God was molding my character, healing my childhood wound of abandonment,
and healing my relationship with
Him and my Father.

With Linda’s guidance through Spiritual Healing, I learned I opened the door to many negative energies through unmet childhood needs. The stronghold of abandonment due to my Father’s absence and my parent’s divorce was a wound and an opening to fear, unworthiness, rejection, anger, and jealousy.

My relationship with my Father changed after he remarried a woman with mental health issues. He moved several hours away, and we barely spoke or saw each other. I didn’t talk to him for over a year; our relationship became estranged, and we only spoke on the phone periodically after reconciling. For years, I bottled up my anger and jealousy towards my stepmother for monopolizing my Father’s time due to her illness.

In 2017, I received a call that my dad’s health was declining, and I needed to step in because his wife couldn’t manage. For months I visited him weekly in New Jersey while I lived in Westchester County to accompany him to doctor appointments and help with cleaning, errands, and food shopping. I organized his mail, finances, and medical appointments. He and his wife needed more care but refused.

My dad fell and needed hospitalization; his wife could not care for herself. I moved them back to New York into assisted living and spent a year selling his house. My dad and stepmother had many medical needs, and I was constantly aiding them while neglecting my family’s and my needs.

After moving them again during Covid, my stepmother was hospitalized and unable to return to assisted living and was placed in a nursing home, separated from my dad. I felt burnt out and began to age in appearance. I continuously hid the burden I felt from my Father and was in old patterns of stuffing my emotions, feeling powerless and self-sacrificing, angry, resentful, and unappreciated. My Resentment towards my dad increased, and I didn’t want to do it anymore, falling into self-pity – an old childhood pattern.

Bitterness separated my relationship with God, feeling He was against me.
I couldn’t shift my mindset and behavior by just talking about it because the emotional strongholds were too strong. Linda assisted me with weekly virtual Energy healing and Chakra balancing. I was able to see and think more clearly. Through Linda’s intuitive counsel during our weekly virtual sessions, I realized I received attention when people felt sorry for me; I was permitting the spirits to operate in my life.

Linda assisted me in a deliverance session to free myself from spirits of abandonment and deep self-pity. My mind is clear; my heart is open to truth, and through the Darin Method ®, I began to process and heal my wounded story.

Root Problem: abandonment, rejection from Father as a child. Father not being physically or emotionally available due to always working.

Response: anger, complaining, pride, revenge


  1. Unforgiveness—feeling rejected opened the door to an unforgiving spirit.
  2. Pride—made it difficult to forgive and want to get back at my dad for hurting me in the past.
  3. Bitterness + Resentment—harboring anger towards Dad brought these spirits in, making me feel like I was getting revenge.
  4. Self-Pity/Victim—hiding how I felt opened the door to feeling sorry for myself.

As I chose not to view myself as a victim, I began to take accountability and responsibility for my actions. My pride and anger lessened as I continued with weekly sessions and reflected on my thoughts and actions. I was no longer my old story! My attitude shifted as I concentrated on scripture to align my thoughts and take authority through daily confession and repentance. My relationship with God deepened.

Although God used Linda and her gifts, I had to be accountable and responsible for changing my patterns and beliefs. It is not just about removing the evil spirits but wanting to change! Through Linda’s spiritual and deliverance gifts and Christian Faith Healing, God was molding my character, healing my childhood wound of abandonment, and healing my relationship with Him and my Father. I began to talk more openly with my dad and developed more compassion as I forgave him. I could do acts of kindness and help without resenting it. I could move through life with more energy and less fear, accept myself more, and take better care of myself instead of just focusing on others.

I’m grateful I have awareness and can utilize tools from Christian Faith Healing to help me not be overtaken by the demonic again. Linda has assisted me in recognizing my new freedom, living with personal authority while changing my feelings, patterns, and beliefs. As I review my progress, I can see and feel new life within my soul! I am forever grateful.