Linda Darin uses a holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit.

What sets holistic healing apart from medicinal practices such as alternative medicine, integrative medicine, or complementary medicine is that your physical health may not always be the primary focus. Despite this, individuals often find that physical pain is what will usually lead them to pursue holistic healing treatments.

When we have pain, discomfort or other physical distress, it is always rightfully cause for alarm. Usually this type of physical suffering is not easy to ignore. It goes without saying that pretty much everyone would look for help to ease the pain. Usually, when dealing with some sort of disease or serious medical condition, turning towards conventional medicine is the best idea. However, holistic therapy addresses that physical illness may be manifesting from a more powerful imbalance in your overall physical, mental, or emotional well-being.

How Linda’s sessions are different:

  • combines exploration of beliefs and patterns with holistic healing methods
  • empowers clients to heal themselves through a holistic approach and self-actualization
  • enables clients to achieve emotional, mental and physical health and well-being
  • provides unwavering support and guidance to liberate clients from mental and physical obstacles
  • genuinely interested in supporting your well-being

Here are a few testimonials from Linda’s clients:
“Linda Darin is a miracle worker. I called her one evening after viewing her website. I was drawn to her holistic practice and felt she might be a good match for my 20-year old daughter going to school in New York City. I knew my sensitive daughter would only commit to seeing someone who she genuinely connected with. Linda answered the phone that evening. She immediately engaged with me, and set up a session with my daughter. Not only was there a connection, but the trust and care that my daughter feels under Linda’s care is simply magical. I know my daughter is safe.”

“Linda has a rare ability to foster real personal transformation by combining intuitive counseling with incredibly powerful energy healing techniques. I worked with several classical therapists before I met Linda, but could never make any meaningful progress beyond intellectualizing my issues. Linda’s holistic approach was so much more effective, and for the first time, allowed me to really heal.”

“I met Linda May 2010 and I was addicted to alcohol for over 40 years. I am now sober for 16 months. I just went to my son’s wedding sober and realized for the first time I did not have to hide or question what I did the night before. I felt a strength within myself for the first time. Linda allowed me to break through my denials and see the truth of my disease. I am aware of my anxiety that wants me to fix, save and rescue my children. I like Frank Kelly and feel at ease in my own body. I am grateful for her patience.”

“Linda is a healer who heals with words. I am able to develop awareness and clarity in a space of truth and non-judgment. Linda helped me resolve issues of trauma, anxiety, low self-esteem and connect with my life’s purpose. I am grateful for the past six years.”

For more information on how Linda Darin can help you in your healing journey call (914) 500-3712 to make an online healing appointment.