For people dealing with Anxiety and Depression, it may feel like they will never get out of the suffering and mental anguish. This in itself is an unfortunate symptom of anxiety and depression.

What we find is that there is still a negative stigma associated with anxiety and depression.  Many get frustrated because traditional medicine will prescribe medication; and depending upon the severity of the anxiety or depression, it may be necessary.

However, it’s also just as important to seek the guidance and intuitive counseling by a holistic healing provider that can help you go through a process to uncover the issues behind the anxiety and depression, as well as provide you the guidance needed to get through this difficult time in your life.  Be prepared for a process.  There won’t be an overnight cure because your mind is much more complex than that!


Here are some ways to help you deal with anxiety and depression in a holistic way:

  1. Awareness.   You might be surprised to hear this… but congratulations on recognizing that something is wrong or may seem “off”.  Take notice of your behavior.  Are you sleeping more or less?  Are you eating more or less?  Do you try to stay away from conversations or people?  Are you consumed by negative thoughts and limiting beliefs?  What are some trigger thoughts that increase the anxiety and depression.  Write this all down.
  2. Proper Nutrition.   Consider the food you are eating.  Do you have a good spread of protein, grains, fruits and vegetables?
  3. Take vitamins. Taking vitamins that relieve some symptoms of anxiety and depression are a great help. Vitamins such as B6 and B12 are efficient in helping you feel better and think better than you were when you let the cloud of hopelessness and uncertainty loom above your head. It’s great for blood cell regeneration and improves oxygenation within the blood stream.
  4. Think on Purpose. There are approximately 50,000 thoughts that go through our heads everyday. That’s 50,000 chances to think good, wholesome thoughts that actually have the potential of taking our anxiety and depression away. When you catch yourself building those negative thoughts, tell yourself to “STOP!”  Take control of your thought process and think on purpose. Write down the negative thoughts and bring them to your sessions.
  5. Make Yourself Accountable. Make sure that the people who love and care about you are informed about what’s been going on. It’s a great idea to keep yourself accountable to them and even to a counselor. The more open you are about what you’ve been dealing with, the better it is for you.

We appreciate how difficult anxiety and depression can be for you and your family.  Please reach out to us for an initial consultation with Linda Darin. It could be what changes your anxiety and depression into a life of hope.

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