I began on a self-improvement journey several years before meeting Linda. I had done coaching, different types of therapy, counseling and listened to various self-help podcasts. While listening to a podcast speaker who was a spiritual healer; I began my search online looking for a healer and found Linda Darin.


I was skeptical if energy and chakra healing was for me. In our first meeting, I knew Linda was someone special. She has a unique way to assist me in asserting myself and exploring deeper into my soul issues. Her matter of fact approach, allows me to be more truthful, to myself and others. The healings helped me to express my feelings and understand negative energy and how it had impacted my daily life.


During the first chakra healing, there were immediate results! I had fears of heights and flying after a bumpy 2015 air flight. I would become extremely anxious on a plane and pray so loud that people could hear me. I held my fists so tightly together they turned red and sore from squeezing. In December 2019, I had an upcoming trip to the Caribbean. The trip was right before my first chakra healing.


During the healing, Linda used tuning forks and the sound felt amazing to my ears and entire body. I felt my whole head and body vibrate and tingle with the different vibrational sounds. I didn’t want it to end. She also released the bondage and stronghold I had to fear.


Soon thereafter, I went on the flight and I remember anticipating fear and anxiety. The entire trip I was calm and relaxed, and even went on a zip line. Linda assisted in healing my fear of heights and flying. My energy completely shifted after the first healing and I believe God used Linda to deliver me from the deep- rooted fears of flying and heights.


The second chakra concerning the emotional energy of guilt was transformational. Growing up I was surrounded by physical and emotional abuse, stemming from my father’s drinking problem. In one of his alcoholic states, he came into my room while I was sleeping and beat me. The physical abuse often led me to being isolated and believing I was bad or did something wrong. I was given mixed messages of good and bad, which led me to feel guilty and saying “sorry” often. I would say sorry, even if when nothing was my fault and it got to the point were “I’m sorry” was my go-to phrase for everything. All the guilt eventually led me to feeling worthless.


During this time, I also began to criticize my body, pull my hair and never talk kindly about myself. It was a vicious pattern that came from the abusive home of neglect and hate. It became normal for me to talk down to myself. I didn’t feel worthy of love and would have issues of embracing love in my life.


The second chakra healing was not as immediate because of layers of trauma. However, Linda’s encouragement held the space for more healing. The holistic tools of affirmations, yoga moves, color therapy and aromatherapy oils helped me in my journey.


After the weekly energy healings, I’ve noticed I don’t criticize myself anymore. I’m learning to love my body in the different ways, example; dancing, looking at myself naked in the mirror and appreciate every single curve and imperfection. Through the chakra energy healings, I’m able to be honest with myself and release the negative thoughts of guilt and worthlessness.


Although I have used all of the holistic tools, I have developed a practice of prayer, repentance and reading my Bible daily. God has used Linda to release the strongholds and bondages of guilt that have kept me trapped for years.


The third chakra was a new feeling while working with Linda. I was learning how to feel my shame. The childhood abuse I had never addressed was impacting all my chakra centers. My father’s outbursts of anger and rage were horrific and I would cry myself to sleep because I was embarrassed and afraid to speak to anyone about it.


I had expressed the issue of my father’s drinking to my siblings and mother, and even asked my father not to drink, but I was ignored. The constant feeling of be ignored, exacerbated my feeling of unworthiness and this led me to feelings of shame towards my family. That shame turned into my own anger and hate against my family.


It was a vicious cycle until I began the healings. I would yell and curse at everyone in the house and at times I became physically violent. I realized, my family became ashamed of me and my “bad attitude”. I was embarrassed of the person I became and began to develop a fake side of myself. I was not authentic and did not let anyone close to see the pain I was feeling.


The pain was hidden so deeply that it was difficult for me to feel and process. I went through my life pushing down any emotion I had or ever felt. I was surviving in the world but not feeling. I had no way to work through this until I met Linda and allowed the energy healing therapy God has helped me open my heart and let people in slowly. I am very grateful today that I am no longer surviving but living and loving. Thank you, God!


The fourth chakra of the heart center was another powerful experience! I had never properly grieved my grandmother’s death when I was eleven. There was no mass or funeral and her body was sent aboard to be buried in Italy. I cried alone in my home in the laundry room when I learned she passed.


Working with Linda through the fourth chakra, I was able to recognize and work through these emotions of grief and regret. My grandmother would protect me and get bruised during the fights with my alcoholic father.


As I explored more deeply in this chakra, I released more grief and sorrow from the loss of my father. Since I was not present when he died in the hospital, I had carried the feelings of not being a good, compassionate daughter for a father who was in dying pain. I became aware of how much I wanted to be a part of his life, yet my own anger and rage took over me and pushed me away from him and my family.


I was grieving the family I never really got to know. I internalized all these emotions into hating myself. Through the energy healings and chakra balancing with Linda, I was able to process and let go of the deep grief, sorrow and regret. I became more aware of the self-hatred I had for myself. Reading my Bible prayer and deep repentance helped me heal, move forward and forgive.


With the fifth chakra I began zoom healings. I wasn’t sure if it would be the same as in person, but I found great benefits! I was in my room alone with Linda on the screen. I could no longer pretend. I was seeing myself on the screen acting fake and inauthentic. I thought I was always a good communicator but I leaned on logic and reasoning which made me successful at life. However, it was in this chakra I learned I wasn’t connected to my emotions. I was an expert in reading people’s facial expressions and answering the question of “how are you feeling?” I would never go deep into my own emotions, because I had pushed them so far down. I couldn’t even recognize them, never the less express them.


Linda gave me a list of emotions and suggested I write my emotions daily. At the beginning, it was challenging but today I know what I feel and can express my feelings in a healthy way. I continue to work on this and see great improvements. Sound healing has also been beneficial in this chakra for me. Linda provided different vowel and seed sounds that allowed me to use my own voice which has been helpful in my healing journey.


The sixth chakra, the third eye, provided me an understanding of the illusions I had as a child. I had felt alienated from my four siblings as they would constantly make fun of me. From all of this, I developed insecurities and came up with my own belief system of not being good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc.


Through the energy healings with Linda, I became kinder to myself. I started to realize the beauty within me and began a Self- Love journal. I can see myself clearly now. I am a child of God. God is love. God loves me and I love me!


The seventh chakra, I realized I was attached to so many dark thought forms and people from my past. I was holding on to an old friend who was jealous of my happiness and would only talk negatively about me and others.


Remembering an ex-boyfriend, fifteen years ago, who was in my head and distracted me with old dark thoughts. It was unclear why the thoughts of him lingered, as I was in a loving marriage. With Linda’s zoom healings, it released these attachments to these two people. They are no longer in my head and I feel as they are in the past where they both belong with no more attachments!


Working with Linda has been a true gift. I have gained an awareness of many aspects of my life and soul that I have been hiding for a long time. I feel my truth, authenticity and transparency beginning to emerge. This is the only way to let healing take place.


Without Linda’s spiritual guidance, mentorship and healings, I would not be in a place of emotional healing. She uses energy medicine with sound healing, and an open heart and healing words. I have found Linda to be the “real “ source working for God and I’m honored to be working with her. Thank you, God!


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