive. I developed self-hate, recognizing that I repeated the pattern of my parents. Instead of admitting I had a problem, I fell into an old childhood pattern of blaming others.

Captivity and Bondage to Dark Spirits

As Linda provided Spiritual Guidance, I understood why traditional “talk therapy” alone didn’t help me. When demonic bondage is at the root of an emotional problem, no amount of willpower or talk therapy will bring release!

A year before I met Linda, I attempted suicide but kept it hidden from her. Wanting to hide and be a victim kept me in my trauma and left me acting chaotic and crazy, affecting everyone around me. My hospitalization became exposed after bringing my family in for counseling a year later.

Being Set Free from Evil Spirits

I had difficulty loving or accepting myself for who I was. I was programmed from childhood to view mental illness as a stigma. As I studied and learned about mental health, I saw mirrors of my family in me that I couldn’t ignore. Through Energy Healing and Sound Healing, shame and hatred began releasing from my mind, and I was ready to change my old way of thinking, consciously choosing not to hide my illness. I cried during counseling sessions, discussing it, finally admitting and accepting my mental health issues, and no longer running from it.

Although I had a baptism, trying to have a relationship with God has been complicated. I release my dark emotions through journaling, Holistic Energy Medicine Techniques, prayer, and Bible reading. However, not dealing with my dark feelings nor getting help in my younger years caused me to become infiltrated with negative energy due to stuck patterns and beliefs. My mind wasn’t working healthily, and my heart was not open for many years.

As I do soul work with Linda, I’m learning to take inventory, admit the truth and develop courage, strength, and perseverance to go through the dark. However, many confrontations have also concerned my rebellious and defensive behaviors. My defensiveness and lying are demonic and cause me to get angry and irritable. Learning to work through childhood wounds takes time, and demons can return. I have learned that there must be a permanent change in my thoughts and behavior to prevent the spirits from returning. Bitterness and unforgiveness can leave an opening and allow satan to operate in my life.

It is a conscious choice to take charge of my health and well-being and change my life. Sometimes I felt like giving up, but I haven’t walked away from doing the work because I see how far I have come. I no longer dissociate or drink alcohol; my family relations have improved; I have more patience, self-control, and a balanced mood. Although I have a DNA lineage of mental illness, I know I am not my family! I move forward by continuing with therapy, education, and healing sessions rather than staying bound to my old ways.

I try not to compare my journey to someone else’s because everyone must resolve their issues. Staying rooted in reading the Bible and reflecting daily on my accomplishments since working with Linda helps me not fall back on the old comparison pattern. I retain the truth of God’s word, allowing me to track my progress. Through distance healing sessions, I’ve learned additional tools such as worship, praise, and reflecting on my thoughts and actions to help guard against further spiritual attacks.

I aim to love myself and others and deeply connect with God. I have hope! I can stabilize physically and psychologically through Linda’s Spiritual Gifts and God’s healing power. I have much compassion for mentally ill people who are not getting the help they need. It is a significant detriment today, 2023.