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Get Rid of Stuck Energy in Your Home or Office

Space Clearing to Get Rid of “Stuck” Energy in Your Home or Office

Linda Darin can help you clear your space of unwanted negative energy.

Space clearing is an ancient technique that has been practiced as part of spiritual traditions in Native American culture, as well as in other religious and tribal rites. Additionally, many indigenous cultures purify spaces by burning herbs such as sage and cedar or lighting incense or candles scented with natural essential oils.

Space clearing is as essential to the energy maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance.  Linda Darin uses space clearing to clear and revitalize energies in your home, office, and other buildings, such as health centers.

How can you tell if your space needs clearing?

Have you ever visited a place or met a person and felt uncomfortable or even gotten goosebumps?  Have you ever entered a room and gotten a bad vibe?  Have you had a prolonged spell of bad luck or have things simply not gone as you wanted?  Do you feel drained by particular people, places or situations?  These are negative energies that would definitely benefit from space clearing..

How Linda Darin Can Help You

When Linda Darin senses the space you want to clear, she will begin by setting the intention, with your input. She will gain clarity regarding the space, sensing the energy. You then prepare an altar with the four elements: water, air, fire and earth. Together you will call in the angels and your personal guides (whatever feels appropriate to you).  Linda will then proceed clearing the space “clapping” out the static energy and purifying the space with one or all of the following instruments: bells, sound, toning, sage, and music. Then a Kaleidoscope of colors will be used and together, you will fill up the space with intention, light and love


Some of the negative energies Linda helps eliminate are:

  • hostile emotions
  • ghosts
  • un-evolved entities
  • upsetting events
  • predecessor energy
  • death and illness
  • …and more

To prepare your space for the clearing process, it is best to physically clean and clear out clutter and prepare:

  • fresh flowers
  • sea salt
  • your favorite essential oil
  • incense
  • tea light candles or one large white candle
  • tablecloth
  • bowl of fresh fruit

Contact Linda Darin to schedule your space clearing process.

For more information on how Linda Darin can help you in clear your space call (914) 500-3712 to make an appointment.